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Townsend content at Warriors win   


Glasgow coach Gregor Townsend is happy with a 23-14 victory over Edinburgh despite missing out on a bonus point.


BBC Weather: Glasgow   




Actividades en Enero - Abril 2016   


Ferias: En Marzo he ido a dos ferias de golf:  - Finlandia: Helsinki, "Golf Expo", 4-6 de marzo.  - Escocia: Glasgow, "The Scottish Golf Show", 18-20 de marzo. En ambas ferias hemos participado cómo co-expositores con un touroperador local lo cual ha sido una estratégia buena para reducir gastos y crear más relación con el touroperador. En Finlandia hubo casi 20.000 visitantes y en Escocia llegaron a ser casi 16.000 visitantes durante los 3 dias de feria. De cara al futuro diría que la feria de Helsinki es mejor que la de Glasgow dado que los finlandeses demuestren más interés en nuestro producto y tienden a reservar más su viaje de golf con un touroperador local. En Glasgow podía notar que muchos escoceses siempre van a Algarve o Costa del Sol, y muchas veces lo montan ellos mismos, sin la ayda de un touroperador.  Visitar la ferias ha sido financiado por el Patronat de Turisme de la Diputació. Prensa y Revistas: En Marzo hemos salido con una media página en English Club Golfer, una publicación que llega a todos los clubs de golf de Inglaterra. Financiado a través del Patronat de Turisme de la Diputació de Tarragona-Costa Daurada. IGTM: Nos hemos registrado para la IGTM que se celebra en Mallorca entre 14-17 de noviembre.  Producción de videos: Entre 22-30 de Abril grabamos video de los campos de golf y de los hoteles. Hubo 2½ dias de mal tiempo (de los 7 disponibles), lo cual nos complica un poco la producción pero en Mayo grabaremos más video para completar la producción. Esperemos tener los videos ya listos para finales de junio. Mandaremos los videos a cada miembro para su aprobación antes de publicar. No habrá posibilidad de hacer cambios "artísticos" en los videos dado que requiere mucho trabajo y estamos intentado crear una imagen común. No obstante, un miembro siempre puede negar que se publique el video que hemos creado si no lo ve oportuno. Estadísticas primavera 2016: Detalles de ventas se presentará a finales de junio. Famtrips: En Abril hemos recibido famtrips de 4 touroperadores de golf de Noruega, Finlandia, Suiza e Irlanda. La empresa de Irlanda ya nos está vendiendo y tenemos buenas perspectativas con los otros dos.  Newsletters: Seguimos saliendo con buena frecuencia a través de este canal de promoción. Redes Sociales: Durente estos meses hemos aumentando nuestra presencia en los redes sociales de Facebook, Twitter e Instagram y parece ser que nos da resultados. Aún es temprano decir cuánto negocio nos trae pero más adelante tenemos previsto hacer pruebas para ver el impacto de estos canales de promoción.  Facebook: Entre Enero - Abril hemos hecho 3 campañas de publicidad. Las estadísticas:  Impresiones: 103 024. Clics: 4020. Gasto: 571 euro. CostePorClic: 0,14 euro. CTR: 3,9% Google Adwords: En Enero hicimos una pequeña campaña en Google para promover nuestro destino. Hemos utilizado frases de búsqueda tipo: golf holidays, golf in costa daurada etc. Entre 2016-01-01 --- 2016-04-30 salen éstas estadísticas:  Impresiones: 47.555 Clics: 77. Gasto: 14 euro. CostePorClic: 0,18 euro. CTR: 0,16% Al no ver resultados lo quitamos pronto. The European Singles Trophy 2016: El evento empieza el 11 de Mayo y hemos conseguido un grupo de 35 pax que provienen de Inglaterra, Irlanda, Dinamarca, Alemania, Austria y Holanda. 35 pax es una buena cifra para manejar bién un grupo con este perfil. Grabaremos un video promocional para poder vender más plazas en el 2017.  Servicio de "Golf Shuttle": Hemos empezado a promover el "Golf Shuttle" y nos han llegado algunas reservas para primavera. Dado que salimos tarde al mercado con esa noticia pensamos que el otoño será más fuerte en cuanto a volumen de pax utilizando el shuttle. Bolsas de bienvenida: Ya estamos entregando bolsas de bienvenida a nuestros clientes. Hasta ahora la aceptación ha sido muy buena! Están muy agradecidos y se ve que realmente aprecian el detalle de que les regalemos algo.  Para cualquier consulta o pregunta no duden en contactar conmigo! Atentamente Tomas Björklund Móvil: 654 790 754


Day for Scotland   


Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the Day for Scotland festival in Stirling. I went with some family when I was 14 but to be honest I don’t remember too much other than it was a sunny day and I had a good time. Was probably the first festival I went to (other than the Glasgow Garden Festival of course, I still have my Coca Cola rollercoaster ticket).Last night, I “went” to an interesting online talk reminiscing about about the festival, with speakers of those who pro [...]





