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A candid conversation about race in America   


Minneapolis, Denver, NYC, Oakland, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Louisville, San Jose, Des Moines, Detroit. The list goes on. These are just some of the cities that have experienced protests in the past week.

George Floyd's murder (and murder-porn video) was one of the catalysts for these protests. But let's be clear: Sooner or later, this was going to happen. Things are not okay in America. America's continuing issue with race, inequality, and the routine acceptance of the mistreatment of black people and other people of color came to a head in the last couple of days.

Then, we had Amy Cooper in New York City calling the police on Christian Cooper unecessarily during a normal incident that plays out all the time - annoying people with their dogs off leash. That one call could have resulted in Christian Cooper's death.

In this episode of Michelle is Money Hungry, I'm going to get candid about race in America, money and opportunity, and what's next.

This is a very difficult show for me to do because I have so many thoughts racing through my mind. The goal of this episode is to give a better perspective of what people are angry about and to leave with ideas of how we collective can do better. And, honestly, I have to say something about this. And just so you know, this is not the first time that I've talked about race and wealth in America on my website and podcast. (But it's the first time J.D. has shared my work here at Get Rich Slowly.)


Bill O'Reilly Says Ted Cruz Is Right About New York City Values   


From the April 7 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): The disadvantage for Mr. Cruz is the New York values debate. You will remember that in January, the senator said this. 


O'REILLY: Now, the truth is, Cruz is right, New York City values are very left wing. But the rest of the state lines up fairly conservative, although not at the level of Senator Cruz. However, as in any state, New Yorkers are sensitive folks, look at me. So the senator has to overcome his initial New York values comments, valid or not. Now I, your humble correspondent, am a born and raised New Yorker, but I have lived all over the country, Dallas, Denver, Portland, Oregon, Boston and Miami. I can tell you New York is a different kind of a place, especially because there are nearly 20 million people in the Big Apple metropolitan area.

With that many folks, you have to be more aggressive even to get a hot dog. And some around the country consider that aggressiveness to be rude. On the political front, the Democratic Party firmly in control of New York state, very similar to California. Even though Donald Trump is likely to win the Republican primary here, he will have a very tough time in New York state up against Hillary Clinton in the general election, if he gets there. As Talking Points reported last night, New York is a machine state, and the Democrat machine dominates. 

As for Ted Cruz, he is a conservative Texan who now has to convince jaded New Yorkers that he is not denigrating them, that he was simply pointing out Donald Trump's past history of giving donations to people like Hillary Clinton and Governor Andrew Cuomo. But as we pointed out, Mr. Trump did that as a real estate guy and in this city, business people have to spread the money around if they want to get anything done. Talking Points believes that Donald Trump is now a conservative, although not nearly as right wing as Mr. Cruz is. Bottom line, if Ted Cruz wants to keep Donald Trump below 50 percent in New York, he has got a lot of hard work to do. And that's the memo.


Bill O'Reilly On New York City Values: "Who's The Mayor? Mao Zedong"

Hannity: I Live In New York So I Know "What It's Like To Live Under Communism"


Denver Storage Units   


The best Self Storage units in Colorado and Idaho, available in these cities: Denver, Boise, Thornton, Gypsum, Eagle, Littleton, Henderson, Aurora, Highlands Ranch and Reunion. Stor-n-Lock. URL:


Technologietransformationen im Alpenraum: die Rittnerbahn und die touristische Entwicklung des Hochplateaus zur Zeit des Faschismus    


Das Thema „Straßen- und Transportwesen“ stellt eines der drei Schwerpunktbereiche des Forschungsprojektes zu den technologischen Transformationen im Alpenraum dar. Die Beziehung zwischen Transportwesen und Fremdenverkehr nimmt in diesem Kontext einen prominenten Platz ein. Die zur Veranschaulichung des Themas „Tourismus und Verkehr“ gewählte Quelle von Juli betrifft die Rittnerbahn. Letztere ist ein perfektes Beispiel für die vielen Transportinnovationen wie Zahnradbahnen, Standseilbahnen und Lifte, die ab dem Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts zur touristischen Entwicklung des Alpenraums beitrugen. Das Dokument vom 9. April 1938 hebt auch die faschistische Politik in Bezug auf die Italianisierung Südtirols hervor.


Member Highlight: Bobby Widhalm   


Bobby Widhalm, Board Member

Spring is a time of new and exciting beginnings- welcome to Bobby Widhalm, our new and exciting addition to the HSTE Board! Bobby, who grew up in Denver, Colorado, currently works with the Professional Development and Educational Research Institute (PDERI) at the Hawaii Department of Education. His past work experiences include working at Dole Middle School, Moanalua High School, and at the Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Student Support (OCISS). He attended Colorado School of Mines to pursue a Mechanical Engineering Degree and then attended University of Denver, where he received his teaching credentials. His family members include Stacie, his wife, Joseph and Mickaellah, his step children. Bobby’s hobbies include tinkering with technology (coding, making, etc.), watching (too much) TV and movies

Learn more about Bobby in his Q&A:

Q : How long have you been at (your current role/position/location)?

A : I have been at PDERI as a State Office Teacher for almost four years.

Q : What is your favorite food?

A : It was pizza, but as I get older it really depends on my mood.

Q : How did you first get involved in HSTE? What made you want to join?

A :  After obtaining membership through Schools of the Future registration, I enjoyed the information from the newsletters/emails from HSTE.  So, when the opportunity to be part of the board, I volunteered.

Q : Why do you think tech integration is important for students?

A : Because we live in a technology integrated world, students should have the opportunity to engage with tools that can truly support and enhance their learning as well as learn how to effectively and ethically use and interact with such technology.

Q : What is one thing you’ve done at your school that you’re proud of?

A : At Moanalua High School, I was the advisor/coach of the robotics team, which participated in Botball, VEX, FIRST Robotics Competition, and Hawaii Underwater Robot Challenge.  We also hosted numerous First LEGO League and VEX competitions.

Q : Any advice for other educators getting involved in technology integration?

A : Failure only happens when you quit.  So try, fail, learn, and repeat.

