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ALBION RADIO: Newcastle United post-match round up   


Albion end 2015 on a high by turning over the Toon in a pulsating fixture. We listen back to the highlights and get Tony Brown's thoughts on our win.


ALBION RADIO: Talk of the Toon - Newcastle United preview   


Mark O'Connor tells it as it is about Saido Berahino and the condition of Albion's finishing, plus highlights from the Christmas win over the Magpies


Moving to Jane Street   


Exciting times! I’m moving from Newcastle University to Jane Street London to work on the OCaml build system Dune. I’ve received a lot of questions about this move already, so I decided to write down some answers in a blog post. I’ve been studying and then working at Newcastle University for 14 years and enjoyed … Continue reading Moving to Jane Street


BBF134: How to build a secondary income stream with a limited time commitment with Matt Miller   


What a great story we’ve got for you on the show this week. Matt Miller’s situation got so bad he was turned down for a payday loan, but he turned it all around and became a prolific franchiser in a marketplace that literally any of us could enter.

After 10 years as a pilot and a number of false dawns in the corporate world, Matt read the legendary book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ and became fixated on the idea of earning passive income. He eventually carved out his nice in gumball machines and school fundraising, and today his business is going from strength to strength.

Read on for some of his great wisdom:

**We should all strive to generate income without having to exert ourselves.

**It is possible to have a fruitful business without sacrificing time with family.

**Hire a coach! It totally transformed Matt. Elite sportspeople have coaches so why don’t we?

**When you hit your major goal, find a way to be challenged to aim for another one.

**Do what you can to remove yourself from the hub of the business. If Matt had never done this then the business would have ground to a halt when he had a heart attack.

**The speed of the business is determined by the speed of the leader.

**The most important investment anyone can make is in themselves.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**The power of passive income

**How to create flexibility in your work

**How Matt was inspired to give something back to children

**The ins and outs of franchising

**How to scale a franchise

**How Matt’s business survived when he was absent recovering from a heart attack

**Matt’s definition of success

Resources mentioned in this episode:

**Free business training from Ben. June dates in Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne. More information here

**Ben’s free business planning template:

**Matt’s book: Live Your Dreams: The Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Vending Business

**Matt’s website:

**Matt’s comic books can be bought here. Use the code ‘apepower’ for a special discount.

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Matt’s whole story is a great example of what can be achieved if you think beyond your core day-to-day work. For just a small commitment of time in the first instance, Matt has shown the power of just trying something new.

Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that!

Until next time, have a profitable day.

Ben Fewtrell
(02) 9111 5000


BBF135: Turning Entrepreneurs into Authors with Jacqui Pretty   


Ever wanted to write a book but you don’t have the time and you don’t know how to get it out there?


Our guest this week will help you get over this. Jacqui Pretty has made it her business to realise the ambitions of entrepreneurs big and small by helping them get their books to market, so it was great to speak to her to get her insight on the marketplace. Read on for some great tips, and as you’ll see, it’s easier than you think…

**You should see a book as more than just something that needs to sell. It is a low-risk way of clients getting to know you and so is a great tool to help you upsell a more expensive service.

**Don’t worry about giving away too much in a book. By delivering genuine value you earn the right to upsell your services.

**Being the author of a book automatically gives your voice credibility in the marketplace.

**You only need to put in the work to produce a book once and then forever it can serve as an advertisement for your business/service.

**Always create an outline of your chapters and then drill down further into headings and sub-headings. Sitting in front of a blank page is a surefire way to waste time and to lose focus.

**Consider a print-on-demand service. This can help you hedge your bets when it comes to publishing.

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**How a book can help you stand out from the noise

**How long it should take to write a book

**The ideal length of a book

**Is it worth using a ghostwriter?

**Ebooks V ‘real’ books

**Different publishing deals

**The power of a distributor

**Is Amazon worth it?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

**Free business training from Ben. June dates in Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne. More information here

**Ben’s free business Ebook:

**Jacqui’s site:

**Jacqui's Guide:

**The Price of Self-Publishing Article:

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There are many different ways of getting a book to market and the benefits can be huge for your business. Take on board what Jacqui said and start writing!

Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that!

Until next time, have a profitable day.