SINGAPORE, 24th October 2018 – Classic, understated and uncluttered, Clarks PURE concept store reflects its rich history and modern brand spirit.

Classic leather button-back seats on birch floors and soothing neutral colour palette walls with the use of natural materials such as oak and timber, the Pure store concept builds on the themes of simplicity and honesty. Positioned at the windows, illuminated light boxes and opal resin podiums create a gallery-like aesthetic for the collections. Brand and campaign imagery is displayed within the store for enhanced storytelling, while large-scale lightboxes are used to draw consumers in and further communicate key brand messages.

Flexible shelving systems now provide total flexibility in the way products are displayed and showcased. Following positive consumer reception of the launch in Manchester Market Street and Glasgow Buchanan Street, Singapore is the first city in Asia chosen to showcase the updated shopping environment.

Designed for Clarks stores all over the globe, the fundamental aspect of the new concept is to simplify the store’s surroundings and make the product the key focus. Seasonal stories - from shoes and boots to sandals and bags - will be executed through lightbox graphics displaying high impact brand imagery for enhanced storytelling and messaging.

Oak timber flooring and patina brass pendant lights above floating table displays will provide a premium and sophisticated look and feel with frosted acrylic and oak blocks showcasing key styles. Leather seating with rustic brass frames reflects the brand’s passion for premium materials, craft and authenticity, while large HD screens will inform customers of the latest key styles via campaign videos.

“One of the design concepts we created was called Pure. Pure links to honesty, which is very much the philosophy behind Clarks shoes. They use honest design and materials in their shoes and we wanted the store design to reflect that through the use of natural materials and truthful lighting.” said Architects and interior design specialists from Stiff & Trevillion who helped to execute the concept.

Designed to breath a new personality into the brand, the Pure concept will be rolled out to other South East Asian markets in the coming months.

“We want to offer this elevated brand experience with the Pure store design,” said Guillaume Nagy, President SEA & Oceania. “Singapore has an incredibly dynamic retail environment and we know the extension of Pure to ION Orchard will be well received by existing and potential consumers. It is the first retail initial initiative of many to be implemented in the city-state, turning Singapore into our flagship market and centre of excellence for the region”

“The focus of the store design was to make the shoe the star and to tell immersive stories that resonate with our consumers,” he added. “Pure helps us achieve both in a way that is authentic to Clarks.”

Beginning October 2018, customers can visit Clarks store Orchard ION to enjoy the PURE shopping experience.


C&J Clark Limited, owners of the Clarks brand, the privately held footwear business, was founded in Street, Somerset in the UK by the Clark family in 1825. Still based in Street, the Clarks Group designs develops and sells a wide range of footwear and accessories for men, women and children. The Clarks brand is renowned worldwide for quality and style with comfort. The Clarks Group has built on its success as the leading shoe company in the UK to become a £1.6 billion global business operating retail, wholesale, franchise and online channels in over 100 markets worldwide. 

Clarks ION is located at 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-22, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801. Tel: +65 6238 1558

For more information, please contact Publicist PR Consultants

Kok, Ting Feng, PR Consultant

Email: / +65 8752 2628

Edith Tan, PR Consultant

Email: / +65 9835 1082


Sunamp and Glasgow University win £2m collaborative project with China to tackle sustainable energy challenge    


Sunamp has led a successful funding bid jointly with Glasgow University and partners in China to boost the performance of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) power plants that use clean, although intermittent, renewable heat sources for distributed heat and power supply in China.


The Basic Principles Of Travelogues – Travellers’ Views – Places   


Early instances of travelogues were frequently colored, toned or coloured by pattern to increase the regarded realistic look of these scenes, in addition to their aesthetic charm. Distributors were prepared to purchase more expensive colour prints as travelogues could stay in brochures longer than funnies as well as dramas, which swiftly dated as the forms progressed.


The Open Road series was a platform for the experimental ‘New All British Friese-Greene Natural Colour Process’, and also the cinematographer Jack Cardiff recorded a series of travelogues for the Globe Home window firm, which were some of the earliest British Technicolor movies. The travelogue remained to find a location on the movie theater display into the 1970s, up until programs trends transformed and also the practice of coupling an attribute movie with supplementary shorts things finished.


These programs were frequently able to discover a balance between travel, social commentary as well as home entertainment in such a way that their forefathers in the cinema could hardly ever accomplish. The even more commercial side of the travelogue proceeded in collection such as Ticket (BBC, 1958-1960), Holiday (BBC, 1969-), and also Wish You Were Below …? (ITV, 1974-2003) which advised on holiday locations.


