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APG 262 – Captain Rick Bell and Wings Over Pittsburgh   


The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff, Doctor Steph, Captain Nick, First Officer Dana, and USAF Captain Rick Bell Wings Over Pittsburgh [13:56] APG Coffee Fund [27:17] NEWS Fuming passenger delayed by stricken flight gives finger to hero pilots after emergency landing [30:49] Boeing company uses A321 in website promo [34:34] New FAA Ruling Allows For Visibility Commercial Landings [38:49] Drone smashes through woman’s apartment window [47:54] FEEDBACK Tom - RAF L-1011s [50:31] Robert - King Air Crash in Melbourne Area [57:07] Joe - Turn the heat OFF!! [1:09:04] Ross - Takeoff steering question [1:16:27] Max - Request for Content Ideas on my New Website [1:21:17] Plane Tails - The Divine Wind [1:25:30] John - DCA Takeoffs [1:45:10] Ivor - weather related diversion results in grounding of airline [1:53:48] Flying Kiwi - Audio Feedback [2:11:24] Nick - Aircraft Intercept - Radio Failure [2:24:31] Liz - Booze to Go [2:37:59] Mark - Another Maine Man [2:40:00] VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2017, All Rights Reserved


APG 273 – The B-52, aka “BUFF”   


Tom Wachowski's Private Jet Podcast Arash Mahin's Ride to Conquer Cancer Jen Niffer's Tales From The Terminal - Wings Over Avgeeks NEWS British Airways: Flights cancelled amid IT crash - BBC News [36:03] Dutch King Reveals Secret Life As Airline Co-Pilot [46:55] Snowbirds make decision to cancel upcoming performances to get more practice [50:56] Emirates A388 over Arabian Sea on Jan 7th 2017, wake turbulence sends business jet in uncontrolled descent [53:51] 2 dead as jet crashes on approach to Teterboro [58:37] Passenger calls 911 emergency landing Interesting ATC [1:12:46] Officially licensed: projecting Airbus’ brand and image in the computer simulation market [1:24:39] FEEDBACK Larry - Shimmy update Nevil's Interviews, Part 1 (Liz Pyper, John Brown, Jen Niffer, Captain AL, Captain Rick Bell, Carlos Stebbings Chris sent you a voice message on SpeakPipe Jim - Audio feedback from CAK Plane Tails - The Buff Nevil's Interviews, Part 2 (Brian Coleman, Eric, Maineman Micah, Matt Smith, Captain Jeff) Steve - HIGH 7 Nevil's Interviews, Part 3 (Barbara Parish, Miami Hick, Bill Bates, Craig and Ashley Pyzik, Hillel Glazer, Fred Samson, Dr. Steph, Captain Nick, Adrian Meacham) VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2017, All Rights Reserved


APG 275 – Pilot Fatigue, and Do Pilots Get Nervous?   


NYC MEET-UP Arash Mahin's Ride to Conquer Cancer NEWS Jetblue A321 near Grand Rapids on May 30th 2017, LiOn battery overheats in flight [38:37] Summit L410 at Lukla on May 27th 2017, contacted trees and impacted ground before runway [49:31] FEEDBACK JD - Depression Discussion [54:21] Miami Hick and Maineman Micah [1:07:35] Yogi - Autoland or Manual Flying? [1:12:18] Mark - Acme Jr Scheduler [1:19:40] Mississippi Matt - Agricultural Aviation [1:38:32] Chris - ATC Moncton [1:45:00] Gregg - Funny ORD Atis [1:46:29] Glen - Russian Plane Crash (TU-144) [1:49:47] Plane Tails - D Day Part 2 [2:02:06] Marcus - A wonderful video [2:17:19] Mark - Do You Ever Get Nervous? [2:19:37] VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2017, All Rights Reserved


APG 308 – Fish Urine   


NEWS [37:23] Red Arrows ejection seat firm guilty over RAF Scampton death [44:49] Nico - PEGASUS 737 Trabzon, TURKEY [48:04] Free Beer When Flying Between NYC and Chicago on AA FEEDBACK [50:42] John - Are Flying Cars Coming to the Skies? [57:08] Mary - San Jose Crash [58:58] Captain Robson - JFK Airport ATIS 1-5-18 "Grayson" [1:04:20] Mat - Seniority after airline merger question [1:10:33] Phil - Question for Dana [1:19:10] Dave - Watch Me Closely! [1:22:41] Captain Ryan - Feedback [1:24:11] Liz - Drone saves two Australian swimmers in world first [1:30:09] Josine - A Lesson in French [1:50:30] Nick - Holds vs Diverts [1:54:31] Plane Tale - Land-O-Matic [2:18:31] John - Strobes [2:22:46] Liz - 'Airline poo' falls on India village causing confusion - BBC News [2:27:54] Vaughan - Allocation of Duties? [2:39:30] AG and RH - ATIS and Shameless Plug [2:45:09] Liz - Maine airport says it's first to use 100% recycled de-icing fluid [2:46:54] Christian, Liz - Pope Francis marries LATAM flight attendant couple mid-flight VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2018, All Rights Reserved Airline Pilot Guy Show by Jeff Nielsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


APG 338 – Passing Gas   


NEWS [34:55] Capital Airlines #JD5759 damaged while landing attempt at Macao [45:22] Corrosion, Metal Fatigue Cause Wide-Body Freighter Landing Gear Collapse [48:05] UPDATE: US-Bangla pilot was mentally stressed and reckless FEEDBACK [1:00:45] Bryan - Project Loon [1:06:19] James - Woman and her Cello Kicked Off AA Flight [1:12:50] Stuart - New App Allows Passengers to Report Uncomfortable Cabin Conditions [1:21:23] Shawn from Portland (not Maine) - The RAT [1:32:07] Chris - Autonomous Drones can Herd Birds Away from Airports [1:35:51] Plane Tale - The Cargo Gods [1:52:46] Jay - Opinion re: Flight Sharing [1:56:48] Sean - Does this qualify as FOD? [1:58:37] Thomas - Handling Emergencies: A Captain’s Training To Make the Go/No Go Call on Evacuation [2:13:20] Glen Towler - Pre-Oshkosh, and "Sunday Night in Wellington" [2:20:24] Mark and Steve Horne - Dash 8 Prop Wash Blows Baggage Dolly into United 737 at LAX [2:25:00] Ivor - Those Pesky Batteries VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/outro Music, Coffee Fund theme music by Geoff Smith Dr. Steph's intro music by Nevil Bounds Capt Nick's intro music by Kevin from Norway (aka Kevski) Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2018, All Rights Reserved Airline Pilot Guy Show by Jeff Nielsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


APG 365 – 365   


Catholic Pilot Podcast - Episode One ( I DID have intro music!) Oshkosh Countdown Clock NEWS [21:53] NTSB Recovers Crashed Atlas Air 767 Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder [22:24] United Airlines Just Showed True Thoughtfulness in a Moment of Tragedy [28:33] Presque Isle Maine UA Commuter off Runway [33:48] TSA stops man traveling with 'military rocket grenade launcher' in bag [57:44] Qantas Horror Flight Plunges 15,000 Ft Before Emergency Landing in Melbourne FEEDBACK [1:03:46] Sean - FAA Investigating WN for Weight & Balance [1:12:41] Alexander - High functioning Autism and Piloting [1:23:32] Glaucus - FEN ATC Mistake - It Could Have Caused a Tragedy [1:31:22] Stuart - Flight Deck Photography, Flashing Landing Lights [1:36:06] Texas Charlie - Airbus Promoting a New Propulsion System? [1:37:13] Rob - Sneaky Entertainment System [1:41:34] Simon - Question re: Aerotoxic Syndrome [1:53:08] Texas Charlie - ULC Carrier Audio Feedback [2:04:15] Plane Tale - Capture Prone [2:25:00] Deanna - Trip to ATL [2:28:17] Shreenand - Should I be daring them to dream? CRM [2:47:28] Steve - How do International Border Air Crossings Work? VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give us your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. ATC audio from Intro/outro Music, Coffee Fund theme music by Geoff Smith thegeoffsmith.comDr. Steph's intro music by Nevil BoundsCapt Nick's intro music by Kevin from Norway (aka Kevski) Doh De Oh by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2019, All Rights Reserved Airline Pilot Guy Show by Jeff Nielsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


APG 229 – Farnborough 2016 Live Recording and Meet-Up   


The crew for this week's episode: Captain Jeff, Dr. Steph, Captain Nick, Markus Völter, Carl Stebbings, Matt Smith, Pilot Pip, Captain Al, Nevil Bounds, Maine Man Micah, Pasadena Brian [Coleman] A very special thank you to Carlos, Matt and Nev, whose technical expertise, professional audio and video equipment, and unselfish volunteering of their time made this the great show it was! VIDEO Trial Membership Offer - Get your free audio book today! Give me your review in iTunes! I'm "airlinepilotguy" on Facebook, and "airlinepilotguy" on Twitter. (304) 99-PILOT (304) 997-4568 ATC audio from Intro/Outro music by Tim Brown, BrownHouseMedia, Copyright © AirlinePilotGuy 2016, All Rights Reserved


Fêtes, processions et réjouissances pittoresques d’autrefois dans les provinces de France   


Fêtes, processions et réjouissances pittoresques d’autrefois dans les provinces de France ( D’après « La Semaine des familles », paru en 1861)   **********************   Bien loin d’être exhaustif, un pittoresque tour d’horizon des fêtes, processions et autres...