Ben Fewtrell
(02) 9111 5000



BBF136: Building an 8 figure business with Tony Grebmeier   


Have we got a colourful guest for you this week! This man had actually written his own suicide note, but here he is today inspiring all who listen to him. Tony Grebmeier’s story is just incredible: he’s the founder of Ship Offers (an Inc top 5,000 company); by the age of 18 he’d had a grand total of 16 jobs; and in 1996 he was ahead of the curve and founded a web marketing company in Silicone Valley. Oh and he’s also a radio presenter who does an awesome line of voice impressions!

Tony’s had it all, lost it all, and then made it again, and importantly he’s learnt from these ups and downs how to do business and life in a sustainable way. The show is worth listening to just for Tony’s life story, but he also gave some great tips about how to manage yourself and others:

**Sales in business is about giving people a story to understand what the product or service you’re selling will do for their lives

**Build relationships before you try and sell anything

**Find people for your business who have the skills you don’t have

**Coaching matters: Tony spends over 100,000 per year in coaching and mentoring

**Make the effort to build up people’s self worth, and work with them rather than above them

**Asking is a sign of greatness, not a sign of weakness

**A business owner has to stay in the trenches with their team

In this episode of Business Brain Food you will learn:

**Tony’s incredible story

**The importance of sales to business

**The value of mentoring

**Journaling routines

**The ‘braindump exercise’

**The power of the right mindset

Resources mentioned in this episode:

**Free business training from Ben. June dates in Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne. More information here

**Ben’s free business Ebook:

**Tony’s radio show:

**Tony’s email address:

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Tony’s take on life is just great. There is just so much to learn from the man!

Also, if you are enjoying these Business Brain Food podcasts, then make sure to share them via social media sites or email the links to family and friends. A lot of time and effort goes into producing each of these podcasts with the goal in mind of the more people we can inspire about business the better. You can help us do just that!

Until next time, have a profitable day.

Ben Fewtrell
(02) 9111 5000



May Update   


More covers! Yay! Alice Zuberg Loli Ver by craytm Flandre Scarlet by gibuchoko Koizuka Koyume by Achirimotedo Newcastle by mizunashi Silica / Ayano Keiko by bomhat Snow Miku 2019 by sashachii39 Takami Chika by Masabodo Takimoto Hifumi by rimuu


Ristorante Magnifico!!   


Only one word comes to mind when we saw the final result of our 2 massive wall murals that we did for ‘Ristorante Il Grifone’ in Newcastle. ‘BELLISSIMO!’ Champion Italian restaurant owner, Roberto is “a very ‘appy!!” These two custom wall murals measure 7 metres each, and were custom designed and printed on our satin […]


Cannes - Douleur de Loach, gloire d'Almodóvar   


L’accent du nord de l’Angleterre et l’oeil de Ken Loach ne déçoivent toujours pas. « Sorry we missed you » suit une famille de Newcastle, dont le patriarche se lance dans le business de la livraison de colis. Sans franchir la barrière du misérabilisme, Ken Loach dresse une fois le plus le portrait d’une société néolibéraliste ubérisée, à la frontière de l’esclavage moderne, et la résistance de ceux qui luttent pour maintenir du lien social au travail, en famille. Le monde va toujours aussi mal, mais cette fois-ci il semblerait que le réalisateur, qui s’est battu toute sa vie pour des causes sociales, ait perdu un peu de son espoir. 

Almodóvar court après sa palme et espère bien la décrocher avec « Douleur et gloire », autoportrait d’un cinéaste qui se retourne vers son passé. Une tranche de vie où se retrouvent des bribes de « Volver », « Tout sur ma mère », « La mala educacion ». Presque un testament ? 

Quelques pépites repérées au passage : le documentaire « Etre vivant et le savoir » d’Alain Cavalier, celui de Patricio Guzman, « La cordillère des songes » , la comédie « The Climb » de Michael Angelo Covino, « Une grande fille » de Kantemir Balagov et le film d’animation pour adultes « J’ai perdu mon corps » de Jérémy Clapin. 

Animé par David Honnorat avec Hugo Alexandre et Perrine Quennesson.

Retrouvez la programmation du festival « Cannes à Paris » :


NoCiné est un podcast de Binge Audio. Cet épisode a été enregistré le 18 mai 2019 à Cannes. Réalisation : Solène Moulin. Générique : Corentin Kerdraon. Chargée de production : Juliette Livartowski. Chargée d’édition : Camille Regache. Identité graphique : Sébastien Brothier (Upian). Direction des programmes : Joël Ronez. Direction de la rédaction : David Carzon. Direction générale : Gabrielle Boeri-Charles.