Some Ideas on Top 10 Travelogues Articles Of 2017 – Travelogues From … You Need To Know

Patrick Keiller’s London (1994) and Robinson precede (1996) mix urban British landscapes with the much more inner trip of the storyteller. Andrew Kötting’s Gallivant (1996) reveals the filmmaker taking a trip the coast of Britain with his 85-year-old granny, Gladys, as well as his disabled little girl, Eden. This cozy and engaging movie blends experimental cinema with an investigative spirit to produce an enchanting picture of Britain.


Ever before because I check out Andi’s blog post concerning Lucy Knisley and also treated myself to one of her publications I have had a distinctive yen for a travelogue or two. Autobiographical comics are my favourites, and if you combine that with an actual (or symbolic) journey then I am extremely definitely in my pleased place.


However when I ended up checking out Delisle’s works I desired much more travel comics as well as right here are a few of the ones that I discovered and also liked! Oliver East: Trains are … Mint Oliver East is the musician behind one of my all-time favourite comic publications Trains are … Mint. Not only does the title make me smile because of my enduring love for utilizing words ‘mint’ to define an excellent book/concert/cup of coffee/pub.


Some Known Questions About These 17 Best Travelogues Of 2017 Are All The Travel ….

That is not to claim that the subjects of East’s drawings are always lovely, actually far from it. East draws whatever that he sees on his walks, clutter, poor graffiti as well as hideous design are plentiful. Nevertheless when, provided in East’s soft and also streaky colours, even these things come to be a joy.


I have a soft area for social history and as I get older I progressively have a tendency to become a little sentimental when thinking concerning 18th and also 19th Century feats of engineering such as the railways so this comic is just the ‘s knees so far as I am worried.


Neil Slorance is a Glasgow based musician as well as comics creator that has actually written a charming series of travelogues in which he tells the different however connected tales of his trips to Barcelona, Berlin as well as Bordeaux. In these 3 comics Slorance muses on his preferred methods of taking a trip, tells the viewers where he went and also what he saw and likewise contemplates why it is he required to take place these certain trips at these times.





Excepto en la Sección VIII, se consideran sólo conciertos regulares y completos de la banda.


(No se incluyen las del último disco)

Boy: I Will Follow (única canción tocada en todas las giras del grupo)
October: -----
War: New Year’s Day
The Unforgettable Fire: Pride – Bad
The Joshua Tree: Where The Streets Have No Name – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – With Or Without You
Rattle & Hum: Desire – All I Want Is You
Achtung Baby: One – Until The End Of The World – Mysterious Ways
Zooropa: -----
Pop: -----
All That You Can’t Leave Behind: Beautiful Day – Stuck In a Moment – Elevation
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb: Vertigo – City Of Blinding Lights
No Line On The Horizon: Magnificent

Cerca del pleno:
Party Girl (single): todas excepto Popmart Tour
Sunday Bloody Sunday (War): todas excepto Lovetown Tour
Bullet The Blue Sky (The Joshua Tree): todas excepto 360º Tour
Angel of Harlem (Rattle & Hum): todas excepto Popmart Tour
Even Better Than The Real Thing (Achtung Baby): todas excepto Vertigo Tour
Walk On (All That You Can’t Leave Behind): todas excepto I+E Tour
In A Litlle While (All That You Can’t Leave Behind): todas excepto I+E Tour


(No se incluyen giras anteriores a Joshua Tree Tour por faltar muchos setlists y haber muchos festivales dentro de las giras con setlits reducidos)

THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR (109 conciertos, 6 intocables)
I Will Follow
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Bullet The Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still

Cerca del pleno (una sola ausencia):
Sunday Bloody Sunday en New York (29/8/1987)
New Year’s Day y Bad en Chicago (29/10/1987)
With Or Without You en el concierto inicial en Tempe (2/4/1987)

Otras ausencias destacables:
Where The Streets Have No Name no sonó en 12 de los 30 conciertos del tramo europeo.
In God’s Country faltó en cinco fechas del tercer tramo.

LOVETOWN TOUR (47 conciertos, 6 intocables)
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
All along the watchtower
Angel Of Harlem
Love Rescue Me
When Love Comes to Town

Cerca del pleno (una sola ausencia):
Where The Streets Have No Name en Sydney (18/11/1989)
Desire en Sydney (28/9/1989)
All I Want Is You en Perth (22/9/1989)

ZOOTV TOUR (156 conciertos, 10 intocables)
Bullet the blue sky
Running to stand still
Where the streets have no name
Zoo Station
Even better than the real thing
Until the end of the world
The fly
Mysterious ways

