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Word On The Ave 4/22/2010   


What was your favorite memory from this semester? Corey WilliamsSeniorBusiness ManagementRichmond, Calif."Mardi Gras mixed with the Super Bowl. It was a great win for the city." Ricknise...


Word On The Ave 3/18/2010   


What are your plans for spring break? Linda RamirezJuniorSecondary English EducationNew Orleans"I'll be going to Richmond, Texas to visit my three beautiful nieces." Eric Denzelle WrightJuniorMass...


Poll shows surge in support to the Greens in Melbourne and Richmond   


The Greens say a Lonergan Poll in the State seats of Melbourne and Richmond show a strong shift to the Greens which put them in front in both seats even if the Liberals preference Labor.
The Lonergan Poll conducted last week puts Ellen Sandell in Melbourne in a winning position on 53 two party-preferred and Kathleen Maltzhan in Richmond on 54 two party-preferred.
The polls also shows 3 in 5 voters would like to see a Labor government with the Greens in the balance of power and half of those polled support the Greens stance against the East West tollway compared with only a quarter who support Labor’s position.


The Contemporary and Functional Design of the Hyundai Kona   


If you're in the market for a small SUV in Richmond, KY, we recommend the Hyundai Kona at Gates Hyundai. The Kona is a popular model because it has a plethora of advanced features and an attractive and functional design. Let's take a look at a few design features of the Kona.

The Kona has a sculpted body and sporty curves that give it a striking appearance. The Kona also comes with a cascading grille with a mesh pattern. The front of the SUV is equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights and LED headlights, and the side of the Kona has a black protective strip that visually connects the front to the rear.

With the Hyundai Kona, you have numerous color choices that include Sonic Silver, Chalk White, Ultra Black, Surf Blue, Thunder Gray, and Pulse Red. You can further enhance the exterior design of the Kona with an available color-contrasting roof.


Automotive Information: A Blind Spot Monitor Explained   


A blind spot monitor is a driver-assist feature that helps keep drivers and passengers safe. Here at Gates Hyundai, we share a goal to offer useful information about the features of our vehicles to Richmond, KY shoppers, so let's find out more about a blind spot monitor.

With a blind spot monitor, sensors, radars, and/or cameras scan the driver's blind spot areas, and if a vehicle is quickly approaching, this system will send the driver visual and/or audible alerts. With high trims, a blind spot monitor may be a standard feature, and base and mid-level trims sometimes offer blind spot monitors as an available driver-assist feature.

Two studies by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety found that driver-assist features can substantially reduce the risk for lane-change collisions. One study found that driver-assist features, such as lane departure warning systems and blind spot systems, can reduce lane-change collisions by 11% and reduce injuries from lane-change accidents by 21%.



Learn to Safely Jump Start a Car for a Neighbor   


Jump starting a car is a neighborly thing to do in Richmond, KY, but you must do it safely. Today's blog post from Gates Hyundai can help.

Park your car near the drained vehicle. Each car must be in Park or Neutral, and their handbrakes must be engaged. After turning off your car, connect your positive cable to the positive terminal on the other car's battery. Next, connect the positive cable to your car's positive terminal. While at your car, clamp your negative cable to your negative terminal.

You're about to complete an electrical circuit, so please avoid touching the last metal clamp to your clothes or skin. Connect it to a metal piece near the other car's engine that cannot move. Cautiously return to your car. Start and rev it. After a minute, try starting the other car. You might need multiple tries. After several failed attempts, assume that the other car requires something other than a jump start.


The Hyundai Elantra GT Can't Help But Impress   


Whether you want to buy a hatchback for form or function, you can't ignore the popularity of the Hyundai Elantra GT. The GT hits the road with impressive grace and can do so while carrying a decent amount of cargo.

The vehicle comes in two different trims. The standard Elantra GT presents a 2.0L GDI 4-cylinder engine that yields 161-hp. With the GT N Line 1.6L turbo engine delivers more power to the tune of 201-hp. The GT rides on 17-inch alloy wheels while the N Line has 18-inch ones. Determine your power requirements to figure out which one is best. The LED headlights provide a beam that illuminates the road with energy efficiency. The way the headlights weave into the design of the Elantra adds to the visuals. Everything looks sleek. The headlights tie into the safety features, too. The High Beam Assist (HBA) function dims the lights upon sensing oncoming traffic.

Whether going with the standard GT or the N Line, you want to take an Elantra out on a test drive. In the Richmond, KY region, the team at Gates Hyundai wants to help you here.