Q : What are some of the topics you explore in your sessions at conferences?

A : I enjoy sharing how coding and spreadsheets can be used as a tool to define and solve problems.

Q : Presenting at any future sessions coming up that we should know about? (Ex. SOTF Conference, ISTE Conference, etc.)

A : I will be part of the Google SLAM at the next Schools of the Future.  Come check it out.

Do you know of an educator you’d like to nominate for the HSTE Member Highlight series? If you’d like to nominate an educator, please fill out the following form: Google Form for future Member Highlights. If selected, the nominee will be contacted via email to answer a few questions for the highlight. Thank you for your submission! Contact with any questions.


Denver self storage units   


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Viva Las Vegas 2018 and the show that almost wasn't   


As you might expect it takes a lot of effort on our part to pull off a show in Sin City. This years crew is pictured above L-R Kenny Hogg- Bass Uke & Vocals, Jesse Braintree - Vocals and Bannana, Kitty Hogg - Vocals and Dancin, Kash Hogg - Guitar & Vocals, Lisa Mari Hogg - Vocals, Stevie Joe Hogg- Guitar, and Joe Joe Hogg on Roland Drum Kit. 

Kenny arrived 1st on Sunday the 18th from Dallas into Las Vegas  around 10 AM, and then Jesse arrived around 4 PM so Kenny was already hanging on the strip. They checked into our hotels and we planning on getting Kash around 7-8 PM and realized Guitar Center was closed and we needed to rent a guitar for Stevie who was still en-route with Lisa Mari from Ohio. So they pick up Kash and he has the drum kit bass and his guitar. Kenny uses some program he has on his phone and he locates a guy selling a guitar for 40 bucks. He tells Jesse maybe we can borrow a guitar, and he's all stressed as usual and then he tells him he found a guitar so they drive to get that. But when they see the guitar it has only 4 strings and no amp to plug it in so Kenny talked him down to 30 bucks and  then they drive another 20 minutes to get a mike stand for 20 bucks. Then they pick up Me and JoeJoe and off to the club we go. We have no clue where we can get strings so we are hoping someone has some there. We arrive around 9:45 and eventually talk to Today's Paramount, cool band from Denver CO that was setting up and they saved the day. Kash strung the guitar, or Kenny I forgot and when Stevie Joe arrived he just picked it up and played. We met a Boston music legend Joe Black who has a new CD "Blackenstein"  that rocks. He sat in with us on Green Haze . GREEN HAZE- Jesse & The Hogg Brothers with Joe Black on bass

Anyway we did get through the drama but there's always more and was but that's it on the blog!


Write up in Las Vegas media   


The Patch - las Vegas

Jesse and the Hogg Brothers @ Double Down Saloon Las Vegas NV 

March 18th Boston band returns to Nevada to rock the Double Down with special guest, bassist Joe Black 

By Judy Dessanti, Patch Poster | Mar 18, 2018 7:34 pm ET

At 4640 Paradise Road in Vegas, the Double Down Saloon, the CowPunk will fly! 

CowPunk 2018 with three terrific acts @ The Double Down! At 10 pm it's Today's Paramount from Denver, Colorado, Boston's own Jesse and the Hogg Brothers at 11 pm and from Portland Oregon at 2 am the group Stolen Rose. 

The Hogg Brothers feature JoeJoe on drums, Rex on bass, Stevie on guitar, Kash on guitar and vocals, JoeBob on slide and perform songs from their albums Rusty Loved Christmas, White Trash Meth Lab and Working for Yankee Money. Onstage they take Dr. Hook's Medicine Show (remember "On the Cover of the Rolling Stone?" ) to a different, even more hilarious dimension with songs like "Biker Ann" (she drinks more than a man...and comes to a tragic end!,) "Love Buckets," "Onion Ring," and their newest CD single "Hogg Tail Twist." 

Jesse Braintree is the master of ceremonies and can he ever talk (find him on YouTube,) but the boys...and sometimes the gals - in the Hogg Bros. ignore him and just keep playing anyway. It makes for an evening of fun...and very different...entertainment. "Hogg Tail Twist" goes back to the days of Chubby Checker, Dee See Sharp and Joey & The Starliners (who once had Jimi Hendrix grace their band.) Yes, the dance crazes of the 60s return "Stick Your Leg Out and Give it a Jiggle / Drop it to the Floor and Give your Tail a Wiggle" - it's the Hogg Tail Twist 

The band has an assortment of parodies, one of this writer's favorites being "Green Haze" which combines Hendrix's "Purple Haze" with the theme from the Green Acres TV show. It's amazing. At the Vegas show Joe Black of the band Ball and Chain as well as Charlie Farren (Farren being a former lead singer of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry's Project) is going to jump onstage for the "Purple Haze" parody. Should be a blast. Mr. Black relocated from Boston to Vegas in 2017 and has a new CD out, Joe Black's Blackenstein. Wonder if they'll be invading the Double Down Saloon any time soon?

Check out the gig, it's always a fun affair and the band gets extra amped up for Vegas we hear! 


JWU (Denver), Lewis & Clark, 3-0   


Women's Volleyball on Aug 31, 2018 at 5:00 PM: JWU (Denver), Lewis & Clark, Oregon Trail Classic, Final, 3-0


