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BMW Team RLL Finishes Fourth and Eighth at Baltimore   


BMW Team RLL experienced a disappointing day at the Baltimore Sports Car Challenge after a controversial call by the race steward took the lead of the race away my image


2011 Nfl Schedule Falcons Have Brutal First 5 Games But 4 In   


2011 Nfl Schedule Falcons Have Brutal First 5 Games But 4 In в форуме Малахов+.
2011 Nfl Schedule: Falcons Have Brutal First 5 Games, But 4 In PrimeThe Panthers, however, appear a team in need of a new quarterback. Reporter Ryan Rishaug will be conducting interviews with players and family from the stands. All hope is not lost for the 2-time buy super bowl loser shirts in africa cheap though.xm, san diego chargers, carolina panthersYet appears like that nobody wants to dicuss about the defending Super Bowl champs.Former Iowa linebacker Chad Greenway for you to stay in Minnesota for his entire NFL employment.Many say that the AFC East title is finally all over again up for grabs. I beg to differ. Not because brand new England Patriots have you shouldn't sensational squad wholesale mlb jerseys that won them so many Super Bowls over advertise several years (they don't), but because no one else in the AFC East is to be able to take their place. Here are some my 2006 AFC East predictions.The point the team needs as the returning buy super bowl loser shirts in africa cheap is a distraction. They got that last week when issues charges were filed against Ben Roethlisberger. Take that media circus and multiply it by two or three if for example the Steelers sign Michael Vick.Lions at Raiders - This is among the most those games I had to think that's about. You have the worst team in the league this past year at home against carbohydrates are the next worst team in the league. Both worked to further improve their offenses this year so Let me go with the team while using the best shelter. Raiders over Lions.Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Buffalo Bills - May I say, Alex Van Pelt's offense made the invoices look halfway decent Monday night against a better team. I'm sure it was an improvement for the franchise over what we saw previously understanding that will all of them at home against a Buccaneers team still adapting to a new coaching strategy. Bills win.Fitzgerald is quite impressive during the playoffs. In three games, Fitzgerald has 23 catches for 419 yards and five TDs. What a lot more impressive the subject is that even in double coverage, Fitzgerald finds a strategy to outjump the opposition to secure the ball. Additionally teammate Anquan Boldin the federal government action, this makes it much more dangerous in this offense to find the end zone. Boldin is the sure hands, short route receiver while Fitzgerald could be the deep threat receiver. These two players have benefited tremendously from an offense provides done fairly good job in giving Warner time to throw.Seattle Seahawks- The Seattle Seahawks is actually an average team in 2008. Luckily for them the NFC is an outstanding place for average teams to increase. The loss of Shaun Alexander and D.J. Hackett will cripple the offense even using addition of Julius Jackson. Their defense in order to be the critical another playoff berth.He has started 128 straight games. That's third previously league behind sure Hall of Famers Bret Favre and Peyton Manning. Assuming only regular season starts, he's made 110; that's fourth historical behind Favre (253), Manning (160), Ron Jaworski (116).Today can be a new day, however, anf the husband secures lone recognition a football player can getting. Congratulations to Marshall Faulk, football legend, Super Bowl Champion, Hall of Famer, and Aztec for life. The Heisman Voters may have missed the potential. Now, it is time for Hillcrest State University to supply him with a different statue, a single sits proudly on campus for the greatest Aztec ever sold.
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Baltimore and annapolis athletics
03.07.2019 06:12:41, egumarsh.


Howard County Real Estate   


Serving the counties of Howard, Ann Arundel, and Baltimore, Pat Hiban is your number one source for Maryland Real Estate.


Job for interns in a restaurant located in Baltimore, MD   


Job for interns in a restaurant located in Baltimore, MD. Three interns are needed on the positions of wait/hoststaff. Salary is $10/hour, housing is $125/week. Apply on Job id 2167.


LUCOM professor, Dr. Michael Lockwood, honored in Baltimore during world's largest osteopathic conference   


American Osteopathic Association awards Dr. Michael Lockwood the Distinguished Service Certificate


'Tis the season ... for bad ads   


One way for me to retain sanity in the face of the commercial onslaught of Christmas is to keep an ear and/or eye out for the utterly lamest, most obvious attempt to co-opt Christmas for commercial gain. This is a periodic, if not annual, tradition: previous 1, previous 2.