Things to Consider When Shopping for a Dog-Friendly Vehicle   


If you're in the market for a dog-friendly vehicle, then let us help at Gates Hyundai in Richmond, KY. Look for the following features that can help keep your dog safe and comfortable when you're on the go.

Check the back seat belts to ensure they can keep your dog's harness securely in place. You should also consider the shape of the back seat when you're looking for a vehicle that will accommodate your pet's needs. Small dogs may ride well in sculpted, bucket-shaped back seats, and large dogs may be more comfortable stretching out on a benchseat. If you have an older dog, look for a vehicle with a low back seat height so that it's easier on their joints.

You can further enhance your pup's ride with a host of available comfort features. Heated seats are available with certain vehicles and give your dog soothing warmth when the weather's cold, and a climate control system with customizable settings for the back seat can also help you keep your dog comfortable.



Signs of a Leaking Exhaust   


Remember back in the day when a loud car sounded cool? Today, that same car cannot only get you a traffic citation but can also be a sign of a bad exhaust. When the exhaust gets bad, it’s usually leaking and can cause harmful emissions to get inside the vehicle. Come to Gates Hyundai and get some tips on exhaust tips and how to recognize problems.

Here are some signs that you may have a leaking exhaust.
• You might hear a Popping or hissing when the vehicle’s engine is running.
• If you notice a vibration when you touch the foot pedals, steering wheel or car seat, it could be a bad exhaust.
• Smaller leaks may go unnoticed but can lead to bigger leaks.
• You may notice a reduction in gas mileage if you have an exhaust leak.

Give us a call or stop at our shop in Richmond. We can inspect and fix your exhaust system as well as provide any number of other automotive services.



Tire Rotations are an Important Part of Car Maintenance   


Tire rotations are a very important part of your automobile's maintenance. Rotating tires involves changing the position of all of the tires on your vehicle to equalize wear.

The recommended frequency of tire changes for most vehicles is about every 5000 miles. This is around the same time as most vehicle's oil changes are required. While our qualified technician checks your tires, they can be evaluated for damage, low pressure, balancing, and tread depth. Our technicians here at Gates Hyundai are skilled to know which rotation cycle is needed based on whether your vehicle is front wheel drive, all wheel drive or four wheel drive.

Keeping your tires rotated properly will reduce wear on tread depth extending the life of your tires. Having properly rotated tires may also help brakes work more efficiently. Have your next rotation here at Gates Hyundai.



To Trade or To Finance? That is the Question   


Trading in or refinancing your current vehicle is a big decision, but certain factors in the buying equation could make it easier.

If your car is not in good mechanical condition, then that would serve better as a trade in. It may not have a high value towards the purchase of a new or pre-owned vehicle, but it will give you something. On the other hand, if the terms of your original loan are not great, it is worth your while to refinance it to get a better interest rate. This is particularly true if your credit score has improved since the original purchase of the vehicle.

Getting a lower interest rate will obviously lower your payments. And, Gates Hyundai's team of finance specialists can help make that happen. They have helped many happy customers in Richmond get better interest rates and will work hard on your behalf to do the same.



Explore the New Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid at Gates Hyundai Today   


Hybrid vehicles are equipped to deliver an ideal balance of power, capability and fuel economy, and the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid is set to meet or exceed your expectations when it comes to all of these automotive traits. Our team is excited to introduce the Ioniq Hybrid to this area, and we know that you’ll be impressed by what it has to offer.

Thanks to the Ioniq Hybrid’s well-engineered hybrid technology, you can count on achieving an estimated combined gas mileage rating of 55 miles per gallon or more depending upon which model package you pick. Starting prices vary from around $23,000 for the Blue trim level to just over $31,000 for the high-end Limited model.

When you climb inside the Ioniq Hybrid, you’ll discover comfort, convenience and the latest in automotive technology. A centrally located touchscreen puts the important controls within easy reach, and an array of safety features offers peace of mind when traveling in Richmond or out on the open road.



How do brake pads make your car stop?   


When you press down the brake pedal in your automobile, a number of things happen to make the vehicle stop. One of those involves the brake pads in your car. Here is a run down of how brake pads work.

The role that brake pads play in the braking process is pretty simple. When you depress your brake pedal, the brake pads apply pressure to the rotor. The friction that results is what causes your vehicle to slow down and eventually stop. Because brake pads perform such a rigorous job, they tend to wear out long before other braking components do. It's a good idea to get them checked about every 5,000 miles, and they typically will need to be replaced after about 50,000 miles.

If you need to get your brake pads checked and/or replaced, come see the experienced and friendly auto service professionals at Gates Hyundai.