Cerca del pleno:
Love Is Blindness sólo faltó tres veces: Hampton (7/3/1992), Hartford (12/3/1992) y Tampa (10/10/1992)
With Or Without You sólo faltó en cuatro conciertos seguidos: Glasgow (8/8/1993), Londres (11/8/1993 y 12/8/1993) y Leeds (14/8/1993)

POPMART TOUR (93 conciertos, 17 intocables)
I will follow
Where the streets have no name
I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
With or without you
Bullet the blue sky
Even better than the real thing
Until the end of the world
Mysterious ways
Staring at the sun
Last night on earth
Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

Cerca del pleno:
If You Wear That Velvet Dress sólo faltó tres veces al principio de la gira: San Diego (28/4/1997), Denver (1/5/1997) y Eugene (6/5/1997)

ELEVATION TOUR (113 conciertos, 6 intocables)
Sunday bloody Sunday
Where the streets have no name
Beautiful day
Stuck in a moment

Cerca del pleno (una sola ausencia):
Bullet The Blue Sky en South Bend (10/10/2001)
Until The End Of The World en Chicago (13/5/2001)
Walk On en Manchester (12/8/2001)

New York sólo faltó en tres conciertos: los dos de Dublín (25/8/2001 y 1/9/2001) y Glasgow (27/8/2001)

VERTIGO TOUR (131 conciertos, 10 intocables)
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Where The Streets Have No Name
Bullet The Blue Sky
Beautiful Day
Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
City Of Blinding Lights

Cerca del pleno:
Love And Peace Or Else sólo faltó en cuatro conciertos al final de la gira: Auckland (25/11/2006) y Saitama (29/11/2006, 30/11/2006 y 4/12/2006).

360º TOUR (110 conciertos, 8 intocables)
Where the Streets Have No Name
Beautiful Day
Walk On
City of Blinding Lights
Get On Your Boots
I'll Go Crazy (remix)

Cerca del pleno:
With Or Without You sólo faltó en Zurich (12/9/2010)
Sunday Bloody Sunday sólo faltó en Helsinki (21/8/2010)
Moment of Surrender sólo faltó en Brisbane (9/12/2010) y Winnipeg (25/5/2011)

I+E TOUR (76 conciertos, 18 intocables)
I Will Follow
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Where the Streets Have no Name
With Or Without You
Bullet the Blue Sky
Even Better Than the Real Thing
Until the End of the World
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
The Miracle
Every Breaking Wave
Song for Someone
Cedarwood Road
Raised by Wolves

Cerca del pleno:
City of Blinding Lights sólo faltó en Vancouver (15/5/2015) y Phoenix (23/5/2015)


Pre-boy / Boy Tour
Shadows and tall trees (Boy)
Another Day (Single)
Touch (Single)

October Tour
With a shout (October)
Rejoice (October)

War Tour
Like A Song (War)

The Unforgettable Fire Tour
Indian Summer Sky (The Unforgettable Fire)
Wire (The Unforgettable Fire)

The Joshua Tree Tour
Trip Trough Your Wires (The Joshua Tree)
Helter Skelter (Rattle & Hum)
Silver And Gold (Single)

Lovetown Tour
Hawkmoon 269 (Rattle & Hum, no se cuenta un snippet en Elevation)
God Part II (Rattle & Hum)

ZooTV Tour
So cruel (Achtung Baby)
Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World (Achtung Baby)
Love is blindness (Achtung Baby, no se cuenta un snippet en Vertigo Tour)
Babyface (Zooropa)
Numb (Zooropa)
Lemon (Zooropa)
Daddy’s Gonna Pay For Your Cashed Car (Zooropa)
Dirty Day (Zooropa)

Popmart Tour
Mofo (Pop)
Do You Feel Loved (Pop)
Last Night On Earth (Pop)
If You Wear That Velvet Dress (Pop)
If God Will Send His Angels (Pop)
Miami (Pop)

Elevation Tour
The Ground Beneath Her Feet (Million Dollar Hotel)
Wild Honey (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)
When I Look At The World (sólo snippet, All That You Can’t Leave Behind)
New York (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)
Peace On Earth (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)

Vertigo Tour
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
Love And Peace Or Else (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
All Because Of You (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
Crumbs From Your Table (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
Original Of The Species (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
Yaweh (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
Fast Cars (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)
The Saints Are Coming (U218)
Window In The Skies (U218)

360º Tour
Scarlet (October)
Your Blue Room (Passengers)
Electrical Storm (Best Of 1990-2000)
No Line On The Horizon (No Line On The Horizon)
Moment Of Surrender (No Line On The Horizon)
Unkknown Caller (No Line On The Horizon)
I’ll Go Crazy (No Line On The Horizon)
Get On Your Boots (No Line On The Horizon)
Breathe (No Line On The Horizon)