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What Kind of Knowledge Is Creative Writing?   


What Kind of Knowledge Is Creative Writing?

Douglas Cowie (Speaker)

6 Jul 2017

Activity: Talk or presentationOral presentation

Douglas Cowie - Speaker

Panel presentation and discussion with Jane Alexander (Northumbria), Dr. Timothy Jarvis (Bedfordshire), Dr. Oli Belas (Bedfordshire)
6 Jul 2017


TitleEnglish: Shared Futures (A Major Conference Across the Discipline), Newcastle Civic Centre, Newcastle, UK.
Period5/07/17 → …
Sponsor organisation


Owain ap Gwilym   


ap Gwilym, Owain

Person: Academic

Owain ap Gwilym

Contact Info

Professor Owain ap Gwilym

Division: Financial Studies

Location: Room 1.17, Hen Goleg

Telephone: 01248 38 2176




Professor of Finance

Professor ap Gwilym has published over eighty academic research articles. His work has appeared in many internationally recognised journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, European Financial Management, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Futures Markets and Journal of Business Finance and Accounting. Previously he was Professor of Finance at Aberystwyth University, and he has also held academic posts at the universities of Southampton and Swansea.

He leads the credit ratings research group at Bangor, which includes Dr Rasha Alsakka, Dr Edward Jones, Dr Noemi Mantovan, Dr Gwion Williams, several PhD students and external associate members.

He has engaged in projects with various organisations including CFA UK, Chartered Banker Institute, Financial Times, Fitch Learning, Fitch Ratings, InteractiveData, Inquire, Moody’s Investors Service, Risk Books and Scottish Widows.

He is an associate editor of the European Journal of Finance.


PhD (Finance), University of Wales (Swansea).
BSc (Management Science), University of Wales (Swansea).

Roles within Bangor Business School

  • Deputy Head of School.
  • Director of Studies for taught postgraduate programmes in accounting, banking and finance.


Teaching and Supervision

Research Interests

Credit risk and credit ratings, European Banking Union, Market microstructure, Investment management.

Research Supervision

I have supervised over 20 completed PhDs.

Some of my PhD graduates have subsequently held academic posts at the universities of Aberdeen, Bath, Coventry, East Anglia, Essex, Newcastle, Reading, Southampton, Strathclyde and Swansea, amongst others.


Teaching and Supervision


Postgraduate Teaching

  • International Financial Markets (ASB-4403).
  • Finance Dissertation (co-ordinator, ASB-4909).
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Pathway (co-ordinator, ASB-4910).
  • MSc/MA Dissertations (co-ordinator).
  • Doctoral Training: Credit Ratings research.

Undergraduate Teaching

  • Portfolio Management (ASB-3215)
  • Buddsoddiad (ADB-2217/3217).



Associate Editor

Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013-17.

International Review of Financial Analysis, 2011-17.


PhD external examinations

Universities of Bath, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, City University of London, Durham, Edinburgh, Hull, Manchester, Reading, Robert Gordon, Southampton, St Andrews, Swansea, Sydney.

MSc External Examination

Universities of Aston, Exeter, Lancaster, Manchester.

MBA External Examination

Cass Business School.

BSc External Examination

University of London (LSE), Cardiff.

Other indicators of the impact of research

Research profiled in the Financial Times and the New York Times.

Ranked as one of the top 30 most prolific authors in mathematical finance journals between 1999 and 2016, according to Samitas and Kampouris (2018, International Review of Financial Analysis).


Pwyll ap Sion   


ap Sion, Pwyll

Person: Academic

Pwyll ap Sion


Pwyll ap Siôn is a musicologist and composer. He read music at Magdalen College, Oxford, graduating in 1990. He studied composition at Bangor University with John Pickard, and also with Martin Butler, receiving his PhD in 1998. He has been a member of staff at the School of Music since 1993.