The girl of the hour   


Des étudiants attentifs, qui posent des questions pertinentes, s'intéressent aux exercices, et me remercient en partant (je vous ai dit que ceux que j'avais eu tout l'automne m'ont offert une luxueuse boîte de chocolats pour me remercier de la qualité de mon cours ?).

Une invitation à passer quelques jours au bord de la mer en Italie à causer boutique avec une brassée d'experts triés sur le volet.

Le travail minutieux des nuances, à la chorale, et le plaisir d'enfin sortir un piano pas trop dégueulasse.

Les lettres, les messages, les coups de téléphone, les meilleurs vœux d'anniversaire.

Le plus joli cadeau de tous, qu'il n'y ait eu le 7 janvier « que » la mort d'un type suffisamment allumé pour s'attaquer à un commissariat probablement déjà relativement sur les dents armé d'une hache et d'une fausse ceinture d'explosifs à déplorer.

Le train à l'heure, plutôt vide, calme.

Un concert d'anniversaire, vers le fond d'une salle pas très pleine. Excellente acoustique (un peu trop même en ce qui concerne le piccolo ; aïe), programme mitigé de deux perles (Bernstein et de Falla) et d'une douche froide (Walton. Qui donc ? Voilà. Un type qui a mis tellement de technicité dans son concerto pour violon qu'il n'y restait pas beaucoup de place pour grand chose d'autre. Je m'en suis endormie, pendant le deuxième mouvement[1]), excellente compagnie.

Le goût retrouvé de la galette à la frangipane.

Un week-end spécial et puis pas tant que ça : musique, bonne bouffe, mots-croisés, tasses de thé, promenades et douceur.

Le rire perlé de ma grand-mère.

Un exposé très bien reçu, malgré l'effet « immersion en milieu hostile » qui m'a donné envie de me carapater lorsque je me suis retrouvée (a) entourée de mecs en costards (le premier à ouvrir la bouche a réussi à sortir « digital » au lieu de « numérique » en moins de deux minutes, et après on s'étonne que j'aie des préjugés); (b) dans une assemblée à 90% masculine. J'y suis relativement habituée et souvent indifférente, mais là, au milieu d'inconnus, j'avais beau être invitée en tant qu'experte pour un exposé de, disons, semi-vulgarisation, j'ai ressenti qu'il me faudrait montrer que j'avais bien ma place dans cette assemblée. Heureusement cette impression s'est atténuée aussitôt identifiée, et on m'a ensuite poursuivie de questions jusque dans le métro.

Le chocolat qui fond doucement sur ma langue.

C'était une bonne semaine d'anniversaire.

Fiat lux


[1] Le bassoniste soutient que c'était pendant le premier, mais je pense qu'il n'a pas très bien suivi non plus. J'ai pensé qu'il m'en voulait de m'être endormie, en fait il se faisait lui-même suer comme un rat crevé.


The gray in this city is too much to bear   


Un tourbillon de choses à faire, de listes qui s'allongent, de corvées qui s'accumulent, de lieux où être et de petites contrariétés à gérer.

Mais, au milieu de tout ça...

Le confort chaleureux du Comptoir des Lettres après d'infructueux essais de pantalons.

Quelques mètres carrés de Sicile en plein Paris, Sandro[1] qui enfourne des pizzas, la patronne qui encaisse et mes yeux plongés dans ceux de mon bassoniste.

Les manifestations contre la prolongation de l'état d'urgence qui s'organisent.

Le quatuor Tetzlaff à la Philharmonie, vue plongeante sur l'altiste Hanna Weinmeister, et le tragique du lancinant Quatuor à cordes n° 11[2] de Chostakovitch.

Le couple âgé au premier rang, sa canne à lui, son plaid à elle, leurs rides à tous les deux, et leurs mains enlacées, et la mienne qui se glisse dans celle de mon amoureux[3].

Le canapé d'un pote un vrai de vrai, un de ceux dont tu sais qu'ils seront toujours là, en dépit de ou plutôt à plus forte raison étant donnée la vingtaine d'années qui a séparé l'époque où vous jouiez ensemble au Petit Bac et celle où vous vous êtes retrouvés, grandis tout pareil non de votre enfance vaguement partagée mais des expériences pourtant si différentes qui la suivirent. Le petit garçon qui transparait toujours derrière ce gaillard qui a bourlingué en Amérique du Sud, bossé dans les quartiers Nord de Marseille, travaillé d'arrache-pied à des régularisations de demandeurs d'asile, lu plus de livres et vu plus de films en un an que toi en trente, et qui trouve quand même des conseils à te demander.

Un projet dont j'ose à peine parler tellement il me tient à cœur et que j'ai peur de lui porter malheur, un projet qui pousse un mec qui a une page Wikipedia longue comme le bras et des récompenses à n'en plus finir à nous écrire, à moi et ma partner in crime, pour nous dire le plaisir qu'il a à bosser avec deux personnes aussi passionnées que nous, un projet donc qui prend doucement son envol.

Le son fabuleux de Renaud Capuçon et de son Guarneri, sur France Musique un matin, faisant d'un morceau aussi galvaudé que les Airs Bohémiens de Sarasate un instant magique[4], de presque recueillement, qui m'a pris par surprise. J'en avais des frissons.

Des tablées de potes, d'amis, de collègues, de gens croisés une fois ou cent, des bières, des sushis, de la bonne humeur et de la chaleur humaine.

La beauté du concerto pour basson en Fa M de Vivaldi, sous le souffle expert de Gustavo Núñez.

Ces mails qui atterrissent dans ta boite comme un fruit bien mûri par le travail que tu as entrepris des mois voir des années plus tôt.

Le parfum de fleur d'oranger de la frangipane.

Fiat lux


[1] Évidemment qu'il s'appelle Sandro.

[2] Ici par le quatuor Borodine, qui est aussi très bien, bien que légèrement plus concentré en vieux barbons.

[3] J'ai essayé de résister sur ces pages, mais rien n'y fait : je tombe inéluctablement dans la guimauve.

[4] C'était plus beau dans son intégralité dans ma radio, mais si tu ne connais pas la technicité du truc, liseron, je t'encourage à regarder ces quelques minutes de vidéo.


Les pingouins   


Une semaine de vacances, en dépit d'une trachéite et des tempêtes de pluie ou de neige.

Des promenades le long du lac, un petit chien qui gambade joyeusement dans la neige, une raclette, des litres de tisanes diverses et variées, un bon livre, mon crochet, une maison bien chauffée, du chocolat chaud qui fume doucement sur la gazinière, les pelletées de neige qui s'écrasent sur le bord de la route, un maillot de bain de sport deux pièces à ma taille, les fous rires en famille.

vosges, fév. 2016

Fiat lux


Roulée en boule   


Donald Trump, les morts dont il va être responsable, lui, avec son gouvernement, et les députés et sénateurs de son bord, très rapidement à coups de déni d'accès aux soins en général et à l'IVG en particulier, un peu moins vite à force de s'en mettre plein les fouilles sur le dos des pauvres, des réfugiés, de la planète.

La marche « pour la vie », la vie de qui, on ne sait pas trop ; pas celle des femmes, en tout cas. Ça va de pair avec la manif « pour tous » (sauf tous les panous) et, mon préféré, « sens commun ». Je sais pas toi mais moi quand les gens se mettent à utiliser des mots aux hasard comme s'ils pouvaient prendre n'importe quel sens hop voilà, je me méfie.

Ce pauvre violeur d'enfants de Roman Polanski que les méchantes féministes ont rendu très triste à pas trouver normal qu'on lui fasse des haies d'honneur, et tous les dégueulasses qui le soutiennent.

Les scandales de corruption[1] qui s'égrainent en France comme autant de jours de la semaine.

Manuel Valls[2].

Tout autant de raisons (et il y en a encore bien d'autres, la Syrie, la Turquie, Poutine, pour ne citer que les premières qui me viennent à l'esprit, et sans citer les personnelles) d'avoir très très envie de rester roulée en boule pour toujours sous une couette. Ce qui n'est malheureusement ni possible ni même une excellente idée (le repli sur soi bla bla bla), mais qui me paraît quand même une excellente perspective à court terme, par exemple en écoutant la sonate pour alto seul de György Ligeti interprétée par Tabea Zimmermann (pour qui elle a été écrite en 19981994).

Ce qui servira d'ailleurs de fiat lux pour ma nouvelle photo de profil sur le Touittère.


[1] Alors moi j'ai tendance à tout appeler corruption, mais le terme correct pour parler de l'enquête ouverte par le parquet financier sur Pénélope Fillon, c'est « détournement de fonds publics, abus de biens sociaux, et recel de ces délits », si tu veux écrire une jolie chanson dessus.