I+E Tour
Invisible (Single)
Ordinary Love (Single)
The Miracle (Songs Of Innocence)
California (Songs Of Innocence)
Song For Someone (Songs Of Innocence)
Iris (Songs Of Innocence)
Volcano (Songs Of Innocence)
Raised By Wolves (Songs Of Innocence)
Cedarwood Road (Songs Of Innocence)
The Troubles (Songs Of Innocence)
Lucifer’s Hands (Songs Of Innocence)
The Crystal Ballroom (Songs Of Innocence)


Boy-girl (single): Boy Tour – October Tour
Stories For Boys (Boy): Boy Tour – October Tour
Another Time Another Place (Boy): Boy Tour – October Tour
Tomorrow (October): October Tour – War Tour
A Celebration (Single): October Tour – War Tour
Seconds (War): War Tour – The Unforgettable Fire Tour
Surrender (War): War Tour – The Unforgettable Fire Tour
Exit (The Joshua Tree): The Joshua Tree Tour – Lovetown Tour
Sweetest Thing (Single): Elevation Tour – I+E Tour
Van Diemen’s Land (Rattle & Hum): Lovetown Tour – ZooTV Tour
Ultraviolet (Achtung Baby): ZooTV Tour – 360º Tour
Satellite Of Love (Single): ZooTV Tour – I+E Tour
The First Time (Zooropa): ZooTV Tour – Verigo Tour
Staring At The Sun (Pop): Popmart Tour – Elevation Tour
Gone (Pop): Popmart Tour – Elevation Tour
Please (Pop): Popmart Tour – Elevation Tour
Wake Up Dead Man (Pop): Popmart Tour – Elevation Tour
Kite (All That You Can’t Leave Behind): Elevation Tour – Vertigo Tour
Miracle Drug (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb): Vertigo Tour – I+E Tour
Magnificent (No Line On The Horizon): 360º Tour – I+E Tour


Boy Tour: 20 canciones en 157 conciertos, ratio 0,13
October Tour: 26 canciones en 102 conciertos, ratio 0,25
War Tour: 28 canciones en 108 conciertos, ratio 0,26
The Unforgettable Fire Tour: 31 canciones en 113 conciertos, ratio 0,27
The Joshua Tree Tour: 44 canciones en 109 conciertos, ratio 0,40
Lovetown Tour: 38 canciones en 47 conciertos, ratio 0,81
ZooTV Tour: 54 canciones en 156 conciertos, ratio 0,35
Popmart Tour: 41 canciones en 93 conciertos, ratio 0,44
Elevation Tour: 51 canciones en 113 conciertos, ratio 0,45
Vertigo Tour: 60 canciones en 131 conciertos, ratio 0,46
360º Tour: 61 canciones en 110 conciertos, ratio 0,55
I+E Tour: 55 Canciones en 76 conciertos, ratio 0,72


Beautiful Day (All That You Can’t Leave Behind)
Vertigo (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb)

En I+E Tour han caído de la lista One y City of Blinding Lights


Where The Streets Have No Name: no ha faltado en ningún concierto regular desde ZooTV Tour hasta hoy (1992-2015), seis giras seguidas. Desde su aparición sólo ha faltado en 13 conciertos regulares, a saber:
Colonia (17/6/1987)
Basel (21/6/1987)
Dublín (28/6/1987)
Leeds (1/7/1987)
Paris (4/7/1987)
Rotterdam (11/7/1987)
Munich (22/7/1987)
Gaslgow (30/7/1987)
Edimburg (1/8/1987)
Birmingham (3/8/1987)
Cork (8/8/1987)
Sydney (18/11/1989)

De las ocho giras posibles ha sido intocable en seis.

Pride no faltó en ningún concierto regular desde su aparición hasta Popmart Tour (1984-1998), cinco giras seguidas. De las cuatro restantes ha sido intocable en Vertigo Tour e I+E Tour. En total, ha sido intocable en siete de las nueve giras posibles.

One no faltó en ningún concierto desde su aparición hasta 360º Tour, cinco giras seguidas desde ZooTV Tour. En I+E Tour ha faltado en 36 de los 76 conciertos. Ha sido intocable en cinco de las seis giras posibles.

Bullet The Blue Sky sólo faltó completamente en 360º Tour, y en un sólo concierto de Elevation Tour (South Bend, 10/10/2001), total seis giras completas, las cuatro primeras seguidas. Ha sido intocable en seis de las ocho giras posibles.

I Will Follow: su ausencia en dos setlists conocidos de los primeros años (New York, 17/3/1982 y 18/3/1982) impide afirmar que fue intocable desde su aparición hasta 1987. Sí es seguro que lo fue desde War Tour hasta The Joshua Tree Tour, tres giras seguidas. Después ha sido intocable en Popmart Tour e I+E Tour. Ha sido intocable en cinco de las doce giras posibles.