His research and teaching interests include minimalist and postminimalist music, Michael Nyman, Steve Reich, tonality in the twenty-first century and reference and quotation in contemporary music. In 2014–15 he received a Research Grant by the British Academy to undertake work on the impact of American Minimalism in Europe during the 1970s and in 2016–17 was awarded a Leverhulme/British Academy Research Fellowship to carry out research on the music of Steve Reich. His volume on the composer, Rethinking Reich, co-edited with Sumanth Gopinath, will be published by Oxford University Press in 2019.

Forthcoming publications include chapters in Howard Skempton Conversations and Reflections on Music, edited by Esther Cavett and Matthew Head (Boydell Press, 2019) and Einstein on the Beach: Opera beyond Drama, edited by Jelena Novak and John Richardson, as part of Routledge’s Interdisciplinary Studies in Opera.

In 2007, he co-organized the First International Conference on Minimalist Music and helped establish the Society for Minimalist Music. His monograph on The Music of Michael Nyman (Ashgate, 2007) was described in Music and Letters as a ‘groundbreaking study . . . it represents a substantial contribution to musicology’. Two edited volumes were published in 2013: Michael Nyman: Collected Writings and The Ashgate Research Companion to Minimalist and Postminimalist Music, the latter co-edited with Keith Potter and Kyle Gann (both Ashgate).

He has published articles and reviews in The SoundtrackTwentieth-Century Music and Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland, produces regular reviews for Gramophone music magazine and contributes articles for The Strad. He has been invited to talk about minimalist music on Radio 3 and Radio 4 and given public lectures on the music of Philip Glass and Louis Andriessen at the Barbican Centre, London.

He has served as external examiner on undergraduate and masters' programmes at Canterbury Christ Church, Cardiff, Middlesex, Trinity St. Davids and Wolverhampton Universities (and is currently external examiner at Aberdeen University), and has examined doctoral work at Aberdeen, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Goldsmiths, Middlesex, Newcastle, Perth and Southampton. He also served as jury member for the BBVA Foundation's prestigious Frontiers of Knowledge awards in Contemporary Music in 2017 and 2018, with the recipients of the award being Sofia Gubaidulina and Kaija Saariaho respectively.   

Ap Siôn has also published in the area of Welsh popular and Celtic music. His Cydymaith i Gerddoriaeth Cymru (Companion to Welsh Music), co-edited with Wyn Thomas, was published in 2018, receiving funding from the Welsh Federal College (Y Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol).

Teaching and Supervision

  • Minimalism and Postminimalism
  • Michael Nyman
  • Cage and Experimental Music
  • Media and Popular Music
  • Songwriting Skills
  • Composition
  • Twentieth-century music


As composer, Pwyll ap Siôn has received many commissions, including The White Wheat, a test piece for solo violin for the 2008 Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition (the score was published in The Strad magazine), the Opera/Oratorio Gair ar Gnawd (‘Word on Flesh’) for Welsh National Opera, and Sevi for Soprano, String Orchestra and Piano, first performed by Elin Manahan Thomas in Wales and Cornwall in 2013. His orchestral work Gwales was included in the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra’s 2012 season. He has also produced music for film and television documentaries, including Channel 4’s Cutting Edge series. In 2016 his song-cycle Chaotic Angels received its first performance at St. David’s Hall, Cardiff, with Celine Forrest (soprano) and the orchestra of Welsh National Opera conducted by Löthar Koenigs, receiving a favourable review in Bachtrack.

Grant Awards and Projects

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol (Welsh Federal College); Prosiect Cydymaith i Gerddoriaeth Cymru / Companion to Welsh Music Project (£52,000)

British Academy Small Research Grant, 2014–15 (£2,920)

Leverhulme/British Academy Research Fellowship, 2016–17 (£22,695)


Solidarity Wyoming #14 -- Mountain West Women Running for Office (1/18/2020)   


As another wave of women's marches takes place around the U.S. today, we hear a conversation between Jamie Cheek, Jackie Grimes, and Yana Ludwig. Cheek grew up in Newcastle WY and is running for Utah's 1st Congressional District U.S. House Seat. Grimes, who lives in Laramie, is running for Wyoming State Senate, while Ludwig, also of Laramie, is running for U.S. Senate from Wyoming. 


Episode 11: War is upon us   


On this week's episode we prepare for the daunting week ahead for the North London Derby. We also cover the last few games as both teams lose to Liverpool and Newcastle and wonder what's going on with Arsenal's defence and Tottenham contract issues.