[2] J'avais commencé un paragraphe sur l'islamo-gauchisme, la « laïcité » — encore un mot dont on dirait qu'il n'avait pas déjà un sens avant que tout le monde ne se metter à lui en donner un nouveau — à la Caroline Fourest , et la peur que j'ai de lui, mais finalement, « Manuel Valls », ça se suffit à soi tout seul, je trouve.




« La formule abstraite du Panoptisme n'est plus "voir sans être vu", mais "imposer une conduite quelconque à une multiplicité humaine quelconque". » (G. Deleuze)




Ce texte constitue notre traduction de l'éditorial d'Alex Berenson paru le 25 juin 2013 dans le New York Times et intitulé Snowden, Through the Eyes of a Spy Novelist.




Snowden, vu par un auteur de romans d'espionnage

par Alex Berenson


Aux yeux d'un auteur de romans d’espionnage – ce que je suis – l’histoire d’Edward J. Snowden est exemplaire. Un homme mû par son ego et son idéalisme – qui pourrait les distinguer ? – quitte son travail et sa petite amie. Il décide de divulguer au monde l’advenue du Panoptique. Ses maîtres se jurent de le punir, et il part pour Moscou dans un effort désespéré de trouver un refuge. En réalité, il arrive dans le pays le plus dangereux qui soit pour un dissident, là où les autorités les éliminent impitoyablement en les aspergeant de polonium. Pour l’instant, il est en sécurité : il est utile à ses nouveaux amis russes. Mais s’ils changeaient d’avis…

J’aimerais être l'auteur de ce synopsis.

Mais M. Snowden n’est pas un personnage de roman : il est un individu bien réel. Et je suis fort marri de voir le cours de sa vie totalement bouleversé.

Il y a deux semaines, cette affaire avait des airs de farce. Malgré le raffut causé par ses premières révélations, tous ceux qui s’intéressaient à ces sujets savaient pertinemment que la NSA était à l’écoute des communications électroniques, et ce à l’échelle mondiale. Dans mes romans, les personnages considèrent d’ailleurs comme un fait acquis que tous les courriels qu’ils enverront seront lus, et tous leurs coups de téléphone écoutés.

Ce que M. Snowden semblait d’abord vouloir – et à raison – était de forcer ces espions électroniques à répondre clairement aux questions suivantes : sauvegardez-vous les courriels, les échanges Skype et autres communications électroniques ? Et qu’en est-il des appels téléphoniques ? Pour combien de temps ? Qui a accès à ces données, et un mandat en bonne et due forme est-il requis dans chaque cas ? De quelle manière les appels entre citoyens américains sont-ils traités ? Etc. En dépit de nombreuses promesses de clarification de la part de la Maison Blanche, les réponses à ces questions demeurent obscures.

Apparemment, M. Snowden a donc rendu au monde un fier service. Mais la semaine dernière, ses anciens employeurs et lui-même ont commis des erreurs tactiques, de telle sorte que son histoire devient plus compliquée. Au début, M. Snowden n’était pas un espion, et le qualifier ainsi est absurde. Car les espions ne divulguent pas leurs secrets gratuitement.

Pensait-il qu’il serait considéré comme un héros ? Peut-être. En tous cas, selon ce qu’écrivait Keith Bradsher du Times, il semble qu’il croyait qu’il aurait été autorisé à rester tranquillement à Hong Kong pendant que le monde digérerait ses révélations.

Compte tenu de la manière dont le gouvernement Obama poursuit en justice les auteurs de telles fuites, il était bien optimiste de la part M. Snowden d’escompter un futur sans ennuis. De fait, la fureur de Washington et du monde du renseignement s’est révélée sans limites. Le député Peter T. King, un Républicain de l’État de New York, un converti sinon enthousiaste, du moins de la dernière heure, a qualifié M. Snowden de « transfuge ». Le sénateur Bill Nelson, un Démocrate de Floride, a déclaré que M. Snowden avait commis un « acte de trahison ». Les procureurs fédéraux ont préparé une inculpation dans les règles. La Maison Blanche a demandé à Hong Kong de rapatrier Snowden – et, étonnamment, semblait penser que leur demande d’extradition serait traitée comme n’importe quelle autre. « Nous vous envoyons les papiers, et vous l’extradez, d’accord sheriff ? »

Confronté à la perspective de passer des décennies en prison, M. Snowden a paniqué. Au lieu d’attendre que Hong Kong ou ses maîtres de Pékin décident de son sort, il est parti pour Moscou avec ses ordinateurs portables sous le bras. Il a donc maintenant l’opportunité de voir de près une dictature molle (quelle jolie expression…) Dimanche, WikiLeaks, ces naïfs de bonne volonté qui « aident » M. Snowden, ont déclaré que l’aéroport Sheremetyevo ne serait qu’une étape du voyage. Mais il est improbable que les autorités russes le laissent partir avant d’avoir appris tout ce qu’il sait. Lors de ses entretiens à la presse, M. Snowden a déclaré qu’il possédait encore de nombreux secrets dans ses disques durs, et il n’y a aucune raison de ne pas le croire. Il a déjà divulgué des détails au sujet de l’espionnage anglo-américain d’une conférence qui s’est tenue à Londres en 2009.

M. Snowden s’est mis dans une situation terrible. Moscou le protégera certainement aussi longtemps qu’elle désirera irriter Washington. Mais lorsque les Russes auront fini de fureter dans ses ordinateurs portables, il sera devenu de facto leur espion, qu’il le veuille ou non. Et Pékin a sûrement fait la même chose. Certains officiers des renseignements pensent en effet que les espions chinois ont copié les disques durs de M. Snowden durant son séjour à Hong Kong.

Nous avons traité un lanceur d’alerte comme s’il était un traître – et donc l’avons rendu tel. Beau travail ! Quelqu’un à la Maison Blanche (ou à la CIA ou à la NSA) a-t-il considéré la possibilité de prendre l’avion pour Hong Kong et de traiter M. Snowden comme un être humain, de lui donner l’opportunité de témoigner devant le Congrès et lors d’un procès équitable ? Il serait peut-être finalement allé voir tout de même le président Vladimir Poutine, mais au moins il aurait pu faire autrement. Les gardiens des secrets y auraient gagné eux aussi : une audition devant le Congrès aurait été un prix modeste à payer pour ramener M. Snowden et ses précieux disques durs sur le sol américain.

Il est possible de voir ces dernières semaines comme une tragédie pour M. Snowden – qui paraît avoir été motivé par des raisons parfaitement louables et qui se trouve maintenant pris dans l’alternative entre une vie en exil ou une vie en prison – mais aussi comme un immense dommage que s’est auto-infligée la communauté américaine du renseignement. Si les chefs de l’appareil étaient vraiment prêts à un débat honnête au sujet de l’étendue de leurs pouvoirs, M. Snowden n’aurait peut-être pas fini à Moscou, mais à Washington, sa petite amie à ses côtés sur les marches du Capitole, avec devant lui quelques années en prison avant de devenir consultant à l’Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Bref, on aurait assisté à un dénouement digne des productions hollywoodiennes. Mais le monde réel est impitoyable.


R.I.P. Clément Rosset, 1939-2018   



« Je suis au bord d’un bras de mer qui me sépare d’une côte située au large. Survient quelqu’un qui me dit : « D’ici une heure ou deux, une barque viendra vous prendre pour vous transporter là-bas ». J’acquiesce mais me demande pourquoi je dois aller là-bas, où je n’ai rien à faire. Il est vrai que je n’ai rien à faire ici non plus.

Au-delà de l’allusion claire au fleuve des morts et à son nocher Caron, le plus pénible est ici le sentiment, persistant après le réveil, que je ne sais ni ce qu’il y a là-bas, ni ce qu’il y a ici, ni qui m’a parlé, ni qui je suis. Il ne reste qu’à continuer à ne rien faire, comme L’innommable de Beckett. »  


Clément Rosset, Le monde perdu






« Le secret qu’il ne faut pas connaître, et que l’épouse de Barbe-Bleue finit par connaître malgré elle en pénétrant dans la chambre interdite est tout d’abord, et tout simplement, la mort. La mort des autres et, à travers elle, sa propre mort, tout à la fois éloignée et prochaine. La découverte de ce secret marque la fin de la vie heureuse et le début d’une période de désolation et de tristesse. À l’inverse de l’agneau de Dieu qui efface tous les péchés du monde, la connaissance de la mort efface tous les bonheurs de la terre. L’avertissement de Barbe-Bleue était justifié : si vous percez ce secret, il n’est rien que vous ne deviez attendre de ma colère, – si vous connaissez cela, vous ne connaîtrez jamais plus aucun bonheur. C’est la connaissance de la mort qui neutralise tous les appétits, rendant vains et comme caduques les innombrables dons qui s’offrent à la perception humaine. Caduques en effet : car tout ce qui doit périr est déjà comme mort, et c’est le cas de tout ce qui peut nous échoir, y compris notre propre personne, qui viendront ainsi trop tard s’offrir à notre jouissance. Trop tard d’un savoir, du savoir de la mort. Ce quelque chose d’amer qui trouble toute jouissance est bien la mort, la menace qui pèse sur notre bonheur est la mort.