Safety and Denver Limo Services for Prom or Graduation   


It's the time of year that Denver high school students will be making memories that'll last a lifetime. Springtime means proms, cotillions, and graduations. These rites of passage are milestones in everyone's life and they mark a time when parents are forced to let go as their high school kid takes their first tentative steps into adulthood. Mom and Dad won't be welcome after the pictures are taken, but that doesn't mean that they can't take steps to ensure the safety of their kids and their group. Denver limo services from Denver Premier Limousine will ensure that not only will your high school student arrive in style, but they will remain safe as well. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that auto accidents and injuries involving teens are higher during prom and graduation season than at any other time of year. It is also estimated that 1 in 3 teens will participate in some sort of alcohol use during this time. A survey conducted by AAA found that 41 percent of high school students said that they are likely to use drugs or alcohol on prom night. In an even more alarming report, according to that same survey 84 percent of teens surveyed said that they were more likely to get behind the wheel after drinking than to call home for a ride to avoid trouble. Unfortunately, trying out alcohol is part of growing up, but it doesn't have to mean putting your kids at risk. Let us do the driving! Spring Dance Service Our limo will make the rounds to all the families' houses to make sure everyone gets a photo op with the kids looking their best. Then the crew will be transported to the dining spot of their choice and then on to the main event! Dancing the night away with the kids they played soccer with, learned to read with, shared laughter and tears with, and finally made it to senior year with. From there, it's on to after-prom parties. Finally, they arrive safely home again. While we're not parents or guardians, we do serve as a trusted adult that your child can go to if they feel that they are endangered or in a compromised position in any way. Kids may also be less likely to engage in risky behavior with an adult that they know their parent's hired specifically to ensure their safety. Graduation Day Limos Schools preach it over and over again. If you are late to the ceremony, you don't get to walk! Don't risk your child missing out on this precious memory just because they can't find a parking place! Our drivers can deliver them safely and punctually to the ceremony. After that they can drive the whole family to a nice dinner or ensure the safety of the graduate as they make the rounds to graduation parties. We have a wide variety of luxury vehicles available. Keep in mind that several schools have their proms and graduations in the same month, if not the same weekend! Book early to ensure availability! Call 303-332-4588 to book your limo today!


Treat Mom to Denver Luxury Transportation    


When Mother's Day or your mom's birthday rolls around and you ask her what she wants, she probably always says the same thing, "Nothing. I don't need anything." Mom is used to thinking of the needs of others instead of her own and it's true, she probably doesn't need another kitchen gadget or wall hanging, but it's a safe bet that every mom across the board would say that they are short on one thing. That thing is time. Time to spend on themselves, time relaxing with loved ones, and time to just be. With the help of Denver's premier luxury transportation service, you can give her just that! What Does Mom Really Want? Moms with school age kids likely spend every day being chauffeur, cook, maid, and referee. A day of luxury would seem heaven sent. If you're grown and out of the house, you probably have a busy life of your own and you may not get to see mom as often as you'd like. Some time with you, having a great day on the town and a nice chat while not having to worry about watching for directions or looking for parking would probably be her ultimate wish. No one deserves a day of pampering more than mom! Make Her Day Extra Special! Our luxury cars can be rented for the day or just a few hours. Our services are completely customizable so that you can get exactly what you think your mom would enjoy best. You may consider showing up at her house in one of our beautiful limos early in the day to whisk her off to a nice brunch. Then it's off to the spa for a day of pampering. After that maybe some shopping in Cherry Creek or even up to the mountains to one of the outlet malls. If you think mom would enjoy a night on the town we can pick up the whole family and drive you to your favorite downtown restaurant. When your dinner is complete we can deliver you to the symphony for a concert, to the theater for a Broadway show, or to one of the concert venues downtown if mom likes to rock and roll. If your mom is a wine connoisseur you might consider taking her to a wine bar or up into one of the foothill vineyards for a wine tasting. There are several wineries, breweries, and even our very own whiskey distillery, either here in town or a short drive away. Everyone can sample to their heart's content without worrying about getting home safely. It will be a day she'll never forget! You probably have a lot of great ideas of your own since you know mom best! Call Denver Premier Limousine to arrange mom's special day! Plan ahead to ensure availability. Call 303-332-4588 or book online today!


We’re Your Luxury Transportation Partner for Your Colorado Destination Wedding   


Whether the entire wedding entourage is coming to Colorado from far reaches, or if you just have a few relatives and friends in town, Denver Premier Limousine can take the stress out of wedding transportation. We will partner with you to create a package especially geared to your specific needs. If you just need us for the wedding day, we're there for you. Want us for the whole weekend? Absolutely! Airport Transport For those of you that don't live in Denver, you may not realize that Denver International Airport is approximately 26 miles from the heart of Downtown Denver. Taxicabs have established a flat rate fee of $55.57 making it much more economical, not to mention convenient, to book a car for your out of town guests. Don't put yourself through the stress of making multiple trips out to DIA when you could be focusing your full attention on the last minute details of the main event, your wedding! And of course, after you've already snuck off to your honeymoon, we can see that your guests return to the airport safely and in plenty of time for their return flights. Rehearsal Dinner and Night on the Town for the Wedding Party We can transport you and your family and wedding party to the rehearsal dinner to ensure everyone arrives on time without the stress of navigating an unfamiliar city. After everyone knows their places and functions for the wedding, it's time for the bride and groom to be to spend a night of revelry with their closest friends. Our drivers will take you where you want to go you won't have to designate a driver or worry about hailing a cab at the end of the night. If you want to go up the hill to Blackhawk for some blackjack and slots, dance the night away in a LODO nightclub, sample the best of Denver's microbrews, or visit some favorite local haunts, we'll get you there! The Big Day! We'll transport the ladies to get their hair and makeup done. Then perhaps it's off to some of Colorado's most beautiful spots to get photos done. No need to worry, we'll get the wedding party, parents of the bride and groom, and anyone else you require to the wedding venue. After the ceremony we can bring guests to the reception if needed, while the new husband and wife are finally photographed together with their wedding parties. Our drivers will be on hand to ensure that everyone makes it home or back to the hotel safely after the reception so the bride and groom can focus on what's important, enjoying their special night. The Day After Sleep in! We'll make sure anyone who has to get to the airport will get there. We can also help you plan a fun day for your wedding party if they're not quite ready to head home. We can take them for a cruise in the Rockies for a mountain café lunch, on a tour of the Mile High City, or anywhere you would like. Wedding season is heating up so give us a call today. We will take the time to understand your particular needs and expectations and ensure they are not only met, but exceeded. Your special day is special to us too! Give us a call at 303-332-4588 to discuss the particulars or book a Denver Limousine online!