The bar is low, obviously, but my favorites are always the ads in which the merchant tries to establish a connection between their blatantly off-season or aseasonal offering and the holidays. My favorite so far this year is a company that offers zipline tours up on one of the San Juan islands. The premise of their ad — and this is a typical strategy — is that so-and-so is just so hard to get a gift for, so the answer is a gift certificate for a zipline tour! The ad writer in this case felt obliged to provide some backstory on the putative recipient and why swinging through the trees was just the thing for him. Presumably the simple offer of the tour was by itself insufficiently, um, compelling.

My radio listening is way down in latter years, so I'm not really sampling broadly. This is a good thing in general, of course, since it spares me exposure to foolishness like this. On the other hand, it reduces my enjoyment of this little exercise.

Got any candidates?

PS Apologies to John McIntyre for the title.






Psychological Distress among Patients with a Severe Lower Limb Injury   


OTA 2002 - Session 3 Session III - Polytrauma Fri., 10/11/02 Polytrauma, Paper #21, 4:47 PM Psychological Distress among Patients with a Severe Lower Limb Injury Melissa L. McCarthy, ScD ; Ellen J. MacKenzie, PhD; David Edwin, PhD; Michael J. Bosse, MD; Renan C. Castillo, MS; Adam J. Starr, MD; Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Southwest Airlines Begins Service in Denver, Announces Additional Flights and Destinations   


New service announced to Baltimore/Washington and Salt Lake City

(PRWeb January 03, 2006)

Read the full story at


Southwest Airlines Grows Across the Nation With New Nonstop Service; Schedule Enhancements Help Southwest Airlines Meet Customer Demand   


Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) announced today the addition of 33 new nonstop flights in 26 city-pairs across the nation, including brand new nonstop service between Baltimore/Washington and Pittsburgh, between Cleveland and Orlando, between Dallas Love Field and Birmingham, and between Reno/Lake Tahoe and San Diego.

(PRWeb November 16, 2006)

Read the full story at


Council for Economic Education to Welcome Over 500 Economic Educators and Financial Literacy Experts At 52nd Annual Conference in Baltimore   


Education Non-Profit Hosts Leaders from CFPB, FINRA, Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

(PRWeb September 20, 2013)

Read the full story at


Early Preview of 1- and 2-Day Classes at QUEST!   


Be the first to view part of the QUEST 2014 conference program with this sneak peek of 1- and 2-day classes! Stay tuned this month as different parts of the full program are unveiled! Don’t miss the chance to learn from the best when QUEST 2014 comes to Baltimore – Washington D.C. this spring! Plan... Read more »

The post Early Preview of 1- and 2-Day Classes at QUEST! appeared first on QUEST 2014 Conference and EXPO.


Deceptive sales practices knocked at ESX   


Solicited Baltimore residents share their stories
Amy Canfield
Spencer Ives

BALTIMORE—Diane Pruitt, a resident here, recently had two young men knock on her door, lie to her about her security system and which company they were from, and persistently tried to sell her a different system.

Derrick Layton, a retired Baltimore police officer had a similar encounter, even after he told the solicitors they were dealing with a police officer and showed them his badge.

Pruitt and Layton shared their experiences at ESX 2015, held here, during a news conference about deceptive sales practices.

“It only takes a few small companies … to damage the trust for consumers in the entire industry,” said Casey Callaway of the Better Business Bureaus.

Trust is imperative for the security industry, said Jay Hauhn, CSAA executive director, and scams have a negative impact. He cited Security Systems News’ August 2014 News Poll, in which a vast majority—82 percent—of respondents called these sales practices problematic.

Pruitt, the Baltimore resident, said the salesmen who came to her door lied about being from ADT. They also told Pruitt that any crook could tell from her ADT yard sign what type of system she had and how to get into it.

The men still persistently tried to convince Pruitt to change her system, even after admitting to not being from ADT and being pushed out the door.

A salesperson told Layton, the police officer, that his system could be accessed through the salesperson’s tablet—though this claim was never backed up. The solicitor also called ADT fraudulent. This salesperson kept up the hard sell, even after Layton showed the solicitor his police badge.

Jay Hauhn emphasized that there are many honest door-knocking companies, who do not use deceptive sales practices.

Layton said the dishonest companies "are taking advantage of people, and hurting them. ... These companies need to be shut down,” Layton said. “All this is is a scam, and there's nothing that can be done unless people make a phone call [and report it]."

Callaway of the Better Business Bureau shared five tips for consumers.

The presentation featured a video testimony from a military family recalling their encounter with scamming practices, including misrepresenting ADT and very high-pressure tactics.  