Quelle est précisément cette mort qu’il ne faut pas connaître, sauf à perdre tout droit à la jouissance ? Elle n’est évidemment pas cette représentation lointaine du fait de mourir comme nécessairement attaché à l’espèce humaine, dont il m’arrive parfois de me rappeler vaguement que je fais partie moi aussi : car le savoir de ma mort s’est dilué dans ces représentations et ces rappels, au point de perdre tout le fort de son venin. Mais elle n’est pas non plus seulement, et pas surtout, le savoir de ma mort, conçue comme échéance immédiate et sans recours. Car ma mort, même ainsi saisie comme à vif, ne serait encore qu’un moindre mal. Elle signale une découverte affligeante mais dont on peut se consoler, si elle ne concerne que la fragilité de ma propre personne, vouée au non-être et à l’oubli. En ces sens-là la mort ne constitue pas une dévaluation mais une perte, et une perte simple, pour employer le langage des jeux. Je suis condamné à la mort – c’est-à-dire que je vais me perdre, je vais perdre moi – mais les objets que j’ai thésaurisés au cours de ma vie n’en sont pas pour autant dévalués ou disqualifiés. Je meurs, mais reste ce que j’ai aimé au cours de ma vie éphémère : par exemple un certain art grec, une certaine élégance, une certaine allégresse. Je disparais, mais il y aura toujours à admirer les frises de Phidias, les tragédies de Shakespeare, les opéras de Mozart.

Une telle pensée de la mort n’est pas encore véritablement mortelle. La pensée qui blesse à mort n’est pas le savoir de ma disparition, mais celui de l’égale disparition, à plus ou moins long terme, de toute chose susceptible de me séduire, comme de séduire tout un chacun. Ce n’est pas seulement moi qui aime qui suis voué à la mort, c’est aussi tout ce que j’aime et tout ce que je serais susceptible d’aimer s’il m’était donné un temps de vie plus long et un plus vaste champ d’expérience. Ce fruit que je goûte est plus fragile que moi, même s’il est taillé dans le marbre ou inscrit depuis des millénaires dans le cœur et l’admiration des hommes. C’est pourquoi il laisse un goût amer, comme le dit Lucrèce, et d’autant plus amer qu’il est plus précieux. On est encore loin du tragique de la mort lorsqu’on s’avise avec désolation de la nécessité où l’on est de mourir soi-même, de quitter un jour tout ce qu’on aime. Car, à y regarder de près, le cela que je quitte n’en a pas lui non plus pour bien longtemps, et m’a même quitté déjà en partie, dès le moment que j’en ai repéré la fragilité. L’œuvre d’art que j’admire, la personne que j’aime, le livre que j’écris ne me survivront pas ou guère, et j’en vois déjà la disparition en filigrane alors que je suis moi toujours en vie. Ce n’est pas moi qui quitte tout cela ; c’est, plus profondément, tout cela qui me quitte, que j’aime sans pouvoir l’arracher à la mort. Et c’est en cela que le savoir de la mort est mortel : en ce que, parti de moi, il a proliféré de proche en proche pour gagner toute chose au monde, condamnant ainsi à la mort non seulement moi-même, mais aussi tous mes objets d’amour ou d’intérêt.

Ce double visage de la mort – chacun terrible mais le second bien davantage que le premier – se trouve exprimé dans une brève formule de l’Art poétique d’Horace : Debemur morti nos nostraque – nous sommes dus à la mort, nous et « nos choses ». Nos nostraque : nous et toutes nos affaires ; nous, mais aussi Phidias et Shakespeare. Ce qui meurt est bien moi, mais aussi tout ce dont ce moi a été instruit et nourri : c’est-à-dire tout ce qui s’est présenté ou aurait pu se présenter à moi d’aimable ou d’admirable. Le sujet meurt, mais aussi tous ses compléments d’objet possibles. Ce qui signifie que tout ce à quoi je puis m’intéresser est aussi fragile que moi qui m’y intéresse. Cela est de grande conséquence, et l’amplitude du désastre laisse dans l’ombre le malheur de ma mort personnelle, que j’offrirais bien volontiers en échange d’une remise de cet holocauste universel. Mais il est trop tard, et l’oubli de soi n’est plus ici d’aucun secours : quand tout est mort il ne sert de rien de faire, en catastrophe, le sacrifice de sa propre existence. Comme le dit saint Augustin, dans le De immortalitate animae : « La mort que l’âme doit vaincre n’est pas tant l’unique mort qui met fin à la vie, que la mort que l’âme éprouve sans cesse durant qu’elle vit dans le temps. »

Le pouvoir de la mort, qui est sans commune mesure avec ma mort, sans commune mesure même, comme on va le voir, avec le fait que tout meure, que tout ait une fin, est donc finalement assez semblable à celui – exorbitant aux yeux de certains théologiens – reconnu à Dieu par saint Pierre Damien dans son Traité de l’omnipotence divine : pouvoir d’annuler le passé, de faire en sorte que ce qui a eu lieu n’ait pas lieu. La mort n’est pas seulement la fin de la chose ; elle est aussi et surtout son annulation. Aucune chose n’existe ni n’a existé, puisque sous menace d’être bientôt à jamais biffée par l’oubli, en sorte qu’il n’y aura, tôt ou tard, plus de différence entre « ceci s’est passé » et « ceci ne s’est pas passé ». Équivalence morose dont l’expérience est fournie déjà par le présent : par l’oubli où sont comme déjà, de ce qui est ici ou là, tous ceux qui ne sont ni ne seront jamais ici ou là. C’est là un des derniers mots de Mallarmé (dans le Coup de dés) et l’expression ramassée de la pensée qui paralysait sa faculté créatrice depuis toujours : « rien n’aura eu lieu », – rien, pas même la poésie. Le pouvoir de Dieu est celui du Diable : les deux se confondent dans ce pouvoir outrecuidant de la mort qui est d’annuler ce qui a existé, de faire en somme que ce qui existe n’a pas d’existence. Le monde ne souffre pas de devoir finir, il souffre de ne pas avoir commencé : de ne pas avoir encore « eu lieu ».


Clément Rosset, Le Réel : Traité de l’idiotie




A Few Washing Machine Repairs You Can Do Yourself   


If your washing machine has gone on the fritz, things can get pretty messy at your house. Not only will the dirty clothes pile up, but family members may become stressed and upset when a piece of clothing is stuck in the laundry pile. If you are lucky, the service person can make it out to your house in a day or two to get things fixed. Of course, there are a few things you can check and fix yourself if you know what to look for. Here are some of the repairs you can handle yourself so everything gets washed and everyone is happy again.

Machine Won't Turn On

Check to make sure that the plug didn't fall out and the breaker didn't trip. If everything is all right there, check the little button that gets depressed when the lid is shut. If this is broken off, it will need to be replaced. However, if it is just stuck due to a buildup of laundry detergent and dirt, it can be cleaned with a cotton swab dampened with vinegar. Once cleaned, the button should move so that the washer will start again.

Won't Fill with Water

The first things to check when the tub is not filling with water are the valves. Make sure that both the hot and cold water valves are open all the way. If the water still does not fill the tub, turn off the valves and unscrew the hoses from the back of the machine. You may want to have a bucket there to catch any water that remained in the hoses. Inside the back of the machine where the hoses connect should be filters. These filters need to be free of any clogs to let the water flow into the washer. You can pull them out and clean them if necessary.

Water Won't Drain

If your clothes are still soaking wet or the tub remains full after the washer has stopped, there is a problem with the water draining. This could be something as simple as a kink or clog in the drain hose that prevents the water from escaping. You can adjust the hose so it is not kinked or run a plumber's snake through it to get rid of any clog. If this is not the problem, look in the owner's manual to find the pump. You do not need to remove it, but you should check to see if the filter on the face of it is covered with hair or debris to keep it from sucking in water.

These are some pretty simple things to check before calling in an appliance repair technician. Not only will they save you from having to pay for a service call, they will get the machine working quickly so your laundry can get done on time.

For more information, talk to companies like Collier County Appliance Service, Inc.


Australian soprano Claire Lyon launches The Masque Co.   


Australian Soprano Claire Lyon has had the unique experience of starring in what has remained as the only major theatre production, of any kind, still running in the world. Her role of Christine Daae in the World Tour of The Phantom of the Opera has continued to run in Seoul, South Korea amid the COVID-19 […]


Pakistan to partially rescind capital punishment   


Source: Anadolu Agency (20 June 2019)

KARACHI, Pakistan

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Thursday said Pakistan was going to revoke the capital punishment for the accused to be extradited from other countries.

“We are amending the penal code of Pakistan to revoke the capital punishment for the accused to be brought back to the country under extradition treaties with other countries”, Qureshi told reporters in the capital Islamabad.

The development came a day after British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt during a joint press conference with his Pakistani counterpart in London declared that the U.K. would not sign "politically-motivated" extradition treaties with any country.

Qureshi had assured Hunt that his country would not “misuse” any such agreement, if signed.

Islamabad is seeking extradition of several Pakistani nationals, including the founder of Karachi-based ethnic political group Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) and a former finance minister, Ishaq Dar on different charges, including murder and money laundering.

Pakistan lifted a de-facto ban on capital punishment in December 2014 following a gruesome militant attack on an army-run school in northwestern Peshawar city, which killed over 140 people, mostly students.