Wine, Beer, and Whiskey Appreciation While Using Denver Luxury Transportation   


Denver is known for its laid back lifestyle, celebratory atmosphere, and all things original and finely crafted. This list includes not only custom made snowboards and micro-homes in the Rockies, but wine, microbrews, and good whiskey, as well. If you have a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, anniversary, work team-building event, or just a night on the town with the crew, call Denver Premier Limousine to arrange the transportation. We will take you on a whirlwind taste tour of all the Denver area has to offer. A Tall Cool One Denver is known and one of the country's premier destinations for beer. We have more microbreweries per capita than any other city. To see for yourself, 5280 Magazine compiled a handy list of The Ultimate Guide to Craft Brewing in Denver. You can stop buy numerous breweries to sample some flights of the best they have to offer or you can go and attend a class at some of them learn how to brew your own beer. Owned by Colorado's own governor, and the brew pub that started it all is the Wynkoop in the heart of Lodo. It was in the heart of Lodo before it was Lodo, before the baseball stadium, and before Union Station was a hot spot. This site hosts many brew events a year and can be booked for private parties. Watch the brewers practice their craft right in the heart of the restaurant. Colorado isn't just for beer anymore! Colorado wines have gained a lot of notoriety on the international circuit. Many of the big wineries are out on the western slope in the Grand Junction area, but there are plenty of wineries and fine wine bars here in the Denver area. Check out the wine bars in Lodo or the Highlands! You can even take a painting class while you sip some of the finest local offerings. If you are interested in visiting an honest to goodness vineyard, we have one just outside the city limits. Balistreri Vineyards was established in 1969 and began as a flower farm run by the Balistreri family. In 1998 they decided to try their hand at grape growing, and the rest is history! Visit the beautiful grounds of this winery and don't forget to try their distinctive, Colorado Cherry wines. Hipsters and Whiskey The world seems to have recently gained a new appreciation good, old fashioned, whiskey. Denver has a handful of fine distilleries where you can simply stop to imbibe or take a tour of the facility. Crafting classes are available at some locations as well. If you feel like a little road trip, we can head south about 30 minutes to Black Canyon Distillery. They make their whiskey from Colorado grain combined with pure Rocky Mountain water. Stop by their tasting room and grab a bottle of their award winning, Black Canyon Winter Whiskey. We have a fleet of premier luxury vehicles to strike just the right mood and to make sure everyone fits comfortably. You aren't locked into any set time or mileage packages. We will customize a night to remember for you and your friends or co-workers. Our polished and professional drivers will pick up your party and make sure everyone gets home safely after having an incredible night. Call 303-332-4588 today so we can start planning right away!


Travel in Style for Beer Festival Season with Denver Luxury Transportation    


Summer is here, Denver! And that means patio season, Sunday Funday and of course many epic Colorado Beer Festivals. The countryside beckons for camping, backpacking, and tubing, while in the city parks and patios are the way to go. The best way to enjoy a beer in the sun is at one of the numerous Colorado beer festivals popping up throughout the state this summer. One fun and fancy way to journey to and from these imbibing events is through a Denver limo service: Denver Premier Limousine will safely escort you to any of the following destinations, and you'll have peace of mind knowing the ride is taken care of. Here are five of the top festivals this year: Breckenridge Beer Festival If you are traveling to this well known festival, reliable transportation is a must! This year marks the eleventh annual fest in Breckenridge, featuring over 55 breweries, live music, and an array of food vendors. Situated right outside the Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, you can take in the mountains while you sample some of Colorado's finest ales - what more could you ask for? Burning Can (not just a) BeerFest For a sporty outing, head to Lyons, CO, just north of Boulder. Here you can celebrate the craft canned beer, with over 60 breweries offering up their wares. That's nearly 200 beers to choose from, at a scene that includes live music and sports competitions (it is known as an active beer fest, after all). If you choose to camp overnight in the Rockies, Denver Premier Limousine can help transport your gear and swoop you up the next day. Colorado Brewers' Festival Set in Fort Collins, CO, this iconic event is the biggest and one of the best. Over 20,000 visitors came to town, even drawing travelers from out of state. Featuring over 50 local breweries and over 100 beers, you can dance to the live music, sample the goods from the food trucks, and try out their interactive "Beer School" that has tastings and brewing demonstrations. Great American Beer Festival This is the big daddy of Colorado beer festivals, taking place right in Denver. 400 of the best breweries in the nation will serve more than 1,800 beers over one weekend; you'll have to come both nights to get your fill. Even though it's hosted right downtown, the large crowds create a parking nightmare, and with all of the beer being tasted, make sure you contact DPL for your transportation needs this weekend. Sesh Fest Dozens of breweries will gather in Denver to celebrate all beer, session-style. Perfect summer drinking, session ales are light and crisp, and with an ABV below 5%, you'll be able to try them all. This one is right in town, so you can still take your limo to other local events if the mood strikes you. This is just a small sample of all the beer festivals you can participate in this year in Denver and the surrounding areas. With so many good options, you could plan an entire beer tasting season! Play it safe and let Denver Premier Limousine's polished and professional drivers take you and your friends around the city and the state in a premier luxury vehicle for a summer to remember. Call 303.332.458 to help formulate your fest gameplan.  