(Se incluyen los setlists desconocidos en que se supone las tocaron también)
(En esta sección de modo excepcional se cuenta cualquier actuación con público)

1) I Will Follow (Boy): unas 1.070
2) Pride (The Unforgettable Fire): 892
3) Sunday Bloody Sunday (War): 846
4) Where The Streets Have No Name (The Joshua Tree): 838
5) With Or Without You (The Joshua Tree): 773
6) Bullet The Blue Sky (The Joshua Tree): 723
7) New Year’s Day (War): 722
8) One (Achtung Baby): 679
9) 11 O’clock Tick Tock (Single): 672
10) I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (The Joshua Tree): 613
11) The Electric Co. (Boy): 604
12) Mysterious Ways (Achtung Baby): 584
13) Until The End Of The World (Achtung Baby): 568
14) Out Of Control (Boy): 523
15) Bad (The Unforgettable Fire): 510
16) Beautiful Day (All That You Can’t Leave Behind): 472
17) October (October): 435
18) 40 (War): 426
19) Vertigo (How To Dismountle An Atomic Bomb): 391
20) Elevation (All That You Can’t Leave Behind): 390


WCCI 2020 : World Congress on Computational Intelligence   


World Congress on Computational Intelligence [Glasgow] [Jul 19, 2020 - Jul 24, 2020] [Deadline: Jan 15, 2020]


Interviewing The Legends with Special Guest John McNally of The Searchers, August 28, 2018   


John McNally and The Searchers will call it quits in 2019
Show Headline: 
Interviewing The Legends with Special Guest John McNally of The Searchers
Show Sub Headline: 
John McNally and The Searchers will call it quits in 2019

"Sweets for My Sweet"; "Needles and Pins" "When You Walk in the Room"; "Sugar and Spice";  "Don't Throw Your Love Away"' "Love Potion No. 9" to name just a few …  the Searchers tied for the second group from Liverpool, after the Beatles, to have a hit in the US when their "Needles and Pins" and the Swinging Blue Jeans' "Hippy Hippy Shake" both reached the Hot 100 on 7 March 1964.
It’s little wonder then that most observers considered The Searchers to be the most successful and important Group, after the Beatles, in that quite wonderful period of Pop Music.

For more information about John McNally and The Searchers and up to the minute concert dates visit …

Very special thanks to ALAN FIELD ASSOCIATES for arranging this interview with JOHN MCNALLY and of course the dynamic duo of Doug & Don Newsom of BBS Radio for making the magic happen for each broadcast of The Ray Shasho Show. If you have comments of suggestions for the show contact me at

And don’t forget to purchase a copy of my book entitled Check the Gs -the true story of an eclectic American family and their Wacky family business …  available now at and You’ll live it!!!

Have a great week everybody!

Guest, John McNally

Guest Name: 
John McNally
'The Searchers' became the most successful and important group, after the Beatles
Guest Category: 
Guest Occupation: 
Guitarist and Singer
Guest Biography: 

J O H N   M C N A L L Y





Do you remember....

"Sweets for My Sweet"; "Needles and Pins" "When You Walk in the Room"; "Sugar and Spice";  "Don't Throw Your Love Away"' "Love Potion No. 9" to name just a few …  the Searchers tied for the second group from Liverpool, after the Beatles, to have a hit in the US when their "Needles and Pins" and the Swinging Blue Jeans' "Hippy Hippy Shake" both reached the Hot 100 on 7 March 1964.
It’s little wonder then that most observers considered The Searchers to be the most successful and important Group, after the Beatles, in that quite wonderful period of Pop Music.

Originally founded as a skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally and Mike Pender (Mike Prendergast), the band took their name from the classic 1956 John Wayne western The Searchers.

The band grew out of an earlier skiffle group formed by McNally, with his friends Brian Dolan (guitar) and Tony West (bass). When the other two members lost interest, McNally was joined by his guitarist neighbor Mike Prendergast. They soon recruited Tony Jackson with his home-made bass guitar and amplifier and styled themselves Tony and the Searchers with Joe Kelly on drums. Kelly soon left to be replaced by Norman McGarry and it is this line-up—McNally, Pender (as he soon became known), Jackson and McGarry—that is usually cited as the original foursome.

McGarry did not stay long, however, and in 1960 his place was taken by Chris Crummey (who later changed his name to Curtis). Later that year Big Ron had a successful audition with Mecca and became a ballroom singer. He was replaced by Billy Beck, who changed his name to Johnny Sandon. The band had regular bookings at Liverpool's Iron Door Club as Johnny Sandon and the Searchers.

Sandon left the band in late 1961 to join The Remo Four in February 1962. The group settled into a quartet sharing the vocal lead and billed simply as The Searchers. They continued to play at the Iron Door, The Cavern, and other Liverpool clubs. Like many similar acts they would do as many as three shows at different venues in one night. They negotiated a contract with the Star-Club in the St. Pauli district Hamburg for 128 days, with three one-hour performances a night, starting in July 1962.