Since then, over 300 convicts, mostly militants, have been sent to gallows. Currently, there are around 8000 death row prisoners in Pakistani jails.

Afghan president to visit Pakistan next week

Qureshi also told reporters that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani would visit Pakistan on June 27 on the invitation of Premier Imran Khan to hold talks on different issues, including the ongoing peace process in the war-racked country.

Diplomatic ties between the two neighbors remained frosty in recent years with both accusing each other of patronizing and using militants against each other.


Singapore says drug smuggling worsens, even as hangings rise   


Source: Reuters (31 August 2019)

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Drug trafficking into Singapore, which has some of the world’s toughest drugs laws, has risen recently, the law minister said on Wednesday, and he defended capital punishment for serious drug crime as reflecting public support.

Rights group Lawyers for Liberty warned of an “execution binge” after it said a number of prisoners on death row in Singapore had their requests for presidential pardons rejected this month.

“We have seen an increase in the number of people coming in from countries trying to traffic,” Minister of Law K Shanmugam told Reuters.

He did not elaborate on what type of illegal drugs were being smuggled in.

The wealthy city-state has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drugs and imposes long jail terms on convicted users. It has hanged hundreds of people - including dozens of foreigners - for narcotics offences over past decades, rights groups say.

Malaysian-based law reform and rights group Lawyers for Liberty said this month that up to 10 prisoners in Singapore had their clemency petitions rejected in July.

“It indicates that Singapore is preparing for an execution binge, in total disregard of international legal norms and decent world opinion,” the group said.

Singapore does not disclose publicly information about clemency petitions and decisions.

Singapore, which has warned against a global trend to ease drug laws, reported 13 executions in 2018 - 11 for drug offences. Amnesty International said it was the first year since 2003 that the number hangings reached double-digits.

Globally, Amnesty recorded the lowest number of executions in the past decade in 2018.

Shanmugam said the higher number of executions last year was also partly due to a hiatus in executions over several years as the government reviewed the death penalty.

He said there remained “very strong support for the government’s current position” on drugs even as some neighboring countries ease their tough stands.

In next-door Malaysia, parliament voted last year to remove the death penalty as mandatory punishment for drug trafficking.

In Thailand, there has been debate on broader liberalization of laws around marijuana after the drug was legalized for medical use and research in 2018.

But Shanmugam said Singapore took a different stance.

“In the places where they have legalized marijuana ... crime has gone up ... medical costs and hospitalization costs have gone up significantly, much more than the tax dollars that the state had hoped to receive,” he said.

“Leave aside the economic costs, the social costs in terms of lives and the trauma and families has been very significant.”


Death penalty in 2019: Facts and figures   


Source: Amnesty International (21 April 2020)

Global death penalty figures

Amnesty International recorded 657 executions in 20 countries in 2019, a decrease of 5% compared to 2018 (at least 690). This is the lowest number of executions that Amnesty International has recorded in at least a decade.

Most executions took place in China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt – in that order.

China remained the world’s leading executioner – but the true extent of the use of the death penalty in China is unknown as this data is classified as a state secret; the global figure of at least 657 excludes the thousands of executions believed to have been carried out in China.

Excluding China, 86% of all reported executions took place in just four countries – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt.

Bangladesh and Bahrain resumed executions last year, after a hiatus in 2018. Amnesty International did not report any executions in Afghanistan, Taiwan and Thailand, despite having done so in 2018.

Executions in Iran fell slightly from at least 253 in 2018 to at least 251 in 2019. Executions in Iraq almost doubled from at least 52 in 2018 to at least 100 in 2019, while Saudi Arabia executed a record number of people from 149 in 2018 to 184 in 2019.

Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Kazakhstan, Kenya and Zimbabwe either took positive steps or made pronouncements in 2019 which may lead to the abolition of the death penalty.

Barbados also removed the mandatory death penalty from its Constitution. In the United States, the Governor of California established an official moratorium on executions in the US state with biggest death row population, and New Hampshire became the 21st US state to abolish the death penalty for all crimes.

Gambia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Russian Federation and Tajikistan continued to observe official moratoriums on executions.

At the end of 2019, 106 countries (a majority of the world’s states) had abolished the death penalty in law for all crimes, and 142 countries (more than two-thirds) had abolished the death penalty in law or practice.

Amnesty International recorded commutations or pardons of death sentences in 24 countries: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco/Western Sahara, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore, Sudan, Thailand, UAE, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

At least 11 exonerations of prisoners under sentence of death were recorded in two countries: USA and Zambia.

Amnesty International recorded at least 2,307 death sentences in 56 countries compared to the total of 2,531 reported in 54 countries in 2018. However, Amnesty did not receive information on official figures for death sentences imposed in Malaysia, Nigeria and Sri Lanka, countries that reported high official numbers of death sentences in previous years.

At least 26,604 people were known to be under sentence of death globally at the end of 2019.

The following methods of execution were used across the world in 2019: beheading, electrocution, hanging, lethal injection and shooting.

At least 13 public executions were recorded in Iran. At least six people – four in Iran, one in Saudi Arabia and one in South Sudan – were executed for crimes that occurred when they were below 18 years of age. People with mental or intellectual disabilities were under sentence of death in several countries, including Japan, Maldives, Pakistan and USA.

Death sentences were known to have been imposed after proceedings that did not meet international fair trial standards in countries including Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Viet Nam and Yemen.
Regional death penalty analysis


For the 11th consecutive year, the USA remained the only country to carry out executions in the region. Trinidad and Tobago was the only country to retain the mandatory death penalty for murder.

The number of executions (from 25 to 22) and death sentences (from 45 to 35) recorded in the US decreased compared to 2018.

More than 40% of all recorded executions were carried out in Texas, which remained the leading executing state in the country (from 13 to nine). Missouri carried out one execution in 2019 after none in the previous year. Conversely, Nebraska and Ohio did not put anyone to death in 2019 after carrying out executions in 2018 (one in each state).

Outside the USA, the progress towards ending the use of the death penalty continued. Barbados removed the mandatory death penalty from its constitution while Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Dominica, Guatemala, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis and Saint Lucia did not have anyone on death row and no reports of new death sentences.


For the first time in almost a decade, the Asia-Pacific region saw a decrease in the number of executing countries, with seven countries carrying out executions during the year.

Without a figure for Viet Nam, the number of recorded executions (29) showed a slight decrease due to drops in Japan (from 15 to three) and Singapore (from 13 to four). This regional total, as in previous years, does not include the thousands of executions that were believed to have been carried out in China and is affected by ongoing secrecy in this country as well as in North Korea and Viet Nam.

Although Bangladesh resumed executions (two), hiatuses were reported in Afghanistan, Taiwan and Thailand, which all executed people in 2018. Malaysia continued to observe its official moratorium on executions established in July 2018.

Recorded executions in Pakistan in 2019 represented the same total as in the previous year with at least 14 men hanged in the country. Death sentences in the country increased significantly to at least 632, after additional courts became operational to deal with a backlog of cases.

The number of executions in Japan was down from 15 in 2018, when the country reported its highest yearly figure since 2008, to three in 2019. Two Japanese men were executed on 2 August and a Chinese national was executed on 26 December. All men had been convicted of murder.

Singapore reported 4 executions in 2019, from a record-high of 13 in 2018.

The Philippines attempted to reintroduce the death penalty for “heinous crimes related to illegal drugs and plunder”.

At least 1,227 new death sentences across 17 countries were known to have been imposed, a 12% increase compared to 2018.

Europe and Central Asia

At least two executions were recorded in Belarus in 2019, compared to at least four in 2018. The last time another country in the region carried out executions was in 2005.

Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Tajikistan continued to observe official moratoriums on executions. Kazakhstan also announced measures to start the process of joining the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which commits states to abolishing the death penalty.
Middle East and North Africa

The Middle East and North Africa region reported a 16% increase in the number of executions, from 501 in 2018 to 579 in 2019, bucking the trend that has seen a decline in the region’s recorded use of the death penalty since 2015.

This was mainly due to a sharp increase in the use of the death penalty in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Iraq almost doubled the number of executions from at least 52 in 2018 to at least 100 in 2019, while Saudi Arabia executed a record number of people – 184 -- in 2019 compared to 149 people in 2018. Together with Iran, they accounted for 92% of the total number of recorded executions in the region.

Seven countries – Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen – were known to have carried out executions last year.

There were 707 recorded death sentences in 2019, a 40% drop compared to 2018, when 1,170 death sentences were recorded in the region.

Egypt again imposed the most confirmed death sentences in the region, but the 2019 number (at least 435) was dramatically lower from at least 717 people sentenced to death in 2018. The number of death sentences the Iraqi authorities imposed during the course of the year was also significantly lower -- at least 87 in 2019 compared to at least 271 in 2018.

Sub-Saharan Africa

Four countries – Botswana, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan – carried out 25 executions in 2019. Overall recorded executions in the region increased by one compared to 2018.

For a second year in a row, South Sudan saw an alarming increase in executions, putting to death at least 11 people in 2019; the highest recorded number in any year since the country’s independence in 2011. Of the people executed, three were from the same family, one was a child at the time of the crime and was about 17 when he was sentenced to death.