Celebrate the Fourth of July with the Help of Your Denver Limo Service   


America's big birthday is just around the corner, so get ready for a weekend filled with music, barbeques, parades, and general merriment. The huge range of fireworks shows guarantees you'll be awed and entertained wherever the day takes you, and celebrating Independence Day in safety and style is easy when you rely on Denver luxury transportation to escort you around town to all the festivities the city has to offer. Littleton Red, White, and You Celebration, Friday July 1 The fact that this festival is in deep south Denver shouldn't deter you! Sit back and enjoy the ride in air-conditioned comfort as you're spirited straight to the party. With a beer and wine garden, a variety of tasty food concession options, community exhibitor booths, and free live music, this Littleton fest is a fun opportunity to see what the areas outside the city center have to offer. Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Thursday July 2- Monday July 4 A local staple, this free outdoor event in one of the loveliest neighborhoods in Denver hosts more than 350,000 visitors each year. It's your chance to appreciate the visual, performing, and culinary arts of the region through music and dance presentations, live cooking and samples from the best restaurants, and interactive activities with international artists. Eat and drink to your heart's content, knowing that your ride to the next spot is ready and waiting for you. Independence Eve Fireworks, Sunday July 3 This annual celebration at Civic Center Park will have a free concert, light show, and, of course, spectacular fireworks display. There's plenty of room in your Denver Premier Limousine to stow your lawn chair, blanket, and cooler until it's time to set up on the lawn and kick back for an evening of colorful fun. After the show is over, our professional drivers will pack up your things and whisk you off to the after party. There will also be music all over the city and surrounding areas, such as Red Rocks, Pepsi Center, and City Park; look for art shows like First Friday Art Walk, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, and the Colorado Renaissance Festival. From sporting events to family entertainment to dance exhibitions and beer festivals, there's sure to be a celebration that suits your fancy. With Independence Day festivals all over the state, including Estes Park, Evergreen, Fort Collins, Golden, and Boulder, and quality, professional transportation to and from any of these events, you're sure to get your fill of good food and amazing shows. Call us at Denver Premier Limousine at 303-332-4588 and check out our services online to help coordinate your big 4th of July weekend extravaganza. If you're visiting from out of town, we'll even come get you at the Denver International Airport and take you straight to your first event! It's a great way to take in the best of the city without worrying about directions, parking, or overindulging. We'll see to it that your trip is smooth and hassle-free.


Transportation Service for Corporate and Executive Travel    


Are you an executive that travels a lot on business and transportation to the airport is a big deal for you? If this is the case, then you may need to solicit help from a limousine service that specializes in corporate travel. There are so many benefits to have professional airport transportation when you are an executive on the go. No business person wants to get caught in traffic and subsequently miss a very important meeting? It will only cost more to reschedule the flight. Money is wasted and so is time. The Benefits Getting chauffeur driven to the airport is more reliable than taking a taxi cab or airport shuttle. Moreover, taxi companies tend to be less professional, despite the lower cost than using a chauffeur service. An airport limousine is such a better option for eliminating the risks and increasing the chance of getting to the desired and planned destination on time. Making an Informed Choice When you are a busy corporate executive, you want to ensure that the individuals that are counting on you to get to that business meeting are not disappointment. If you are going to choose a limo service to take you to the airport on time, it is best to do your research or get good referrals in order to make an informed choice. Be sure to ask the limo company for references if you are unable to get any good referrals. Relying on Reliability Search for a limousine service that specifically handles corporate transportation. These companies already understand the importance of being on time because they have experience in dealing with busy executives. Your travel could also be around town. In that case, make sure you provide your itinerary and schedule beforehand for convenience and reliability. Having a reliable vehicle and a driver that you can also rely on will make a whole lot of difference in keeping your appointments. Making an Impression Another way that a limo company can assist an executive is in a situation where there is a corporate event for out-of-town clients. A limo service can provide a luxury ride to the selected venue. This makes the corporate company look impressive to the clients. With such a favorable impression, then clients will definitely want to get the same special treatment over and over again. The limo service will also get the exposure needed to acquire those same clients in the future. At the same time, the corporate company using the limo service to transport clients to an event will create a positive reflection and provide a safe means of travel to its clients. It gives the clients the privacy that may be needed, especially if the clients are celebrities or well-known individuals. Lastly, the clients will travel in more comfort and style. If you are an executive or need executive corporate travel for your clients, consider hiring Denver Premier Limo Service for all your transportation needs. We offer specialized service of the highest quality that many executives of major corporations have already enjoyed.  Our drivers are qualified, courteous, prompt, professional, and reliable with years of experience in the industry. Call us today at (303) 332-4588 to schedule a pick up or a drop off.  


Book a Limousine Ride to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival   


One of the most well-known cultural events each year is the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. It takes place in Sloan's Lake Park and has been ongoing now for over sixteen years. The 5280 Magazine in Denver has called this festival one of the greatest in the state of Colorado. This year, the 2016 festival is scheduled to take place on July 30th and July 31st. The promoters have promised to please the crowd with a bigger and better experience. First, let's take a closer look at this event and how it came to be. The Tradition The Dragon Boat Festival in Colorado dates back to thousands of years. It took place in China and was known then as the Duanwu Festival. This actually remains an anticipated holiday in the mainland of Taiwan and China, spreading across the globe where natives have their own celebrations. The Expectation There is more to the competition than meets the eyes. Let's take a look at the exciting features to expect.  One such popular feature that has become a talking point for the Dragon Boat Festival is the break dancers who perform on the Cultural Unity Urban Arts Showcase stage. All weekend, these performers showcase their amazing hip hop dance moves, spoken word poetry, and DJ abilities as well as martial arts. The festival goes on for two whole days and there are participants of more than fifty boating teams in the competition. There are colorful boats used to race across the lake. More details of the festival include: 5 stages constructed for more than 100 performances Vendors showcasing their artwork, gifts, novelties, and crafts from the Pacific and from Asia Dragonland, which allows the kids to learn about different Asian projects such as making dragon masks and origami The food court boasts an assortment of diverse Asian cuisine and dishes Graffiti artists are accommodated to show their skills Lion dancing, which is an Asian tradition The Dragon Boat Festival has collaborated and partnered with the Anime Fest to provide this fun event for the citizens of Colorado. Free Event The event is free and family friendly. The Asian culture is the highlight of the event. Therefore, if you want to learn about Asian culture, this is the place to be, whether you are a visitor to Colorado or a resident. This diversified Pan Asian festival is exclusive to the United States. The focus is to bring a combination of traditional and modern cultural customs, performing arts, Asian cuisine and a unique marketplace of unique arts and crafts from specialized vendors. The dragon boat racing is the main attraction, though. This dragon boat festival began in 2001 and since then, the committee members who organize the event have been able to throw a huge party on Sloan's Lake Park to celebrate the diverse and rich Asian communities in Denver. Every year, this event becomes larger and larger. In 2014, it has been reported that the attendance for the entire weekend was 125,000 people and it continues to grow. If you would like to attend this dragon boat festival next week, be sure to contact Denver Premier Limo Service in advance to schedule your ride. You want to get to the event in style. Call us 303-332-4588 to discuss your transportation needs.  