The band returned to a residence, at the Iron Door Club and it was there that they tape recorded the sessions that led to a recording contract with Pye Records with Tony Hatch as producer.

Hatch played piano on some recordings and wrote "Sugar and Spice"—the band’s second number one record—under the pseudonym Fred Nightingale; a secret he kept from the band at the time.

After scoring their monumental hit "Needles and Pins", bassist Tony Jackson went solo and was replaced by Hamburg pal Frank Allen of Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers.

Chris Curtis left the band in 1966 and was replaced by the Needles and Pins-influenced John Blunt, who in turn was replaced by Billy Adamson in 1970.

As musical styles evolved, the Searchers could not keep up and as a result, the hits ran out and while they continued to record for Liberty Records and RCA Records, ended up on the British "Chicken in a Basket" circuit although they did score a minor US hit in 1971 with "Desdemona".

The group continued to tour through the 1970s and were rewarded in 1979 when Sire Records signed the band to a multi-record deal. Two albums were released by them, The Searchers and Play for Today (retitled Love's Melodies outside the UK). Both records garnered great critical acclaim but did not break into the charts. They did however revitalize the group's career. According to John McNally, the band were ready to head into the studio to record a third album for Sire when they were informed that due to label reorganization, their contract had been dropped.

In 1981, the band signed to PRT Records (formerly Pye, their original label) and began recording an album but only one single, "I Don't Want To Be The One" backed with "Hollywood", saw the light of day at that time. The rest of the tracks would be released as part of 2004's 40th Anniversary collection.

In 1985 Mike Pender left The Searchers to form his own group. His aim was, and still is to this day, to faithfully recreate the sound and feel of those Hit Recordings and at the same time introduce other material that compliments Mike's unique voice and guitar style.

In 1988, Coconut Records signed The Searchers and the album Hungry Hearts was the result. A very contemporary sounding release, it featured modern sounding remakes of "Needles and Pins" and "Sweets For My Sweets". While the album was not a major hit, it did keep the group in the public eye.

The Searchers are still going strong today and hold a significant fanbase worldwide.

The band members are:

John McNally - original member and founder, 6string/12 string guitarist and vocals

Frank Allen - bass guitarist, vocals and front man

Spencer James - guitar synth and lead vocals

Scott Ottaway – on drums.

For more information about John McNally and The Searchers visit ...

The Very Best Of The Searchers
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Interviewing The Legends

Show Transcript: 


Featuring The Searchers, P J Proby, The Merseybeats,
The Fortunes, Steve Ellis (Love Affair) and Vanity Fare

For fuller information please see

Tues 2 October:    OXFORD  New Theatre
Wed 3 October:    SOUTHPORT  Southport Theatre
Thur 4 October:    LLANDUDNO  Venue Cymru
Fri 5 October:        CARDIFF  St David’s Hall
Sat 6 October:        ST ALBANS  Alban Arena (2 shows)
Sun 7 October:    IPSWICH  Regent Theatre
Fri 12 October:    LEICESTER  De Montfort Hall
Sat 13 October:    STEVENAGE  Concert Hall
Sun 14 October:    SOUTHEND  Cliffs Pavilion
Fri 19 October:    WEYMOUTH  Pavilion Theatre
Sat 20 October:    MARGATE  Winter Gardens
Sun 21 October:    WIMBLEDON  Wimbledon Theatre
Thur 25 October:    DARTFORD  Orchard Theatre (2 shows)
Fri 26 October:   STOW ON THE WOLD   St Edward's Church (Stow Music Festival) (not part of Sixties Gold tour)
Sun 28 October:    LEEDS  Grand Theatre (2 shows)


Thur 1 November:    GLASGOW  Royal Concert  Hall
Fri 2 November:    DUNDEE  Caird Hall
Sat 3 November:    INVERNESS  Eden Court (2 shows)
Sun 4 November:    ABERDEEN  Beach Ballroom
Tue 6 November:    GATESHEAD  The Sage
Wed 7 November:    BLACKPOOL  Opera House
Sat 10 November NORTHAMPTON Derngate
Sun 11 November:  NORWICH  Theatre Royal
Sat 17 November:    LIVERPOOL  Philharmonic Hall
Sun 18 November:    CAMBRIDGE  Corn Exchange
Fri 23 November:    DONCASTER  The Dome
Sun 25 November:    SOUTHAMPTON  Mayflower Theatre
Wed 28 November:    BIRMINGHAM  Symphony Hall
Fri 30 November:    MANCHESTER  Bridgewater Hall


Sun 2 December:    CARLISLE  Sands Centre

(end of Sixties Gold Tour)

Fri 7 December:      WIMBORNE  Tivoli Theatre (S)
Sat 8 December:     WORCESTER  Huntingdon Hall
Fri 14 December:    NR NOTTINGHAM   Lowdham Village Hall (S)
Sat 15 December:    NR CHARD  Cricket St Thomas (Warner's weekend break)
Sun 23 December:   HULL  City Hall

4 January – 31 March 2019
S = Solo all evening show, with no support acts
Please note that although some of these shows are already on sale,
others may not be for a while yet.