Recorded death sentences rose by 53% from at least 212 in 2018 to 325 in 2019.

The number of countries that imposed death sentences increased to 18 from 17 recorded in 2018.


Resume help!   


I've had the same job for the past 6 years. In that time, my job title has changed 3 times, my department has been involved in four major reorgs and been moved all over the company, my department name has changed 5 times, and I've reported to 4 different people. Throughout all that, the actual job I've been doing has remained the same. How do I indicate that on a resume for an internal position in another department?


Décès d'Henri THESÉE   



Nous pensions Henri éternel .... mais il s'est éteint le 21 mai 2011 pendant une petite siste dans sa 85 eme année.
Il était toujours présent à nos sorties publiques.

La Voix du Nord (même texte dans la semaine du boulonnais) publiait ceci à son sujet.


Officier radio et syndicaliste Henri Thésée nous a quittés

mercredi 25.05.2011, 14:00

Henri Thésée nous a quittés

Officier radio sur les chalutiers industriels et syndicaliste, Henri Thésée, qui a bourlingué sur les mers les plus sévères s'est endormi définitivement le samedi 21 mai dernier, à l'âge de 85 ans.

Cet "enfant des colonies" au collier de barbe poivre et sel et à la moustache rebelle, a eu une vie riche en saveurs. qui possède à la fois le goût du sel de la mer et celui de la canne à sucre. Né à Le Lorrain, quand la Martinique n'était pas encore un département français, il n'a guère que cinq ans lorsqu'il ramène à la maison ses premiers poissons « Tous ceux qui avaient tiré sur les cordes pour ramener la senne sur la plage avaient le droit à une part de poisson, même ceux qui, comme moi, avaient à peine touché la corde », se souvenait-il.

Venu à Paris pour passer son brevet de radio, l'élève d'Aimé Césaire embarque à Boulogne-sur-Mer pour une première marée en 1949 sur L'Étoile du Nord, avant de partir sur un drifter fécampois, puis sur les terre-neuvas à vapeur (Viking, La Belle Normandie) ou à moteur (Bois-Rosé et Joseph-Duhamel Il), pour des voyages qui pouvaient durer 134 jours. Appelé par le patron boulonnais Léon Calon, il navigue ensuite sur le Klondyke et le Sydero de Nord-Pêcheries jusqu'en 1982.

Mais l'officier radio a eu une autre vie aussi remplie, celle de militant. Adhérent de la CGT depuis 1949, il accepte, "pour quelques semaines, quelques mois au plus", de devenir le secrétaire du syndicat des officiers et marins de Boulogne, au décès de Maurice Bonvoisin qu'il accompagnait depuis vingt ans dans toutes les négociations paritaires. C'était en juillet 1985. Il l'est resté jusqu'en... 2008. Parmi ses nombreux mandats, Henri Thésée a été longtemps vice-président de la caisse nationale des allocations familiales des pêches maritimes et président du comité national d'entraide aux familles des marins pêcheurs péris en mer. Il était aussi un bon musicien.

Henri Thésée avait reçu la croix de commandeur dans l'ordre du Mérite maritime, au Portel en novembre 2008 (photo). Ses obsèques ont été célébrées le jeudi 26 mai à 10 heures à la basilique Notre-Dame de Boulogne.


Retour de vacances   


Bonjour Me voici de retour après une semaine passée à Carnac avec un temps mi-figue,mi-raisin, un peu de soleil et pas mal de pluie ! Un peu de fleurs pour ce dimanche <g:plusone size="medium" count="true"...


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Curso de Inglés gratis. Gramática y ejercicios para aprender inglés:

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This is where an agent (person or company) develops an innovation for their own (personal or in-house) (DUI-mode) is widely ignored. For an example, that means you can have the better high tech or software, but there are also crucial learning tasks important for innovation. ... Read Article

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He had been to a party with his company and had a bit too much to drink. When it A DUI conviction may disappear after a few years, but a DUI criminal record will stay on your record forever. the best defense possible. ... Read More

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Business Phone Number PLAN AND BILLING
Or been charged with a “DUI To the best of your knowledge and belief, has any person proposed for insurance had, been diagnosed as having, insurance company or agent of an insurance company who knowingly provides false, ... View Full Source

Best Insurance Company After Dui

EVIDENCE OF INSURABILITY FORM Life Insurance Company Of North ...
(DUI) conviction?    To the best of my knowledge and belief all written, telephonic and electronic info I gave is true and complete. The approval of this request by the Insurance Company is one of those conditions. ... Retrieve Here

Best Insurance Company After Dui

By John C. Peick, JD & Athena M. Boyer, JD - Peick Law Group
The DUI driver’s insurance and personal injury attorneys, such as the authors, a claim for settlement that the insurance company will engage in negotiations.

Virtual Reality at Ford Motor Company

2012 marks 15 years since Ford became the first car maker to use computer simulations to plan vehicle assembly at facilities worldwide. The company currently uses computer simulations to assess build processes and assembly line ergonomics, and plans to develop complete virtual factories in future.

Ford Connect Map:

Therefore, It is best to consult an attorney if you are a victim of a drunk ... Access Content

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A.M. Best Rated A, Excellent A1000M0311. Insurance Company will bill the insured directly for any additional premium. If the premium • Operators with multiple DUI’s. • Operators convicted of insurance fraud. ... Return Doc

Best Insurance Company After Dui Images

And also research the matter as best as you can. After completing your research, to those items that still do not know the If the arrest occurred in a jurisdiction that did not deem the DUI charge a civil Six months after I left the XYZ Insurance Company, where I held the ... Return Document

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Letter Of Explan. Website - The Workforce Development Center ...
Comfortable and decide when it is the best time to bring it up during the interview process. 2. What do you say? It is extremely important to develop a letter from your heart. your company could be eligible for up to $9,000 in tax credits for hiring me. To ... View This Document

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Life Insurance Application
In the past 10 years have you been convicted of DWI/DUI? In the past 5 years have you had any To the best of my knowledge, company or agent of an insurance company who knowingly provides false, ... Fetch This Document

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A.M. Best Rated A-, Excellent PERSONAL LINES (only 1 DUI allowed) Operators 24 and under Maximum Acceptable • 2 Minors and 1 at-fault accident – no Majors . American Reliable Insurance Company insured whose policy provides liability ... Read Document

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NEW CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET - Lexington, KY Workers Comp ...
1. Cooperate with office staff. Our staff is here to help insure the best possible handling of your claim. 2. Submit those to us or the insurance company within 60 days. 6. Please call to update us after any medical treatment. ... View This Document

Auto Insurance | Fair Lawn | NJ | Local | Auto | Car ...
Whether or not the insurance company will terminate a policy for late payment Fair Lawn car insurance quote, Fair Lawn car insurance companies, best auto insurance in Fair Lawn, cheap auto insurance Fair Lawn, cheapest 1:16 Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Arrest Video by ... View Video

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Annual Financial Report - Diversified United Investment Limited
DUI Accumulated Investment Return vs S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index Committee chooses the best available candidate using professional advice if this is deemed necessary. Indemnity and Insurance with the Company and is covered by the ... View This Document

Best Insurance Company After Dui

Revocation Investigation Packet - Arizona Department Of ...
SR-22 insurance may be purchased from any insurance company authorized to do business in Arizona. REVOCATION INVESTIGATION PACKET. I have answered the above questions to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if my driving privilege (for last DUI alcohol/drug related offense in Arizona) ... Fetch Document

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - National Association Of ...
And also research the matter as best as you can. After completing your research, to those items that still do not know the a DUI is not considered a civil traffic offense, but a criminal offense. Question: When I was 19, I Six months after I left the XYZ Insurance Company, ... View Document

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Annual Financial
DUI Accumulated Investment Return vs S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index Committee chooses the best available candidate using professional advice if this is deemed necessary. Indemnity and Insurance with the Company and is covered by the ... View Full Source

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_____ DUI / DWI ____ 1 st ____ 2 nd Please describe as best you can WHERE exactly the accident occurred on that road. _____ HOW / WHY did the ACCIDENT occur / WHAT HAPPENED? Is the insurance company COVERING DAMAGES? Yes /No ... Access Doc

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EVIDENCE OF INSURABILITY FORM Life Insurance Company Of North ...
Life Insurance Company of North America (LINA) the Influence (DUI) To the best of my knowledge and belief all written, telephonic and electronic info I gave is true and complete. I understand that my insurance will not go into ... Fetch Document


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Frequently Asked Questions Individual Life Insurance
Recent years; and the company's financial rating from A.M. Best Company. What about my annuities? Are they also protected if my company goes and the insurance company issues a policy based on that information. ... Read Here

What Is An Annuity - The Lazy Man's Guide - YouTube
You are essentially loaning your money to an insurance company, There are literally hundreds of Insurance Companies offering Annuities. so you can make the best decision for your unique situation. ... View Video

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A Consumer Guide To Annuities
In a fixed annuity, the insurance company guarantees that you will earn a minimum have a Maryland insurance license to legally sell annuities in the state. A.M. Best Company 908-439-2200 7 A Consumer Guide to Annuities ... Read Here