Professional Transportation Service for the Busy Executive    


If you own a busy company or you are a busy executive, you probably understand the significance of corporate ground transportation. You may have to attend regular meetings, conduct sales calls, see clients, and possibly visit vendors. With all these particular needs, the busy executive will improve efficiency by having reliable and exclusive transportation. Corporate Needs While transportation for corporate executives may not get the highlight that it should, you might learn about it when it does not work smoothly. This is a shame, though because when corporate transportation is provided in a superior and professional manner, it can improve the lives of working executives and their staff. It also projects a powerful and positive image for the company. It is important, then, to choose specialized transportation service that fulfills these things and has the capacity to handle all your corporate transport needs. Limousine Service In a general sense, there are a few areas where vendors do fall short. However, for the most part, limousine services usually offer optimum service. When things do not go smoothly, you can help to prevent the pitfalls. Let's take a closer look. If you have used a limousine service in the past as an executive, your main objective is reaching your destination in a timely manner without any hassle. You don't want to spend time concerned about how you will get from one destination to the next. You are also looking for convenience and professionalism from the limousine company. The Client In addition, as a busy executive, courting your clients in a comfortable limousine is quite consequential to gaining respect, a good business reputation, and possibly an increase in your bottom line. No client or prospect wants to feel ignored or rushed, just because transportation has to be quick. With a limousine service, your chauffeur will follow your instructions carefully and will only act upon cue from you. Therefore, if you need time to show your client around, then that is what you should expect from the chauffeur. The Chauffeur Moreover, your chauffeur will oftentimes know the area quite well. For that reason, you can be sure that if you are running late, the chauffeur will utilize and access other easier routes to your destination. While getting to your destination is the top priority, the chauffeur will ensure that you arrive safely. Therefore, choose a transportation provider that excels in the services provided, allowing for your needs to come first. The Service At the end of the day, the transportation company's responsibility is to make the busy executive happy enough to use the service over and over again. There should be an inventory of comfortable and superior vehicles, a convenient reservation system, and courteous and highly trained employees. Always try to improve the limo service at every possible opportunity. There are several avenues where you can fail as a transportation service, especially if employees are not capable to perform the high level of service that is required in this industry. It is all in the details and a management culture that identifies the significance of crucial details. Call Denver Premier Limo Service today at (303) 332-4588 to schedule your corporate pick up or drop off.  


How to Choose the Ideal Limo for Your Special Occasion   


When you are planning a special occasion, you may have to reserve a limo. It is an excellent idea to conduct research, after which you would contact up to three limousine companies. You will have a chance to compare prices and know the services offered. On the website, there are many limo companies that don't provide their rates. So, you have to make the phone call to ask for additional information and to make the reservations. Before the Reservation Of course, many limo companies provide a wide variety of services and have many vehicles to choose from. Prior to making your reservations, you should be prepared to ask questions and get an accurate quote. Be patient because this process can be quite a challenge, if you are dealing with the company for the first time. Don't just ask for pricing, but also what to expect with the services that will be provided. There are several other things to consider other than pricing. The Service Again, before you rent a limousine in Denver, you should be aware of the kind and level of services provided. This is important to your particular event. First, you have to know the number of people in your party. This will determine the limousine model that you will choose. You will have a chance to choose between single or double occupancy to group occupancy. It all depends on the event. For example, if you were going to a special date with someone, then you could choose either the single occupancy or double occupancy model. You will have the option to choose from a range of vehicles. Many limo companies carry Hummers, sedan, van, SUVs, buses, coaches, and/or stretch caddies. The Insurance You also have to consider insurance. Most limo companies will already have this in place, but to be sure, it is best to ask for proof of insurance. Your safety is important and so a safety policy should be one of the priorities. In other words, insurance is important, whether you are the driver of a vehicle or the passenger. In the case of an accident, you will be covered. Additional Offers Ask for additional offers such as discounts for booking in advance. Some limo companies offer complimentary wine or free bunch of flowers for your date. There are others that will have the chauffeur work for additional hours, when you need it. Most limousines have an entertainment system as an added incentive and convenience.   The Rate The rates for hiring a limo service will vary, depending on the time of day and hour of day of the reservation and the season in which your event or special occasion will take place. For example, if you need weekend service, then the higher rates will reflect this. You may pay less for the service, if you needed it during the week. Type of Charter You also need to ask what type of charter is offered. Some of these include: Hourly charter Airport transfer Point A to Point B charter If you needed transportation to the airport, for instance, you may be charged a fixed rate instead of an hourly rate. Select the limo that matches the event theme. Choose a limo company that provides quality service and make sure you establish upfront the number of hours required. Call Denver Premier Limo Service at 303-332-4588 today to schedule your limo service.


Hop into a Denver Limousine for an Adventurous Time on the Town   


From the chic night club lounges, the hot spots, and energetic dance floors in the city of Denver, residents know how to let their hair down and have a party in sophisticated style. If you want to join the party, why not put on the perfect outfit, get a group of your friends together or that special individual and explore the glamour nightlife in the city of Denver? Let's look at some of the hot night spots together. Larimer Square During the day, Larimer Square and lower down town (LoDo) Denver are heavily populated. The city is graced with the presence of its stylish residents who love to visit the chic boutiques, comfy cafes, and watch people as they go by. At night, though, it is a different ball game. The city is transformed into the most magnificent experience. Within a few blocks of Larimer Square, there is enough excitement to ignite the city and draw out the most active party animals. Get in the Mood Are you in the mood for a little bubble tonight? Does the idea of lavish champagne and a crude bar hang out in Larimer Square seem enticing to you? If you are looking for a little intimacy, Corridor 44 will seem like a good idea. It is a place that will bring out your sensuality in an unabashed manner. You will be comfortable in the oversized chairs. The vivacious bar will get your attention with its featured bottles of liquor, and prestigious wine list. The Underground At the Green Russell club, you will be entertained by the underground secrecy, if you are looking for privacy. The norm is sipping the sophisticated and refined spirits that are available. You certainly won't be disappointed with the ambience. The Green Russell has an assortment of fresh baked pies and appetizers. You don't need a password to partake.   The Cruise Room If you are looking for a place to kick back and still enjoy the style and setting of an exotic club scene, then the Cruise Room would be the obvious choice. This is one of the coolest cocktail bars in the city of Denver. It is located in an historic building at the Oxford Hotel. You will feel as if you were frozen in time with just one evening in this artistically fashioned lounge. Conservative Entertainment Are you more conservative and would prefer some old-fashioned entertainment? You would certainly enjoy Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret. A basement location, Lannie's offers big bands, comedy acts, burlesque shows, and talented singers. Tavern Downtown Looking for a tavern to relax with your friends or other half? The Tavern Downtown carries the sound that you would enjoy. It is an historic building, turned into a warehouse and ideal for the sports enthusiast. Of course, it has a game room, and dance floor, if you feel like 'throwing some legs.' Try out your vocals on a special night that they have karaoke. If you are visiting Denver and want to get to any of these locations, why not ride in style with Denver Premier Limo Service? Contact us at 303-332-4588 to discuss your luxury transportation needs.