Episode 28: For the first time in forever   


Arsenal and Spurs have both finally won. We talk about Tottenham's late win over Aston Villa and wether or not it was scripted. We also cover Arsenal's second half demolition of Newcastle and Pepe and Saka breaking out. We also talk about Mac CIty's UEFA ban and the possible effects it could have.


Episode 9: AND IT'S LIVE   


On this podcast we discuss the opening weekend kicking off with both Arsenal and Spurs getting wins against Newcastle and Villa respectively. We also talk about the introduction of VAR and how it was used in the Man City game. We finish by previewing the upcoming fixtures for game week 2.


Newcastle Jets strike to end Wellington's top-two hopes   


Wellington Phoenix's hopes of a first top-two A-League finish have been extinguished as Newcastle Jets recorded a remarkable 3-0 win on Thursday night.


Petratos exits Jets to join Saudi club   


Dimitri Petratos has played his last game for Newcastle Jets, with a deal agreed for the fringe Socceroos attacker to join an unnamed Saudi Arabian Professional League club.


George Hunter   


In the far north of England with the suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne lives the Painter, Sculptor, Poet, Photographer, Author and Musician; namely George Hunter, who creates original contemporary paintings and sculpture.  Yes, that’s me! Whether I’m painting in acrylics, spray, oils, watercolours; drawing in pastels or inks, or even using mixed media; music is […]

The post George Hunter appeared first on Artists Info - Global Artist Guide - Contemporary Art.


Members Fundraising Dinner   


Members Fundraising Dinner appeared first on Belmont Neighbourhood Centre

All BNC Members are invited to join us for a Fundraiser Dinner at Newcastle TAFE Join us as we celebrate the achievements of our centre and raise funds for our community programs and events. This event is for Belmont Neighbourhood Centre’s wonderful members, where we will celebrate our great centre and raise vital funds for […]

Belmont Neighbourhood Centre - Community Centre in Belmont North.




BULK SECTOR PROSPECTS POSITIVE BUT CHALLENGES AHEAD The bulk sector is navigating its way out of the doldrums but market correction has come at a price, delegates attending Bulk Terminals 2018 learned last week. Speaking in Hamburg at the annual conference of the Association of Bulk Terminal Operators, Frachtcontor Director Frank Grone said that while the bulk segment is slowly but steadily working its way out of the doldrums with a positive cash flow, he reminded delegates that 60mdwt was scrapped in 2015 and 2016 at “ridiculous prices”, while financing banks took serious “haircuts” leaving bulk carrier owners faced with a complete wipe out of their invested capital.  The trigger for recovery, he said, has been a healthy growth in demand, which in 2017 was in order of 4% with 3% expected for this year. Fleet growth was moderate in 2017.   Congestion and slow steaming have been two ingredients for recovery as it kept tonnage off the market. Slow steaming is still the flavour of the month, but a 3 to 4 knot increase in speed could kill the upturn, Grone warned. As far as bulk commodities are concerned demand for iron ore has been the major driver and the iron ore market should increase by about 2% this year and continue upwards with suppliers in Brazil and Australia ramping up production. Demand from the Chinese market is still there he said, and locally produced product is nowhere near the quality of imports. Coal is also a market driver with a 7% increase in Chinese imports and Indian imports up 6%. The overall increase in seaborne coal trade is 3-4% which is in stark contrast to Europe where imports have fallen. China, India, Japan and Korea import approximately 900mt of coal per year compared to the two biggest importers in Europe – the UK and Germany – which import approximately 110mt annually. The music, he said, is “clearly being played in the Pacific Rim”. The challenge for European terminal operators is the fact that Germany now uses 36% energy derived from renewables. The fact that Australian coal port Newcastle is now planning an ultra large container terminal to cater for a projected massive increase in movement of containerised cargo may be an indication of market attitudes going forward. In summary, Grone said growth looks positive and fleet growth manageable but there are a number of challenges.  These include the trade conflict between China, the US and EU, which, he said, will affect the shipping market negatively. “The market is not only driven by hard facts, but also by sentiments”. While the immediate impact of restrictions on soya bean trades may be positive in the short term for South American suppliers, ultimately China will have to turn to the US for supplies, Grone believed. Trade barriers are generally negative in the longer term, he added. Another area of uncertainty is what will happen as a result of the global sulphur cap due to come into force in 2020. Commenting on the options available to meet the requirement, Grone estimated, on the basis of current use, that 66% of all fuel burned will have to be switched by 2020 to comply with the rules. Owners can either continue to burn high sulphur fuels and risk fines and port state control detentions and trade bans, or install scrubbing technology or switch to gasoil, he said, adding that scrubbing technology is expensive while switching to gasoil may also be expensive as the price will be substantially higher. Grone told ABTO delegates that suppliers are likely to reduce stocks of high sulphur fuel because of falling demand. Only 1200 owners have decided to retrofit scrubbers and there are 60,000 vessels that need to be dealt with. For the remainder of vessels needing to move to low sulphur products, delivery can be expected to be tight. The upside for tanker owners is that there is likely to be movement of gasoil from the Middle East, he said. The challenge for shipowners will be how to pass the costs on to charterers and to realise the competitive advantage of installing scrubbers. Another strategy may well prove to be partnerships between charterers and owners of ships with scrubbers. Grone’s market appraisal followed a key note speech from Axel Mattern, CEO of the Port of Hamburg Marketing Association, who informed attendees that Hamburg has now received the green light to dredge and rebuild the entrance channel to the port. He explained it has taken 17 years and “many battles with regulators” to get the go ahead for work on the Elbe, which up until now has meant ships with a beam of 15m or more have been unable to pass each other and have had to wait to enter the port. “Hamburg is back in the game”, he said. In his closing remarks, Ian Adams, ABTO Chief Executive, commented: “Bulk Terminals 2018 had a very broad agenda, but a common theme running throughout the two-day conference was that market near-term prospects appeared to be positive, which is good news for everyone involved in the bulk industry. ABTO continues to provide a valuable service to its members and to the industry as a whole."