Fri 4 January:      MARKET DRAYTON  Festival at Drayton Centre (S)
Sat 5 January:    MARKET DRAYTON  (as above - second night)
Fri 11 January:    DISS Corn Hall (S)
Sat 12 January:    HAYES  The Beck Theatre (S)
Sun 13 January:    NR READING  The Mill at Sonning (dinner and show)
Thurs 17 January:    MAIDSTONE  Hazlitt Theatre (S)
Fri 18 January:    BASILDON  Towngate Theatre (S)
Sat 19 January:    BURY ST EDMUNDS  Apex Theatre (S)
Sun 20 January:    EPSOM  Playhouse (S)
Wed 23 January: MORECAMBE  Platform Theatre (S)
Thurs 24 January:    RUNCORN  The Brindley (S)
Fri 25 January:    DONCASTER  The Cast (S)
Sat 26 January:    STOCKPORT  Plaza (S)
Sun 27 January:    LINCOLN  New Theatre Royal (S)
Thurs 31 January:    SOLIHULL  Core Theatre (S)


Fri 1 February:    RHYL  Pavilion Theatre (S)
Sat  2 February:    BARROW IN FURNESS  Forum 28 (S)
Sun 3 February:    BOLTON  Albert Halls (S)
Weds 6 February:    YEOVIL  Octagon Theatre (S)
Thurs 7 February:    HEREFORD  Courtyard Theatre (S)
Fri 8 February:    PORTHCAWL  Grand Pavilion (S)
Sat 9 February:    NR CAERPHILLY   Blackwood Miners Institute (S)
Sun 10 February:    EVESHAM  Arts Centre (S)
Thurs 14 February:    WAKEFIELD  Theatre Royal (S)
Fri 15 February:    WHITLEY BAY  Playhouse (S)
Sat 16 February:    BROMSGROVE  The Artrix (S)
Sun 17 February:    STAFFORD  The Gatehouse (S)
Mon 18 February:    CANTERBURY  Marlowe Theatre (S)
Thurs 21 February:    LOWESTOFT  The Marina (S)
Fri 22 February:    BEDFORD  Corn Exchange (S)
Sat 23 February:    KINGS LYNN  Corn Exchange (S)
Sun 24 February:    HAYLING ISLAND  Sinah Warren (Warner’s weekend break)
               (not part of the Solo Tour)
Wed 27 February:   POCKLINGTON (near York)  Arts Centre (S)
Thurs 28 February:    GLENROTHES  Rothes Hall (S)


Fri 1 March:        MOTHERWELL  Concert Hall (S)
Sat 2 March:        MUSSELBURGH  Brunton Hall (S)
Sun 3 March:        LIVINGSTONE  Howden Park Centre (S)
Weds  6 March:    FAREHAM  Ferneham Hall (S)
Thurs 7 March:    HARLOW  Playhouse (S)
Fri 8 March:        CREWE  Lyceum Theatre (S)
Sat 9 March:        NEW BRIGHTON  Pavilion Theatre (S)
Sun 10 March:        LEEDS  City Varieties (S)
Thurs 14 March:    MANSFIELD  Palace Theatre (S)
Fri 15 March         WIMBORNE Tivoli Theatre (S)
Sat 16 March:        HORSHAM  Capitol Theatre (S)
Sun 17 March:      PETERBOROUGH  Key Theatre (S)
Weds 20 March:    CANNOCK  Prince of Wales Theatre (S)
Thurs 21 March:    DARLINGTON  Hippodrome (formerly  Civic)  (S)
Fri 22 March:        LOUGHBOROUGH  Town Hall (S)
Sat 23 March:        LYTHAM ST ANNES  Lowther Pavilion (S)
Sun 24 March:   REDDITCH  Palace Theatre (S) 
Weds 27 March:    HIGH WYCOMBE  Swan Theatre (S)
Thurs 28 March:    CROMER  Pier Pavilion (S)
Fri 29 March:        CAMBERLEY  Camberley Theatre (S)
Sat 30 March:        WEYMOUTH  Pavilion Theatre (S)
Sun 31 March:         NR MILTON KEYNES  The Stables, Wavendon (S) SOLD OUT

Sadly the Searchers will then be retiring


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