What to Consider When Tipping Your Denver Limo Driver   


Many people are not aware that there are actually two types of limousine drivers. There are limo drivers who are paid for the hour and those who receive a fixed rate. The limo driver that charges an hourly rate will be paid for the time that is spent transporting a client to a specific destination. This may take several hours or less. It all depends on the scope of the job. The limo driver that charges a fixed rate will only get a set amount for the entire time spent transporting the client to the destination. If you are going on a short run, then either the fixed rate or hourly rate would do fine. However, on a longer run, the fixed rate would probably work better. The Chauffeur Some chauffeurs may boast about transporting celebrity customers and getting huge tips. However, a good chauffeur is the one that is humble and has a quiet confidence to do the job at the best of his or ability. A chauffeur with such confidence will tend to ease the tension of the client and provide a peaceful environment for the client. A good chauffeur will arrive on time. This should be someone with knowledge of the area, professionalism, and the ability to provide outstanding service every time. No matter the situation, the experienced chauffeur will always do an excellent job. Driving clients around all day is not complicated, but a good limo driver must possess a set of high level skills and personality traits. This person should be service-oriented, forthright, hardworking, and pleasant. What to Consider The cost of renting a limousine for a night event would probably be a fixed amount. The chauffeur is paid for time spent with the client. This does not include preparing the limousine for the event. The driver will have to go to a site location to pick up the limo and then drive to pick up the passenger. The cost is calculated from the time that the driver picks you up to drop off time. The Tipping Now that you are aware the importance of a limousine chauffeur and the optimal service that this individual provides, it is time to discuss how you will tip your driver, not only for encouragement, but deservedly so. Tipping is just a good way to show your appreciation. You should use your discretion in determining a fair tip. If you were to leave a mess behind in the limo, then it is suggested that you give the chauffeur a substantial tip. Remember that the driver has to clean out the vehicle after the ride and the messier you make it, the more work that the driver will have. Leaving a tip of 35 percent of the total charges would not be unmerited in such a case. Length of Trip If the trip is a short one, then you can leave a smaller tip. For example, if a limo driver is taking you from the airport to your home, up to $20 in tip should be decent enough and acceptable. If your destination is an hour or more long, you could consider a tip of $40. If you gave the driver $20, it will also be accepted. For your limousine service contact the professionals at Denver Premier Limo Service. Call today: (303) 332-4588 for a scheduled pick up or drop off.  


Choose Denver Premier Limousine Service for Your Next Event   


Limousines are typically used for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and other momentous events. On a special day it is exciting to be treated to your own limousine service for many reasons. Let's take a closer look at what goes into making the choice of a limousine, car service or car rental. When Alcohol is Involved At every special occasion where alcohol is served, many of the guests may over consume and safety becomes more important than anything else. Therefore, it is safer to have the guests transported by an experienced chauffeur rather than to drive to the destination on your own. Moreover, the chauffeur will ensure that everyone arrives safely home. With just the address given by the host, the chauffeur will know the area well enough to take the guests from Point A to Point B safely. What Women Prefer Luxury vehicles are the popular choice among women who want to attend an important celebration. Most women would prefer to keep their outfits unwrinkled and to show up in style with all of their friends, therefore, they do not want to be crammed in a small car. Instead, a luxury vehicle is the better option for a chance to relax and get to the event with peers at the same time. Women prefer to ride in elegance and class. What better way to do that than with a Denver limousine service. The High School Student The same is true for the high school student who may be attending a prom. In a prom gown and with the most fabulous hairstyle, a teenager wants that extra special attention. The ideal choice for this occasion is a limousine since some of these teenagers don't drive yet or not allowed to do so by their parents. In these cases, a limousine ride is the ideal option! Men in Tuxedos Let's not leave the men out of this. When a man spends the time to dress up, and take a date to a function, he wants it to be special. He will feel good about renting a Denver limousine service to take his date to that unforgettable event. Using his regular car may not be the most fashionable, there is no reason not to arrive in style. A luxury car would add a level of maturity and a feeling of significance on this special day. In fact, it is a good opportunity for everyone to create amazing memories - make sure to print and share your photos! The Specifics Before you sign the contract for reserving a limo, you should read the fine print and ask questions. You want to make sure that you are following the guidelines and you are getting into an agreement that you can afford. Many limo companies charge by the hour and may require you to pay a deposit. Prices will vary, so do your research. To cut cost, you could ask for a group rate and choose the vehicle that you can afford. Visit Denver Premier Limo Service today to find out the cost and affordability of renting a limousine for your special event. Please call 303-332-4588 for more specifics, we'd be happy to assist you with all your Denver limousine service needs.  