Marshall Marinace, president of ESA, shared his hope that ESA members will make the ESA Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct a part of their companies. This document provides security companies with guidelines on ethical practices.

David Bleisch, ADT general counsel, said that complaints have doubled in the past year, but he declined to reveal the number of complaints.

ADT offers up to a $5,000 reward—down from $25,000 last year—for whistleblowers who report deceptive sales practices that result in convictions.

“Fraud begins at the front door,” Bleisch told SSN in an earlier interview. Solicitors often tell homeowners that their security company has gone out of business, that they’re there to upgrade the existing system, or they claim to be from the alarm manufacturer.

“The scams are endless. People are sometimes getting double-billed and are sometimes left without any security protection,” Bleich told SSN.

“We have no problem with door-knocking, the problem is with people lying,” he said.

“If we as an industry step up, this won’t happen. Trusted companies will stamp it out. We’re all going to work very hard on that,” Bleisch said.


October 3, 2012   


USA vs. Belgium Clubs

Someone emailed me yesterday saying he was pretty sure Belgium didn't have 500 full-time clubs, as I'd quoted someone posting yesterday. There's no way to judge from here. But the key is that both seem to agree they have 500 clubs in an area about the size of Maryland with about twice the population. Maryland, the state with the highest percentage of USATT members among its population, has only six clubs. That's about an 83-1 ratio by area, or 42-1 by population. I think we're outgunned.

The writer also pointed out that clubs in Europe are organized differently and said there's no point in comparing numbers, but I disagree. People are people, and if we create a good product, they will come. Every time someone has opened a nice table tennis club in the U.S. and run it properly, the people have come. The limiting factor isn't the U.S.; it's the small number of people in the U.S. able and willing to create such clubs. Sure, Belgium and other European countries have more government support, but entrepreneurs in the U.S. have shown over and over that professional table tennis clubs can make it in the U.S.  Look no further than the San Francisco Bay area, where new full-time clubs seem to pop up every week.

There's a reason why so many can open in a relatively small area and be successful. While more dedicated players will travel longer distances to play at a nice club, something like 90% of a club's business is with players within five miles. That's five miles in both directions, so call it a square with a ten mile diameter, or 100 square miles. You could ring most major cities with full-time clubs, as they have in the Bay area, and they'd barely affect each other. Plus the major cities themselves, with their much denser populations, can support a larger percentage. (The Maryland Table Tennis Center, my club, is about 15 miles north of Washington D.C.  I once estimated that the D.C. area could support 20-30 full-time clubs.)

Of course, from the point of view of each club, do we really want more local clubs that will take away some business? Of course it hurts a little bit, but not nearly as much as you'd think. More clubs means more players, and more players mean a larger field to draw when running leagues and tournaments. The simple reality is that most of a club's business is not only local, but from locals they develop themselves by promoting the sport and setting up programs that meet the needs of the players, i.e. leagues, coaching programs, etc.

Here's the current list of full-time clubs in the USA. I really wish USA Table Tennis had chosen to get involved in recruiting and training of coaches and promoters to set up these centers (as well as leagues), but my proposals to them over the years haven't convinced them. So we're on our own. Why not take an online virtual tour? Each of these clubs is the result of someone who took the initiative. They are the heroes of our sport, the ones who will take it to the next level.

The Orioles Excuse

Some readers may remember my back problem tribulations of last year. I got over them from a regimen of weight training and stretching. After the back was better, I stopped weight training, and so far my back has survived. However, the weight training did something else - it made me play better. In particular, my upper body and legs were stronger, and this led to my better play. I found myself looping with mobility, consistency, and power that I hadn't had in years.

Now it's mostly gone and I'm back to futilely waving at balls as they whip past me. The solution? Back to weight training. However - I'm going to put it off a few more days, possibly a few more weeks. I've been following Baltimore Orioles baseball, and now they are in the playoffs. I usually did weight training at Planet Fitness on the way home from coaching sessions at the club, which often finish as the Orioles are about to play. They could be done as early as Friday (if they don't win the AL East today over the Yankees and then lose in the one-game wild-car playoff), or they could continue all the way to the World Series, with a potential seventh game scheduled on Nov. 1.  

So here's my vow. Starting after the Orioles finish their season, I will start up weight training again. Opponents beware!!!

USA Junior and Cadet Team Selection Procedures

Here is how USATT will selection their 2013 junior and cadet teams.