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Standard Insurance Company Notice Of Replacement Of Life ...
Standard Insurance Company Individual Annuities 800.247.6888 Tel 800.378.4570 Fax A replacement may not be in your best interest, or your decision could be a good one. You should make a careful comparison ... Fetch Here

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Long term care (LTC) insurance, annuities, pension products, mutual funds and other investments and investment advisory services. NYL © 2012 A.M. Best Company, Oldwick, NJ 08858 Printed July 30, 2012 Page 2 of 6. the career agency force. ... Read Content

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Insurance Company Operations - Homesteaders Life Company ...
Insurance company and to act in the client’s best interest. 12 Importance of Disclosure •Completeness and accuracy of life insurance information is critical •Every life insurance company has two basic financial objectives: ... Visit Document

Best Insurance Company Annuities

LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES REPLACEMENT. Table of Contents. Section 1. Purpose and H. “Replacing insurer” means the insurance company that issues or proposes to issue a new policy or contract that replaces an existing policy or A replacement may not be in your best interest, ... Access Content

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Northeast Financial Group, LLC Unveils Its New Custom Virtual Insurance Office And Digital Marketing Campaign
Connecticut insurance and financial services agency is proud to announce the launch of its new website.East Lyme, Connecticut (PRWEB) November 13, 2012 Connecticut insurance and financial services agency, Northeast Financial Group, LLC, is delighted to announce the introduction of its new website and interactive digital marketing campaign. This innovative way of marketing is designed to improve ... Read News

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Annuities - AARP - Health, Travel Deals, Baby Boomers ...
Best terms. Things to think about if you’re considering an insurance company’s estimate of your life expectancy. Types of Annuities Insurance companies sell two main types of annuities—fixed and variable—but each company ... View Document

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Money - Annuity Think Tank - About Annuities | Retirement ...
Hands down one of the best at finding ways to save the average American money: from airline tickets to  In most of the convoluted contracts for index annuities, the insurance company can decide to change how much these policies earn each year. ... Retrieve Here

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Annuities Combined With Life Insurance
Annuities & Life Insurance Double Edged Where this concept works best is where the income is increased sufficiently to replace the income lost from the original asset AND an insurance company offers to pay a death benefit based on a client’s age, health, and performance of a ... Fetch Doc

Motorhome Insurance Companies And Finding The Best Motorhome ...
Getting the best motorhome insurance is not about getting the best price on motorhome but can sometimes also be found with one's regular auto insurance company depending if they offer special additional motorhome Life Insurance & Annuities; Health Insurance; Disability Insurance; Umbrella ... Read Article

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Investing In Annuities, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, And ...
Investing in Annuities, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Unit Investment Trusts A Guide from SunTrust Investment Services, Inc. rating agencies include A.M. Best Company, Fitch Ratings, Standard & Poor’s Corporation, and Moody’s Investors Service. ... Fetch Document

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Important Notice: Replacement Of Life Insurance Or Annuities
You should carefully consider whether a replacement is in your best interest. Genworth Life Insurance Company Fixed Annuities • 6610 West Broad Street• Richmond, VA 23230 • 800 221.9501 Fixed Life • P.O. Box 461 • Lynchburg, ... Fetch Content

Farmers Insurance Group - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Mid-Century Insurance Company became a subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance Exchange. whole life insurance and annuities. Farmers New World Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Farmers Group, Inc. A.M. Best Company: A (Excellent) Moody's Investor Service: A2 (Good) ... Read Article

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Ultimate Parent: Iowa Farm Bureau Federation EQUITRUST LIFE ...
The index annuities written directly are managed by FBL’s investment depart- EQUITRUST LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY West Des Moines, Iowa Best’s Rating Report A-LMR60315.qxd 10/17/2008 2:15 PM Page 2. Title: LMR60315 Author: A.M. Best Company ... Get Document

Any life insurance policy or annuity issued by another company, even if still within the free look period. Under the NAIC Life Insurance and Annuities Replacement the replacement appear to be in the best interest of the client on both a short-term and ... Access This Document

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Reinsurance Of Annuities - SOA - Society Of Actuaries
Fairly large insurance company that was writing a lot of annuity business through one single annuities, those that involve, say, a nursing home waiver or a disability waiver. ances follow those of the ceding company to the best possible extent. Now I'd like to use a ... Access Full Source

What Is A Fixed Annuity? - Money Over 55 - Personal Finance ...
A fixed annuity is a contract with an insurance company. You give them your money to manage, and in exchange they pay you a guaranteed return. And Even More About Annuities. Don't Always Bank on Annuities - Annuity Sales in Banks; Annuities. ... Read Article

Unum - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Unum is a Chattanooga, Tennessee -based insurance company previously named UnumProvident, which was formed from the merger of two competing insurance companies, Unum of Portland, Maine, and Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company of Chattanooga. It is currently the largest disability ... Read Article

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A.M. Best Affirms Financial Strength Ratings Of Aviva USA
Ratings of Aviva USA and its life insurance subsidiaries. A.M. Best assigns an A+ rating to companies that have a superior ability to meet their ongoing • Aviva Life Insurance Company; and traditional fixed annuities, ... Read Content

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VIEWPOINT Bad Apples, Annuities And The NAIC
Rate annuities. So, an agent’s insurance license may now be in jeopardy when the agent does what’s best for the client instead of what’s best for the insurance company. I don’t really believe the NAIC is trying to nail honest, professional agents ... View Doc

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South Dakota Division Of Insurance Consumer Alert
South Dakota Division of Insurance Consumer Alert Annuities and Senior Citizens A.M. Best Co.

Illinois SR22 Insurance, Types and Needs

Illinois SR22 Insurance, Who Needs It?

Illinois SR22 insurance policies are proofs of financial responsibility of operators. Certain people who had troubles with the Illinois traffic laws are required to show a proof that they are financially responsible, in order for the State to grant them the driving privilege (the license). Normally the State requires people who have trouble with the traffic laws, people like frequent law breakers, operators with DUIs, or simply people who were caught driving without auto insurance in Illinois.

The need for Illinois SR22 insurance varies from case to case. Generally the State of Illinois will require it for a period of one year to 3 years. Only the State will tell you if and when you need the SR22 insurance, and when the need for it stops.

For more information about Illinois SR22 insurance, visit Insurance Navy at or call them at (708) 489-1200.

or Moody’s Investors Services. make your check payable to the insurance company o If you suspect you’ve been a victim of deceptive sales ... Return Document

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OF LIFE INSURANCE AND ANNUITIES - PENNSYLVANIA FReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Minneapolis, MN FSecurity Life of Denver Insurance Company, Denver, CO ING Customer Service Center: 2000 21st Ave. NW, Minot, ND 58703 It is in your best interest, however, to have ... Access Content


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American National Insurance Company A.M. Best Rating = A+ (superior) (888) 501-4043 x1 Assurity Life Insurance Company (Annuity rates are .10 basis points lower in FL, NC, TX, UT, VA, WA & WI) (Lower rates in OR for different durations) ... Content Retrieval

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Lincoln Fixed Annuity Rates - BHC Marketing™
Life Insurance Company. For agent or broker use only. Not for use with the public. Rate movement indicators p Up ¢¢No change q Down r Up s Down For more information, indexed annuity rates for 1035 exchanges and qualified trustee-to-trustee transfers. ... View This Document

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Fixed Interest Account (v11.xls)
MetLife Life and Annuity Company of Connecticut New England Life Insurance Company New England Life Insurance Company A.M. Best Company3 MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut Citicorp Life Insurance Company 1Standard & Poor's ... Doc Viewer

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Annuity Care® II - CPS Insurance
Life Insurance Company. How it works Annuity Care II is a single premium fixed interest deferred annuity that pays the best interest.” Discuss Annuity Care II with your insurance representative. Ask for a personalized illustration and ... Fetch Document

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INSURANCE COMPANY A+ by AM Best & Co.A+ AA by Standard & Poor the next best indexed annuity? 1. Clean Simple Design 2. Strong Guarantees 3. Innovative Riders Not Available on ♦Annually Declared Cap Rates Are: – ASIA 10 = 7% ... Retrieve Doc

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Omaha Life Insurance Company Buyer’s Guide To Annuities
Best fits your needs. interest at rates set by the insurance company or in a way spelled out in the annuity contract. The company Since you and the insurance company share this risk, an annuity with a MVA feature may ... Get Doc

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A.M. Best Affirms Ratings Of Teachers Insurance And Annuity ...
A.M. Best Affirms Ratings of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America and Its Subsidiary Print this article CONTACTS: crediting rates on its large in-force block of general account retirement annuities. A.M. Best Company is the world’s oldest and most authoritative insurance ... Return Document

Jackson National Life And Annuities-1.800.643.7544 - YouTube
Are experts in all annuities and life insurance and we can help you find the best annuity policy to fit Your Needs and not the needs of the insurance company. Category: Entertainment. 2:42 Watch Later Error Fixed Indexed Annuity Rates- 1.800.643.7544 by TheAnnuitycampus ... View Video

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MEMBERS Index Annuity
Of 16, by A.M. Best as of April, 2011. Guaranteed minimum renewal rates are set by the Company in accordance with state law and are guaranteed use by CMFG Life Insurance Company.