Anti-nuclear campaigner Helen Caldicott alarmed at talk of nuclear power in Australia   


Damon Cronshaw, Newcastle Herald, 12 January 2020 Australians should be terrified of the prospect of a nuclear power plant being built in their region, says Helen Caldicott, the world’s foremost anti-nuclear campaigner. “There’s always the risk of a meltdown like Chernobyl, Fukushima or Three Mile Island,” said Dr Caldicott, who once lived at Matcham on […]

The post Anti-nuclear campaigner Helen Caldicott alarmed at talk of nuclear power in Australia appeared first on Helen Caldicott, M.D..


Bouwdoos Adler   


De Adler Locomotief:
van OcCre OCR-51001


Lengte: 330 mm.
Breedte: 80 mm.
Hoogte: 180 mm.
Schaal: 1:24


Deze locomotief, die werd vervaardigd door Robert Stephenson & Co. van Newcastle, werd verscheept in onderdelen van Newcastle naar de haven van Rotterdam en werd van daaruit vervoerd over de Rijn naar Keulen, met veel moeilijkheden over land vervoerd naar Neurenberg.
Toen de Adler uiteindelijk zijn bestemming had bereikt, werd de locomotief in elkaar gezet in de werkplaatsen van Johann Wilhelm Spaeth.
De wagons werden gebouwd van hout door lokale werklieden.
Op 7 december 1835 reed de Adler zijn eerste rit van Furth naar Neurenberg, over een afstand van 6,04 km.

Bouwdoos compleet met alle houten en metalen onderdelen zonder verf en lijm.
Met zeer uitgebreide en duidelijke stap voor stap instrukties en afbeeldingen nu nog in het Duits.
Met Nederlandse Bouwbeschrijving, losse verkoop € 19,50 incl. verrzending.

Kan gemotorisserd worden voor G-45 spoor (spoorbreedte 45 mm.) d.m.v. Motor-set artnr.: OCR55001 € 29,95



Sting: parte dalla Sardegna il Tour Italiano 2018   


Sale l'attesa per il terzo concerto in terra sarda di Sting. Dopo le esibizioni allo stadio di Sassari nel 1994 e all'Anfiteatro romano di Cagliari nel 2001, l'ex cantante dei Police presenterà il 26 luglio alla Forte Arena di Santa Margherita di Pula i brani del suo ultimo album, “44/876”.

Gli altri appuntamenti italiani: 28 luglio Roma, Auditorium Parco della Musica; 29 luglio Verona, Arena; 30 luglio Napoli, Etes Arena Flegrea e 1 agosto Taormina, Teatro Antico.