Ryder Cup Table Tennis

It seems the real reason USA lost to Europe at the Ryder Cup is the golfers spent all their time playing ping-pong. Here's another article on the topic care of Table Tennis Nation. (Yesterday I wrote about Phil Mickelson at the Ryder Cup; last Thursday I wrote about how table tennis was the heart of Team USA bonding at Ryder Cup.)

The Ping-Pong Round Table

I'm not sure if this is a conference table or King Arthur's table, but it looks like fun.

The King Kong of Ping Pong

Yes, King Kong plays ping-pong. Guess what he uses for balls?


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March 27, 2014   


USATT CEO and Membership Director Leaving

Huge changes are afoot at USATT - here's the article. USATT CEO Mike Cavanaugh resigned after seven years, taking a job with USA Handball. (Here's his goodbye letter.) And Membership Director Joyce Grooms is retiring on April 4 after a long tenure - I'm not sure how long, but I'm guessing it goes back to the 1990s or so. I've worked with both of them for many years and consider them good friends - and now we'll have some big shoes to fill. It's going to cause some serious continuity problems. 

Who should our next CEO be? With all due respect to Mike, I believe we need a real table tennis person who can develop the infrastructure of our sport. That was the point of my Ping-Pong Apartments essay in my March 21 blog - we have got to stop trying to sell a broken product and fix the broken product first. Then we can sell it.

I doubt if I'll apply for the CEO position, but several people have urged me to apply. I don't think the USATT Board would want someone who would push for such major changes - most boards, by their very nature, are highly resistant to change. But I was urged on Facebook last night to apply for the position. Here is my response:

I'd want to completely change the focus of the organization, and I don't think the USATT board of directors is ready for that. Focus should be (not in order of priority) 1) setting up a network of regional leagues throughout the U.S., with the goal of hundreds of thousands of members, as is done in Europe and Asia; 2) recruiting and training professional coaches to set up and run full-time training centers and junior programs; and 3) striving for a professional league or tournament circuit for the top players. (There is a current one, which needs to continue to grow and gain sponsors. But membership growth is the best way to increase revenue for this and other programs.)

Also need to focus on college scholarship programs as incentive for junior players and their parents, and on turning the Nationals and/or U.S. Open into a serious event that brings in real sponsorships, and on fund-raising. I'd also want to bring back the print magazine (and the advertising they are about to lose), and instead simply add the online magazine as a way to increase advertising. 

We also need to regionalize the sport, breaking the country into a number of self-governing regions, and develop the sport region by region, as it is done overseas. Once the sport is moving in the right direction, then we can sell it to the masses and to sponsors.  

I'd be very hands-on with the first three items listed, on magazine issues, and on regionalization. I'd be focusing on membership growth, which has never been a serious USATT priority. But USATT probably isn't ready for such change, and isn't likely to hire someone who can barely tie a tie.

Another important issue: We need more working committees made up of volunteers. I'm a member of SFWA, and they have all sorts of things going on, all volunteer run. They run conventions with 6000 people with no paid workers - that's nearly ten times the size of our Nationals and Open. Even their extensive web page is all volunteer run. The key is to find qualified volunteers, put them in charge of something, and let them loose. And then others can focus on developing the sport instead of trying to do every little thing. (Key word: "working" committees. USATT has lots of non-working committees.)

Another big issue: USATT (staff, board, and CEO) spends huge amounts of time and energy on what I call "fairness" issues, which keeps them from progressive issues, i.e. the issues that develop our sport. Fairness issues are important, but should go to committees, and unless the committee's conclusion is nonsense, USATT should normally adopt the committee's recommendation. This allows the CEO and others to focus on developing the sport. 

Having said all this, here's the problem I would face as CEO - I've been urging USATT to do these things for many years, not just here on my blog but in person at USATT Board Meetings and Strategic Meetings. I've done a number of reports to the board on how to increase membership, develop juniors, grow leagues in this country, etc. Much of this stuff is obvious to anyone involved in our sport - and if I can't convince the USATT Board to do the obvious stuff, how can I get them to do the less obvious stuff? So I wouldn't even consider such a CEO position unless I had almost complete buy-in from the board on these changes that are necessary if we want our sport to grow. The USATT Board sets policy, and the CEO enacts policy - so to do the policies I'd want, I'd need the Board to go along with them. I have zero interest otherwise.

Two other weaknesses I would face as a CEO: I don't look good in suits, and I have little patience with incompetent people in high places. (And I've made enemies in our sport because of this.) I can overcome this last one and smile and show patience with incompetent people when necessary, but I'll never look comfortable in any type of a suit other than a warm-up suit. Another weakness is I'm not particularly comfortable with strangers - I'm much more comfortable working with people I know or who are already within USATT. I'm not one to "work the room" or to wine and dine people - I'm not a "schmoozer." I don't think much of this is necessary while we are developing the sport in this country.