Best Annuity Rates, Compare Best Annuities Quotes Absolutely Free
 - Best Annuity Rates, Compare Best Annuities Quotes Absolutely Free

More and more retirees, especially in this economy, on the lookout for additional sources of income, now more than ever, are researching annuities. An annuity is simply a contract between a financial service firm or life insurer and a private individual. Individuals pay a cash amount for investment purposes, and as such the company makes periodic payments to individuals per the provisions of the annuity contract.

The earnings that you accumulate from your annuities are tax deferred, meaning that you do not pay any federal income taxes on your gains until you withdraw any funds. The majority of annuities allow you to add more funds at any time. The Insurance Marketplace Standards Association (IMSA) recommends that you consider the following if you're considering an annuity purchase:

Is this Annuity I'm Researching Right for Me?

Make sure that you are aware, and have a full understanding, of what you're investing in. Review the annuity in question, taking into account if it's most appropriate in regards to your age, your personal financial requirements, investment objectives, and of course your tolerance for risk.

Will You Need the Cash You're Investing?

Annuities are long-term investments. If it turns out that you need to take money out of it in the next few years, there's a strong probability that you'll end up on the business end of penalties and/or other fees.

What are My Potential Gains or Losses if I Swap Annuities?

Compare your current annuity with the new annuity that you're considering. Does it have the same benefits? Are you going to get saddled with a surrender charge for the swap? Will you be subject to new surrender provisions?

When selecting an insurer that provides annuities, make sure the insurer has a good to excellent reputation. An excellent starting point is to see if the IMSA logo is available. Only insurers who have proven through an extensive independent review that they're committed to the Insurance Marketplace Standard Association's stringent Principles and Code of Ethical Market Conduct are allowed to display the IMSA logo.

You shop around for reputable, legitimate annuities on Simply enter your Zip Code when you visit the home page -- it just takes seconds to answer a few quick questions on a brief one page form -- so that you can get and compare absolutely free immediate annuity quotes with no risk or obligation now or ever, choosing the best one for you only if it fits in with your financial goals.

Best Wishes and May You Achieve All of Your Financial Goals,

The Annuity Rates Team

Providing You the Best Annuity Rates in...
Alabama - AL • Alaska - AK • Arizona - AZ • Arkansas - AR • California - CA • Colorado - CO • Connecticut - CT • Delaware - DE • Florida - FL • Georgia - GA • Hawaii - HI • Idaho - ID • Illinois - IL • Indiana - IN • Iowa - IA • Kansas - KS • Kentucky - KY • Louisiana - LA • Maine - ME • Maryland - MD • Massachusetts - MA • Michigan - MI • Minnesota - MN • Mississippi - MS • Missouri - MO • Montana - MT • Nebraska - NE • Nevada - NV • New Hampshire - NH • New Jersey - NJ • New Mexico - NM • New York - NY • North Carolina - NC • North Dakota - ND • Ohio - OH • Oklahoma - OK • Oregon - OR • Pennsylvania - PA • Rhode Island - RI • South Carolina - SC • South Dakota - SD • Tennessee - TN • Texas - TX • Utah - UT • Vermont - VT • Virginia - VA • Washington, District of Columbia - DC • Washington - WA • West Virginia - WV • Wisconsin - WI • Wyoming - WY

Top Annuity Comparison Markets

Ann Arbor, MI • Atlanta, GA • Aurora, CO • Boston, MA • Charlotte, NC • Cincinnati, OH • Cleveland, OH • Columbus, OH • Denver, CO • Hartford, CT • Houston, TX • Jackson, MS • Lincoln, NE • Midland Park, NJ • Midland, TX • Minneapolis, MN • New York, NY • Philadelphia, PA • Phoenix, AZ • Pittsburgh, PA • St Louis, MO • Tampa, FL • Washington, DC - Best Annuity Rates, Compare Best Annuities Quotes Absolutely Free ...

This annuity product is not sponsored, endorsed, ... Read Here

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Fixed life insurance or annuity products or to secure the best of your knowledge, given voluntarily by an and rating company that rates an insurance company on the basis of the company’s financial strength, operating ... Read Full Source

Best Insurance Company Annuity Rates

2833 - ODI Annuities Guts-PDF
You will discover that the best reason for buying an annuity contract is to provide Guaranteed Settlement Option Rates Nearly every annuity offers guaranteed settlement option rates for the available payout insurance company may define these terms differently, ... Fetch Full Source

Variable Annuities: Pros And Cons - Insurance Industry ...
Variable annuity policyholders are not subject to minimum distribution requirements, is the best tool for maximizing rate of return. Tax deferral allows rebalancing of portfolios without creating a taxable event. Another advantage of tax Insurance Company Profiles; News and Trends; Insurance ... Read Article

1035 Exchange {Explained} 1.800.643.7544 - YouTube
Are experts in all annuities and life insurance and we can help you find the best annuity policy to fit Your Needs and not the needs of the insurance company. Category: 1035 Exchange; annuity rates; fixed index annuity rates; guaranteed annuity rates; top guaranteed annuities; License ... View Video

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Jackson® Reports Nine Month 2012 Sales And Deposits Of $19.6 Billion
Jackson National Life Insurance Company® generated $19.6 billion of total sales and deposits1 during the first nine months of 2012, driven by $15.3 billion of variable annuity sales. ... Read News

Annuity - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
An Annuity is any continuing payment with a fixed total annual amount. Annuity may refer to: Annuity (finance theory): Insurance; Mathematical finance; Personal finance; Retirement Personal tools. Create account; Log in ... Read Article

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The BenefiTs Of A Fixed Index annuiTy - Welcome To ...
Company that rates an insurance company on the basis of the company’s financial strength, operating performance, and ability A fixed index annuity provides you with the best features of a traditional fixed annuity. Guarantee of premium ... Access Document

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Brokers International,LTD Multi-Year Guarantee Annuity ...
Issuing Company A.M. Best Rating Product Minimum Premium Issue Ages Current 1st Year Interest Contracts issued by ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company, 909 Locust Street, Des Moines, American National Insurance Company-Rates Effective 6/1/10 ... Fetch This Document

The Different Types Of Annuities - Welcome To
The contract is issued by the insurance company and is non-negotiable They also have a much higher potential return than the other annuity options. They offer the best hedge against inflation when compared to the Indexed annuities also have cap rates and participation rates that ... Read Article

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U.S. Life/Annuity 2012 Outlook - A.M. Best Company
Best has some concerns. Low interest rates will continue to pressure life insur- U.S. Life/Annuity 2012 Outlook A.M. Best’s Outlook Remains Stable A.M. Best CoMpAny World HeAdquArters Ambest Road, Oldwick, ... Access Document

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A New Twist On Variable Annuities
Hartford offers to buy out some of its policyholders. ... Read News

Pictures of Best Insurance Company Annuity Rates

The Impact Of Low Interest Rates On Life And Annuity Insurers
The Impact of Low Interest Rates On Life and Annuity Insurers 1 Bestest’s Review LEE MCDONALD: i’m Lee McDonald with the A.M. Best Company. welcome to our webinar: limitations on those rates according to the state insurance department guidelines. ... Return Doc

State Farm Review - About Personal Insurance - Car insurance ...
Highest Company Rating By Best Insurance Reports A++; Cons. Exclusive Agents so They Only Market State Farm Policies; Past Discrimination Allegations (1970's-1980's) one of the largest insurance choices for customers along with offering competitive rates. ... Read Article

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California 4-Hour Annuity Training
Annuity products as interest rates drifted lower through the first half-decade of the beginning of the 21. st. Century. Many of the investments of life insurers do not provide Best Insurance Education Company California 4-Hour Annuity Training . 21 . ... View Document

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A Year From Retiring? Prep For The Break
Read full story for latest details. ... Read News

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Insured Annuities: Beyond The Basics - Nicola Wealth ...
Interest rates and is specific to the insurance company issuing the annuity (non-prescribed). many carriers for the best life insurance and annuity rates and improve the net performance of an insured annuity. By way of example, consider the following: 6 . ... Access Full Source

Best Insurance Company Annuity Rates Photos

Fixed Annuities
Integrity Life Insurance Company and National Integrity Life Insurance best suits them. When the initial period ends, they can select among attractive rates of interest for the entire guarantee periods selected. ... Retrieve Here

Best Insurance Company Annuity Rates

Buyer's Guide To: Fixed Deferred Annuities With Appendix For ...
Charges) earns interest at rates set by the insurance company or in a way spelled out in the annuity contract. How Do I Know Which Equity-Indexed Annuity is Best for Me? As with any other insurance product, you must carefully consider your own personal situation ... Access This Document

Pictures of Best Insurance Company Annuity Rates

Call PFG At: Toll Free: Annuity Income Rider In AZ: Rate Sheet
Best Rating: Rider Name: Rider Bonus : Interest Rate Roll-Up. 1: ING USA Annuity and Life Insurance Company; A; Income Protector Withdrawal Benefit; N/A; 6.00% C: 10 0.65% I. 3; Rates effective 11/5/12 and are subject to change without notice. ... Read Full Source

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