Compositore, autore, attore, Gordon Matthew Sumner, in arte Sting, è nato in Inghilterra, a Newcastle, nel 1951. Fin dalla gioventù dimostra un talento innato per la musica. Mastica un po' di pianoforte, inizia a suonare la chitarra e il basso elettrico e si innamora del jazz. In breve tempo formerà la sua prima band, i "The Phoenix Jazzplayers". Proprio ai tempi dei Phoenix nasce il soprannome “Sting”.

Scelto il nome d'arte, il ragazzo di Newcastle entra in altre formazioni jazz come i "The Riverside Men" e nella "Newcastle Big Band" prima di lasciare l'ensemble con tre musicisti e fondare i "Last Exit" di cui è il leader e cantante.

I “Last Exit” ottengono un buon successo e decidono nel 1976 di trasferirsi a Londra in cerca di un contratto discografico. È in questo periodo che Sting conosce il chitarrista Andy Summers e il batterista Stewart Copeland, rimasto impressionato dalla presenza del cantante – bassista durante un esibizione con i Last Exit.

E qui inizia la leggenda. Copeland convince Sting a fondare i Police con il chitarrista Henry Padovani. Dopo poco tempo lo stesso Padovani viene sostituito da Andy Summers. Nasce così un power trio destinato a cambiare la storia della musica degli anni '70 e '80.

"Outlandes D'Amour", "Reggatta De Blanc", "Zenyatta Mondata", "Ghost in the machine", "Syncronicity" sono i nomi dei capolavori scritti dai 3 e che hanno influenzato generazioni di musicisti negli anni a seguire.

Tra il 1985 e il 1986 Sting decide di intraprendere la carriera solista. Il primo lavoro senza i Police è “The Dream of the blue turtles” ed è ancora legato al jazz benché contenga due perle “pop” come "If You Love Somebody" e "Russians". Un disco a suo modo storico e che sarà la base fondante del successivo doppio live "Bring on the night".

Il secondo atto dello Sting solista è invece "Nothing like the sun". Le atmosfere si fanno più malinconiche e sognanti e dal disco escono gemme come "They dance alone" e "Fragile”, diventata in breve tempo un classico del repertorio.

Bisogna attendere il 1991 per assistere all'uscita di due album completamente autobiografici. Il primo è "Soul cages", trainato dalla Hit "All this time", il secondo è "Ten summoner's tales", contenente 3  indimenticabili successi come "If I ever lose my faith in you", "Fields of gold" e “Shape of My Heart”, uno dei brani musicali dedicati al mondo del gaming entrati nella storia. Ma soprattutto tre brani che saranno imprescindibili in ogni esibizione live degli anni successivi.

Dopo anni intensi passati tra produzioni discografiche, colonne sonore e ottime prove da attore, Sting pubblica nel 1996 “Mercury Falling”, un lavoro irrequieto e nervoso che segna una svolta rispetto alle opere precedenti e che rappresenta il punto di partenza per “Brand new day”, il capolavoro del '99.

Con Brand new day il musicista inglese si da alla sperimentazione più pura e miscela con abilità stili all'apparenza inconciliabili come il canto gregoriano medioevale, il pop africano e la musica country americana.

Sarà l'inizio dell'era più “sperimentale” di Sting. Nel 2003 esce “Sacred love”, album che contiene collaborazioni con artisti hip-hop e con la figlia di Ravi Shankar, il maestro di sitar indiano. Il 2006 è invece l'anno di “Songs from the Labyrinth”, disco per voce e liuto scritto a quattro mani con Edin Karamazov.

Il biennio 2009-2010 sarà estremamente prolifico. Nel 2009 Sting pubblica “If on a Winter's Night” e nel 2010 Symphonicities, un nuovo lavoro in cui vengono riarrangiati pezzi dei Police e del repertorio solista con la collaborazione della Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dopo disco uscito nel 2016 “57th & 9th”, lavoro che segna per l'artista un ritorno al pop/rock dopo oltre un dieci anni, Sting è tornato in questo 2018 con un lavoro scritto a quattro mani con Shaggy. Un album, 44/876, anticipato dal primo singolo "Don't Make Me Wait" che vuole celebrare uno dei generi più amati dall'artista inglese, il reggae.


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