There's also the small problem that despite all my experience in table tennis, I've never actually been a CEO. But we'll have an office manager, so the CEO's primary job right now (in my opinion) would be to develop the sport in this country, which takes more table tennis experience and know-how than CEO experience. As I wrote above, once the sport is moving in the right direction, then we can sell it to the masses and to sponsors. That's when I'd have to get out of the way and let someone else do that job.

Bottom line - if we want to continue as a status-quo organization like we've done for so long, then USATT should once again hire someone who looks like a CEO rather than someone who will develop the sport.

Reality check: Me, as USATT CEO? Not likely. I'll hold onto my day job. (Actually, it's a day and night job as table tennis coach, organizer, promoter, and writer.)

Crystal Wang and Sports Illustrated

Just got the word that Crystal Wang should be featured in next week's Sports Illustrated in their "Faces in the Crowd" section. (This is for her recently becoming the youngest U.S. Team member ever at age 12 years 14 days, along with youngest ever Under 22 Women's Singles Champion.) I'd been sending out regular press releases, and finally got a big bite! (Though she'd also been featured recently in the Baltimore Sun.) I took the picture they will be using at the club last night. The issue should come out next Wednesday, with the online version coming out the Monday afterwards.

Chinese Team Special Training

Here's an article on how the Chinese Team had a special training session where they played matches where players were prohibited from using certain receives, forcing them to develop other receive techniques. Zhang Jike and Xu Xin were banned from using the banana stroke or the chiquita [backhand banana flips] while Ma Long was prohibited from using a drop-shot reception in their respective matches. I often have players do similar training, where a match is played where a player has to do certain things, such as every point starting with a serve and loop, or where a player has to attack every serve.

Table Tennis Great Deng Yaping Encourages More China Players to Represent Other Countries

Here's the article. And here's info on the all-time great Deng Yaping, often called the greatest woman player of all time. (3-time World Women's Singles Champion, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist in Women's Singles, and #1 in the world for eight straight years.)

Interview with Mike Mezyan - Parts 1 & 2

Here's an interview with Table Tennis Artist Mike Mezyan - Part 1 and Part 2. Here's his home page, which shows much of his artwork.

What Will Happen to Anyone Hired as USATT CEO

Here's the picture!


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Ring Of Honor : Ring Of Honor - Madison Square Garden 2019   


Author: admin
Subject: Ring Of Honor - Madison Square Garden 2019
Posted: 12/June/2018 at 22:04

Quote It looks like a non-WWE pro wrestling event will be going down at the world-famous Madison Square Garden arena in New York City next year.

Sinclair CEO Chris Ripley spoke with the Baltimore Biz-Journal on Tuesday and announced that Ring Of Honor (ROH) plans to run a show at MSG in 2019.

No official details were given in terms of specifics. ROH has run shows in NYC since their inception, however they have generally run smaller venues such as the Manhattan Center and Terminal 5. This would be a major leap in terms of production costs.

Check out the complete interview with Chris Ripley at

Vince won't pay the rental fee for the venue anymore, so good for ROH taking the risk by doing it themselves.
I reckon it will be where they spend Wrestlemania week, that would be my guess.
It could also be a venue for a All In 2 as Cody has already heelishly trolled live crowds that he wouldn't take the show to NYC.


Nổ hơi gas tại Baltimore: 3 nhà sập, 1 người chết   


Ít nhất 1 người đã thiệt mạng và nhiều ngôi nhà bị san bằng trong vụ nổ gas lớn tại Baltimore.


Beautify Your Home by Installing Doors in Baltimore - Wheaton Door & Window   


Wheaton Door & Window Company specializes in the installation of doors and windows for security and storm protection. Call us at 866-736-1722 for more details!


ISSTA 2015 : International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis ISSTA 2015   


International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis ISSTA 2015 [Baltimore, Maryland] [Jul 12, 2015 - Jul 17, 2015] [Deadline: Jan 23, 2015]




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Baltimore May See Lowest Homicide Count Since ’80s   


The city known nationwide as a homicide hot spot thanks to TV crime dramas could record its lowest annual homicide total since the early 1980s.