Understand Your Air Filters   


Engine and cabin air filters are what make you and your engine breathe efficiently. That's because when your cabin filter is clogged the air doesn't blow out of the vents as clearly or as clean. In the same sense, your engine doesn't take in air as well for combustion when the engine air filter is dirty.

When to Service Your Air and Cabin Filters

Sometimes servicing the air filter means simply cleaning it out. For example, if you kick up a lot of dust then you could clog the engine air filter up, but that doesn't mean that it is used enough to replace quite yet. The same goes for your cabin filter. It is however always a good idea to replace your old and used filter every 20 thousand miles or so.

Visit Gates Hyundai for all of your vehicles air filter needs. We're here to answer questions from all customers in the Richmond area.



Amazon Warehousing Worker (Part-Time Day Shifts Available) - Ear Job in Chester, VA   


Warehouse/Shopper Team Member (Seasonal, Part-Time, Full-Time, Flexible Hours)<BR><BR>Shifts: <BR>Overnight, Sunrise, Day, Evening, Weekend<BR><BR>Location <BR>Richmond, Ashland, G ... Save as E-mail Job Alert


INSIDE NPS November 2013 - with Alan Richmond   


Naval Postgraduate School


INSIDE NPS March 2014 - With Alan Richmond   


The Naval Postgraduate School


INSIDE NPS September 2013 - With Alan Richmond   


The Naval Postgraduate School


DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, September 21, 1863 * Battle of Chickamauga * Chattanooga, Te...   


Chickamauga and Chattanooga... DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, September 21, 1863 * Battle of Chickamauga * Chattanooga, Tennessee * Braxton Bragg victory Not only is this a nice newspaper from the Confederacy, but it is from the Confederate capital. The front page has various war-related reports with heads: "From Northern Virginia" which includes: "...most reliable that we can obtain is that General Lee holds his position this side of the Rapidan..."; "Southwestern Virginia "Sensation Rumors" which notes: "...was reported that Bragg had been defeated by Rosencrans & other equally false & mischievous rumors..."; "Telegraphic News--Important News From Georgia & Tennessee--Battle Order from General Bragg" which includes a lengthy General Order #180 from his thoughts of Tennessee, signed in type: Braxton Bragg (see). The back page editorial begins: "The great dorsal ridge separating the basin of the Mississippi from the Atlantic region...has been scarcely less marked in the present war as the dividing line of the good & evil fortunes of the Confederacy...The tide of war has borne us steadily backwards from the commanding position we occupied in the heart of Kentucky..." with so much more on the Confederate war strategy (see for portions). Another article is headed: "From The Army in Georgia" with a Marietta dateline (see). There is also much reporting from the "Virginia Legislature--Extra Session" as well as "The Siege of Charleston" Complete as a single sheet newspaper with a full banner masthead, not uncommon from the South as every effort was made to conserve newsprint. In great condition.


DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Richmond, Virginia, November 26, 1863 * Battle of Lookout Mountain - Br...   


Two dispatches signed by Braxton Bragg... DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Richmond, Virginia, November 26, 1863 * Battle of Lookout Mountain - Braxton Bragg * From the capital of the Confederacy A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate states. The front page has some advertisements but is dominated by various news reports, including items headed: "The News" "The Courts" "City Intelligence" "Battle at Lookout Mountain" which is a short dispatched signed in type by: Braxton Bragg (see images), followed by yet another brief dispatch signed by him as well (see images). Also: "Affairs At Chattanooga" "Capture of Yankees by Mosby" "From Charleston" and other smaller items. The back page has much news reporting as well as the always interesting editorial, this one beginning: "The result of General Bragg's useless and unsuccessful attempt to hold a worthless position in front of Chattanooga will not disappoint any over-sanguine anticipations of the public mind...The Confederate army did very little harm from Lookout Mountain to the Federal forces in Chattanooga..." with much more. Also on the back page: "Late Northern items" "The Situation at Knoxville" "From Vicksburg" "Southern Items" "General Bragg and the Exchange of Prisoners" and other items. Complete as a single sheet newspaper with a full banner masthead, measuring 24 x 17, and in very nice condition.




Letter from Braxton Bragg... DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Dec. 10, 1862 * Rare Confederate title from the rebel capital * General Braxton Bragg letter A nice newspaper not only from the Confederacy, but from its capital, through which all war-related news would flow. The front page includes: "The Spoils Gathered In Kentucky" "Confederate States Prison Items" "The Prices of army Cloths" "Progress of the Abolitionists" "Capture of Gunboats" and more. The back page has a lengthy editorial, as well as reports headed: "The Interest Felt in England in the American War" "the North Has Been Carrying on this War for Nearly Two Years--and What is The Result?" "An English Opinion of Butler's Rule in Orleans" "The Growing Discontent in the North--The Promises of the Yankees To take Richmond--The Prospect of the Winter Campaign" "Crushing Out the Rebellion--A Yankee's Review of the Theatre of the War" "Affairs In Tennessee" and a dispatch signed in type: Braxton Bragg, among other items. Complete as a single sheet newspaper, never bound nor trimmed. Nice condition.


DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, April 8, 1863 * Southern telegraph A famous newspaper from...   


Confederate Civil War... the southern telegraph... DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, April 8, 1863 * Southern telegraph A famous newspaper from the capital of the Confederacy. Most of the front page is taken up with various reports on: "The Southern Telegraph". Also on the ftpg. is a dispatch to General Robert E. Lee signed in type: Braxton Bragg which concerns the telegraph as well. The back page has a nearly column long editorial concerning the Civil War, beginning: "These are the last days of the longest truce in the war...In another week the ground dry enough for military transport & manoeuvre...before May day will have already reddened the whole field..." with more (see photos). Also: "Very Latest From the North--Important from Europe--Complete Success of the Confederate Loan--Abandonment of the Yazoo Expedition Against Vicksburg..." Also: "From Charleston", "From The North", "City Intelligence" and much reporting from the: "Confederate Congress". Complete as a single sheet newspaper with a full banner masthead, never bound nor trimmed, great condition.


CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, April 22, 1864 This was one of very few newspapers which ...   


Southern generals described... CHARLESTON DAILY COURIER, South Carolina, April 22, 1864 This was one of very few newspapers which actually printed in their dateline: "Confederate States Of America". There is much front page reporting on the Civil War, from the Confederate perspective, including: "Good News From North Carolina!" "Official From Gen. Hoke--Capture of Plymouth, N.C., A Yankee Brigadier, 1600 Prisoners, Stores, Artillery, etc." "From Richmond" "Enemy's Gunboats on the Rappahannock--Later Northern News" "Siege of Charleston" "Papers From the Soldiers" "The Crisis" and other smaller items. The back page has an interesting article taking close to two columns: "Southern Generals Described by an Englishman" with some details on those with subheads: "General Joseph E. Johnston" "General Braxton Bragg" "Lieut. Gen. Longstreet" "Gen. Magruder" "Gen. Kirby Smith" "General Hebert" "Lieut. Gen. W. J. Hardee" "Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk" "About Stonewall Jackson" and a bit more (see). Complete as a single sheet newspaper, irregular at the spine margins, a few small archival mends at the margins, and a small wear hold at a vertical fold affecting 3 words on the ftpg.


DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, January 24, 1863 * From the capital of the Confederacy Not...   


Much on the Civil War from the Confederacy... DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, January 24, 1863 * From the capital of the Confederacy Not only a nice Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy. The front page includes: "The Intercepted Correspondence", "Notes Of The War--Affairs at Vicksburg--The Several Attempts of the Enemy Against the City--A Renewed Attack Expected--The Spirit of Our Army" "City Intelligence" "The Charge of Breckinridge's Division in the Battle of Murfreesboro" "The Situation In Middle Tennessee" "Telegraphic News--Movements Of Morgan's Men--Reports From Kentucky" and a few more smaller items including a dispatch signed in type by: Braxton Bragg. The back page is mostly taken up with the editorial which has as a focus the plan for an end to the war by Vallandingham, and reports on the: "Confederate Finances", and reports from: "The Confederate Congress" which also focuses on the finances of the nation. Complete as a single sheet issue with a banner masthead. It is in very nice condition.


THE DAILY PROGRESS, Raleigh, North Carolina, Nov...   


Confederate newspaper from Raleigh, near the end of the war... THE DAILY PROGRESS, Raleigh, North Carolina, Nov. 21, 1864 Raleigh was one of the last major cities of the South to fall into the hands of Sherman, surrendering on April 13, 1865, just one day before Lincoln was assassinated. This rare Confederate title is from the latter months of the Civil War. The front page includes: "Later from the North" "From Richmond" "From Georgia" "The Attack on Wilmington" "General Orders No. 1" signed in type: Braxton Bragg, General; and a few other war-related item. Over half of the front page is taken up with advertisements including one headed: "Bargain In Negroes!" with details. The back page has: "The Legislature" "Sherman's Movements" "Mr. Davis Wants to be A Dictator" "Brutal Attack on Gov. Brown" and a few other items. Complete as a single sheet newspaper which is typical for late-war issues from the South as most of the paper mills were in the North. Folio size and in very nice condition.

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