The Average Cost of Renting a Limousine in Denver   


When you ride in a limo, you add a touch of elegance, luxury and class to any occasion or event. This is especially true for graduation proms, weddings, homecomings, bachelor parties, music concerts, dates, or sporting events. However, there are some mandatory costs associated with renting a limousine. Let's make sure you understand these costs before choosing which company to rent your Denver limousine from. The Basic Costs The general cost for a limo is between $65 and $100 per hour. If you decide to jazz up your choice in limo rental and go with a vintage or classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce or stretch Hummer, you will be paying over $100 to $300 per hour. Many limousine companies like Denver Premier Limousine offer packaged deals for specific events. For example, for a wedding or graduation, you should expect a cost of up to $600. Since these events can last up to 8 hours, you are getting a good deal! Luxury Vehicles If you aren't concerned with price, your bill could go up to $1,800 for the whole night, if you were to add extras such as leather interior, mini bar or video entertainment. You can expect some of the larger vehicles such as the stretch Hummer to have a flat screen television, bottles of wine or champagne, and full bar. For wedding transportation, you might like the luxury treatment of flowers, red carpet, and balloons along with a sign that reads, "Just Married". Timing Some limo companies start the clock at the time the vehicle leaves the company's parking lot while others do so as soon as you are being picked up for your event so be sure to check with your limo company. If the limo driver has to wait, you will be paying for that time as well. The Party Some limousine companies will allow smoking and drinking, but other limo services do not. Drinking for underage individuals is illegal and strictly prohibited by all limo companies as it is a liability. If you and your friends decide to take the party to the next level, make sure the limo is not damaged or soiled, otherwise you will be paying the cleaning fee. Make sure you address the cleaning fee before you decide to rent, just in case. The Incidentals Some limo companies will charge up to $30 for each stop that the chauffeur has to make along the way, especially for multiple stops or drop-offs. Be sure to request information pertaining to this prior to making your reservations. Chauffeur Tip The limo company will usually not include the chauffeurs tip in the rental rate. Therefore, it is your responsibility to tip the driver at least 10% gratuity or more. Remember that your chauffeur is there to take you to and from safely. If you had an overall good experience, then be mindful of the driver's tip. Call Denver Premier Limo Service today at 303-332-4588 to discuss your special event transportation needs. We will be happy to schedule a pick-up for you and all your friends.


Why You Need A Denver Limo Service For Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party   


Are you or one of your loved ones planning a wedding? Before the big day, it's tradition to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party to celebrate your last days of being single. If you're involved in the planning process, don't forget to schedule transportation for you and your guests through a Denver limo service. Why do you need a limo? Take a look at some of the many reasons:   Intimacy Bachelor and bachelorette parties are supposed to be about spending time with your loved ones and creating memories that you'll never forget. But, if one or more of your loved ones have to drive and your guests are all split between multiple vehicles, you miss out on bonding together during the ride to and from the event. With a limo, you don't have to sacrifice the intimacy of being together as a group since all of your guests can probably fit into one vehicle. It may not seem like a big deal, but every moment together counts during a special occasion like a bachelor or bachelorette party.   Focus on Fun If you're traveling to multiple locations as part of the bachelor or bachelorette party, finding transportation to each stop can be a pain especially if everyone is drinking. Calling taxis, waiting around for the driver to show up, and then frantically trying to give him directions from the back seat is not a good way to spend such a special evening together. But, hiring a limo to drive you and your other guests around will allow you to focus on the fun of the evening instead of stressing out about the logistics. Make your bachelorette party even more memorable with one of these 14 bachelorette party ideas and themes.   Photo Opportunity Riding in a limo with all of your close friends is the perfect photo opportunity for social media. While you travel to your destination, spend some time posing for selfies and snapping the perfect shots to upload to your social media accounts. After all, this is supposed to be a night to remember, and there's no better way to remember it than by taking photos with all of your loved ones.   Parking Depending on where you plan on going for the bachelor or bachelorette party, it may be difficult to find parking. This is especially true if you have popular bars or restaurants on the agenda for the evening and it's a busy weekend night. Instead of forcing all of your guests to circle the neighborhood over and over until someone finally backs out of a spot, rent a limo so you don't have to worry about where you're going to park your vehicle or how much parking fees are going to cost.   Call Denver Premier Limousine Service today at 303-332-4588 to discuss the scheduling transportation for you and your guests at your upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party. Our team would be happy to assist you with all of your transportation needs to ensure you have an evening you will never forget!


Tips For Riding With Kids in Limos in Denver   


Riding in limos in Denver is an experience that kids will never forget. But, to make sure everyone in the limo enjoys their trip, it's important to teach your children how to behave when in a limo. Here are some basic tips to help everyone in the family enjoy the ride: Stay seated The back of a limo is fairly spacious, but that doesn't mean kids should be up and about the entire trip. The limo driver may need to brake unexpectedly or make a sharp turn, and if your child isn't seated, he or she could be injured. Protect your kids by making sure they understand the same safety rules apply for cars and limos—they must stay seated and put their seatbelts on (if the limo is equipped with seatbelts) for the entire duration of the trip. Don't distract the driver Limo drivers are responsible for keeping everyone in the limo as safe as possible, so make sure your kids are taught to let them do their job. If the screen separating the driver and the passengers is down, make sure your kids don't throw things into the front cabin or scream loudly at the driver to take his attention off of the road. Learn the facts about distracted driving.   Play a fun game together If you're traveling far to get to your destination, kids may become antsy sitting in the back of a limo. Keep them busy by playing a fun road trip game together, such as I-Spy, where one person gives a clue about an object in the vehicle and the others have to guess what it is, or the License Plate Game, where you try to spot plates from all 50 states. Ask about snacks When you book your limo service, ask if they will provide any food or drinks in the back of the limo, and if so, what will be offered. If nothing is being provided by the limo service, bring a few snacks and beverages with you so kids don't get hungry during the trip. Even if you're taking a short trip, there's something about eating and drinking in the back of a limo that will make kids feel cool, so it will make the trip more enjoyable for them. Don't cause any damage When kids get excited, they tend to act a little rambunctious. Talk to your kids about treating the inside of the limo the same way they would treat the inside of your car.  This will save you the headache of having to keep a close eye on your kids to ensure they aren't causing any damage.   By following these basic tips, you can guarantee a fun time for every member of the family. Call Denver Premier Limousine Service today at 303-332-4588 to discuss scheduling transportation for you and your family's next event. Our team would be happy to assist you with all of your transportation needs to ensure everything runs smoothly so you can focus on having fun at your event.

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