From the mundane to the exotic: Two winning tales   


This month, books by a couple of accomplished novelists who are almost always worth listening to.“Redhead by the Side of the Road” By Anne Tyler, read by MacLeod Andrews. Unabridged, 5 hours. Penguin Random House Audio, $12.99. Micah Mortimer lives an unremarkable life in an unremarkable house in Baltimore. An apartment-building super and freelance computer repairman heading into middle age, he has a woman friend [...]


DC Public Library Presents: Pirate Radio Stations in DC   


Baltimore resident Joshua Gamma discusses a defunct pirate radio station in Mt. Pleasant, RadioCPR, and it's relationship to a current exhibit at Transformer, an art gallery in Dupont Circle, using materials from the DCPL Punk Archives.


Memories on Tap: Preserve Your Family's History   


On this first episode of Memories on Tap, Robert LaRose interviews Angela Forest about her experiences using the Memory Lab to preserve her family’s history. Her history focuses on her great-uncle, Russell Forest, who dedicated his life to helping young people through his work with the city of Baltimore.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why People are Turning to CBD Oils with Laura Lagano   


Welcome back to our educational summer series on The Empowered Spirit Show!

We’ve been going through so many shifts with the cosmos; we just went through a full moon eclipse, which we talk about on my Energy Focus for the Week. With so much stress in the world, finding tools and techniques to relax and be aware of our energy is so important. If you are in need of help or guidance, reach out. Download my free guide to help you set up your own Spiritual Practice. If you would prefer some private mentoring, join me in my Empowered Spirit Program

Schedule an Empowered Spirit Discovery Session with me and let’s discover if this program is right for you.

In this Summer Series on the Empowered Spirit Show, we are exploring the Mind, Body, and Spiritual World of CBD Oils.

We’ve been exploring questions like…What are CBDs? What do they do? How can they help? Will they get me high? How do they work in the body? How can they help spiritually? What are the benefits? Where can you get them?

In today’s episode we’ll be talking about education of the cannabis, discussing the top three reasons people are turning to this plant medicine, and even opening up to the full cannabis family as we begin to talk a little bit about the marijuana aspect of cannabis. 

•   4:00 - My guest is Laura Lagano, founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy

Integrative clinical nutritionist Laura Lagano has a private practice focusing on gut, immune, adrenal, and brain health, which is all about root cause resolution. Dissatisfied with what allopathic healthcare had to offer, Laura followed the path set by Isabella, her daughter with special needs, and embarked on a learning quest that led her to myriad holistic modalities.

Observing the climate surrounding medical marijuana in the US, Laura noticed that legislators and healthcare professionals aligned cannabis with either the medical/pharmaceutical or alcohol/tobacco models. That’s akin to attempting to stuff a square peg in a round hole!

She and her business partner took matters into their own hands to create an online cannabis education, training, and business-building platform for holistic-minded practitioners about integrating cannabis with other healing modalities to upregulate the endocannabinoid system.

As co-founder of the Holistic Cannabis Academy (HCA), Laura has continued her commitment to progressive therapies for health and healing. HCA offers a certificate of training as a Holistic Cannabis Practitioner plus curated cannabis packages to fit the need of every learner.

If you would like to learn more, email Laura at

•   6:50 - Medical Marijuana - Donna Shields, Co Founder

•   9:00 - Cannabis Plant - Cannaphobia

•   13:00 - Holistic Cannabis Academy - Program

•   17:00 - Products -

•   17:35 - Expo East - Natural Products - Baltimore - CBD Summit

•   18:00 - CBD - The important things to look for when choosing products. Know where your hemp is coming from!

•   21:00 - Hemp for Food

•   25:00 - Chronic Disease - CBD is the ultimate anti-inflammatory

•   25:45 - Applications of CBD - Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

•   27:30 - Top 3 Reasons why people turn to CBD oils - Reduce anxiety, Pain, Insomnia

•   33:00 - Expanding the mind! Discovering the brain.

Cannabis can help to connect to your higher self. It can help you to ground in your energy to be able to hear what your spirit is offering.

Cannabis can help you to connect to other people as well.

It can give you roots and wings to open up to new experiences in your life.

You need both. 

Think about it. Roots are our first chakra. And the wings are our crown and beyond.  This beautiful plant medicine is helping us to expand our energy system and to ground with mother earth as you tap into the “high”er dimension.

So reach out if you struggle with any of those reasons we talked about: the anxiety, the pain or the sleep issues.

These are plant supplements, so always checking with your health care provider is important. I know that this is going to present a challenge, but if we don’t speak up, it won’t go anywhere.

Look for some classes at the studio this fall and check out The Holistic Cannabis Academy for more information.

To your Spirit,


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